Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not So Sure About This you can see, I keep promising I am going to write more frequently on 'our' blog. And I don't. Not so sure I am a good blogger...does this take time? Does anyone read this? Does anyone care to read it? I think once our life becomes more eventful, I will have more to write. Not sure.

Our trip to Kansas was nothing short of perfect. Homecoming was a blast, I was able to reconnect with several friends I lost track of over time. It was nice. Most of us just picked up right where we left off...strange how life works that way. Others it was a 'mending' of a lost friendship. Either way- cool. Our time with the Lovin family was too short, but it always is. We spent more time with them this time, which is most definitely what I wanted. Last time Jo was prego : ) And this time I got to meet their little one! SO nice. Their house feels like home and there was SO SO SO much to catch up and chat about. I loved it. I love their family...that is growing rather quickly! Kansas was FREEZING...we tried to prepare ourselves for the cold, but we didn't do a good enough job- apparently. Anyways...I loved our visit and wish we could visit more often. If only money grew on trees!

We are now within 7 months of the wedding. Save-the-Dates are being sent out as we speak. We scheduled an officiant (finally!) and a limo service for the wedding party to leave the ceremony and take pics around the city...which I cannot wait for! I love our photographer. I found an invitation I like that isn't too pricey (also, FINALLY!). I will have a little 'putting together' to do, but nothing a couple girlfriends and a bottles of wine can't handle! Maybe I can convince Mike to help too...we shall see : ) Then, once we get the r.s.v.p.s back, we will have a # and can finish up the flowers, favors, and dinner well as some other things I won't publicize, as they are surprises! We have other little things to do, like purchase a cake topper, champagne glasses, the marriage license, and bridal party gifts (which, are proving more difficult for Michael). We did book our HONEYMOON- woo hoo! We are headed to Cancun for 7 nights...all inclusive. We're excited. So that's the wedding update...

Good news, I lived through my 26th birthday! My dad and Jenny came out to celebrate. Jenny and I have the same birthday, so that was fun. We went to the Grand Canyon on Saturday and Mike flew us to Sedona on Sunday. I love it when my Dad comes to's always a special treat since I only see him twice a year! On the actual day, a few of my friends met us out at a wine bar I that was a treat as well. Last weekend, my friends in Phoenix got together for homemade pizza and a wine bar. I think I'm a a good way. lol. It was great spending time with friends and family. Thanks to everyone's birthday wishes and thoughts throughout the week!

And today is Thanksgiving. I am blessed in more ways than I can express on this blog! I am extremely lucky and thankful for all that I have. My future husband is an absolute blessing in my life. He's my best friend and without a doubt the one person that brings me joy each and every day. Our story is crazy and I am so very thankful I met him. Fate. I love our Gracie and I'd love to get her a little puppy brother! I'm thankful for my family...Mom, Dad, Caitlin, Emily, and Hannah...and my in-laws too! All of them have been so supportive throughout our relationship and wedding planning process. I'm also thankful for our friends!! They're my family away from home : ) I wouldn't survive without them day in and day out.

Alright, now time to watch some football and go to work. Yes, sadly I have to work today, but Mike's parents are coming up from Phoenix to celebrate tomorrow. It will be nice to be with the kids on the holiday lie.