Tuesday, October 26, 2010

*OoOoOoOoO...We're HALFWAY there*

Bon Jovi says it best "We're halfway there, OooooO livin on a prayer.  Take my hand and we'll make it I swear.  OoooooooO Livin on a Prayer."

We have reached the halfway mark! Whew!  20 down, 20 to go and it's the most amazing feeling ever!

The top pictures are the side view of the real thing and the monthly update I get online.  Although, that baby looks wayyyy bigger than the one I saw on Friday!  Yes, baby B is breach.  I pray that he/she flips to the head down position SOON.  It will just make me feel better!  When I do an angled shot you can see there's a bump...the belly is there.  It's low, but it's there.  (Is this what I should have put on facebook this morning?)  Everyone cracks me up.  

Baby B is the size of a cantaloupe weighing in at 10.5 ounces and 7 inches long from head to rump.  This week the baby has started swallowing amniotic fluid for nutrition and practice (swallowing and digesting).  Kinda sounds gross if you ask me.  But practice makes perfect and we want our lil bean to be healthy and able to eat/digest!  It says the baby's weight gaining has jut begun, which is exciting for me.  This week is a huge milestone, I never thought we'd get here :-)  

We also decided to wait on the baby's room decorations and bedding. I know, I don't sound like myself.  It's really logical though.  Baby comes at the latest on March 22nd...and we move shortly after that.  I'm talking...weeks most likely.  The majority of our stuff will be packed up in March anyways and since I am having the most difficult time finding neutral bedding I like, I'm over it.  'Grandma Pat' and I found some of the cutest material in the special order section at Joann Fabrics.  I fell in love with a crib set up for a little girl and know that I want my little boy to be all blue and baseballs.  So, waiting will be our best option.  Excited for the decorating to being in Chicago!

I get to see my man is 24 days...love this pic b/c it's also the logo for our favorite show!  Doing much better dealing with him leaving today.  I know it will get better, but never easier.  Again, I have SO much to look forward to during my trip in November...I cannot wait.  Yay for the sunshine here in AZ!

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  1. I can see it! :) The front/side picture is easier to see! YAY!!! You look great! :)