Wednesday, September 19, 2012

18 Months of Joy

That might be an understatement.  Addison, you are an incredible little girl.  Yes, I said little girl and not baby.  *tear*  You are no longer a baby.  You are a toddler.  Walking and talking.  Communicating.  You even do problem solving at your own little level.

{Addison and Momma}
On Tuesday, you had your 18 month check up.  I feel terribly bad that I have not been able to attend all doctor's appointments.  It's just difficult with Mommy working full time.  I would give anything to drop everything and go be at your side.  Daddy does wonderful, but we are a team and a small part of me breaks when I cannot attend.'s what's up.

You are 31.75 inches tall you weigh a whopping 20 pounds 14 ounces.  Addie Lou, you haven't gained a pound in 6 months!  Yikes!  The doctor is worried about you.  I still think you are just tiny b/c you are a spitting image of your father and those are his genes.  He has always been a runt as we say.  Nonetheless, Dr. Neilsen wants to see you back in 3 months instead of 6 months.  From now until then, we plan on feeding you nonstop.  And I am going to try to make you fall in love with milk.  You would much rather drink water.  Odd.  But that's you, my Lou.

To no surprise, you have another minor ear infection.  Only in one ear, thankfully.  And hopefully this is the end of these darn ear infections.  Although they don't seem to bother you too much unless they get terribly bad in the end.

{happiest little girl}
Addison, you still love to read.  We read all the time and we love it!  You also still love your Einstein and even have your own little way of saying "Einstein."  You are excellent at puzzles.  And just tonight you knocked my socks off.  You saw your binky on the counter.  I didn't realize that's what you were saying as you walked across the kitchen.  So, you reached up to the counter and pulled down the papers that your binky was on top of.  Only a few papers fell onto the floor, but most importantly, your binky made it safely into your hand.  I was sitting on the couch.  When you walked around the corner you said "B," which I believe means binky.  It was hilarious and great all in one.

It's great b/c you understand SO much.  You help us throw away your diapers and clean everything up.  You know what you want and for the most part, you can tell us.  You still use sign language and pick up quickly on your new words.  This week at school was lion, drum, children, and ball.  You knew all of them a couple of days.  I know you are smart.  I also know you will be an excellent big sister.  Never ever forget that you are mommy and daddy's first born.  We love you more than the world little girl.

I thank God every single day for giving me you.  I just wish He could slow time down because at this rate I feel like you will be off to kindergarten in no time and before I blink again you will be graduating high school, going off to college.  I don't think I will ever let you leave the house ;)  Thank you for lighting up my life every single day in hundreds of ways.


Just for the record, I am bigger with 2.0 than I was with Addison.
{on the left 26 weeks with Addison and on the right 25 weeks 4 days with 2.0}
I think I need to take another picture from the same angle to see if I am carrying the same.  I can't really I stupid?  Part of me starts at the top and says 2.0 is swollen looking there.  Get to my belly button and I guess I am lost :)  Ha ha. tell me...carrying the same or different?  I will aim for that same angle pic soon.  I literally just woke up in 2.0's picture, so no I do not have stretch marks...those are lines from my sheets!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our 2.0

Baby B 2.0, fear not, we love you just as much as your big sister Addison.  I am sorry your blog posts have been minimal.  I blame her for taking up all of my free time.  I guess it's fair to blame you too though.  If I do have free time, like when Addison goes to bed or during nap time on the weekends, I am exhausted and feel like I should be sleeping too.  I am growing you in my belly for heaven's sake, I need my rest!
{22 weeks}
{25 weels}
So here's a little update for you.  As of tomorrow, we are at 26 weeks!  I have gained roughly 15 pounds.  I feel HUGE.  This time I feel less cute prego and more out of shape.  I have not worked out since I got a positive pregnancy test (for the most part).  I was so sick in the beginning and restarting CrossFit after weeks off when pregnant isn't incredibly smart.  However, not working out is not smart either.  I am just hoping I can recover and get into a routine post #2 in an amount of time I am happy with :)

2.0 is about two pounds and is opening his or her eyes this week.  I am into maternity pants...shirts are hit or miss.  Most of the styles these days welcome a baby bump- thankfully.  For some terrible reason, the market ups the prices of maternity clothes b/c women have to purchase them.  It's great spending money when you are gaining weight and only going to be able to use these clothes for a fairly small window in life.  I know the weight gain is good and some stores have stylish, cute maternity clothes.  They are expensive.  And I have other things to spend my hard earned dough on ;)

I crave sweet and salty things...again.  Maybe 2.0 is a girl.  I really have no clue or feeling.  I always want Mexican food.  Breakfast doesn't sound good unless it's terrible for me and takes awhile to cook.  This makes Monday through Friday morning tough for me.  Thankfully, I do not feel sick like I did the first several weeks.

I've had more pain this time around.  I am sure they are growing pains...but always on my left side.  I will be talking to the doctor about this at our next appt.  I was also thinking the baby's head might be resting nicely on my nerves or bone or something else down there.  It's pretty painful.  I also forget that while I was working the first time around, the circumstances were different.  I could sit down, drink water, and use the restroom when I wanted.  It wasn't a bad deal...let me tell ya!

Ok, 2.0 it's almost time for Addison to go to bed and Daddy is tired of taking care of her craziness solo :)  Time for Mommy to head out.  I sure can't wait to meet you and find out what you are.  I really think you will be best friends with your big sister one day, no matter if you are a boy or a girl <3 p="p">Photobucket

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5 Generations

{Me, Addison, my mom, my mom's mom, and my mom's mom's mom}
{they're a little dark, but these are PRICELESS!!!}
I am SO SO SO SO SO glad that Mike and I made the drive down to Rolla for Wes and Michael's high school graduation.  We missed the ceremony but were there for both of the parties and some much needed family time.  We drove in good time and enjoyed our bonding experience.  Thanks to the iPad for providing some entertainment for Addison.  Yes, these pictures are 4 months late :)  That's about how far along things are running around here!  Anyways...sometimes a four generations picture is hard to come by these days.  My family has great genes and my great grandma is still kicking.  She's in great condition and we were excited to see her, as it has been awhile.  Addison cooperated for the most part.  A five generations picture was a must.  So here they are in all their glory!

Visiting Nana

I truly hate, with all my heart, that visiting Nana has to be a picture of a headstone.  But that headstone means the world to me.  I know she is watching over her Addison Irene, but God how I'd love to see her interact with her great-granddaughter.  I know that she would be THE BEST Great Nana there ever was.
{Hazel I and Addison I}

{she even knows <3 p="p">

Our Water Baby

Addison, I have always known kids who love the water and have no fear.  I never thought I'd have one of those babies.  I am not too comfortable in the water, so I guess it just never crossed my mind.  Your daddy and I have had the most fun taking you to the pool and the lake.  You are a blast in the water.  Our little fish, Addison.  I hope we didn't hinder your love of the water by not putting you in swimming lessons this year, but sweet girl, they will be at the top of my list come May next year :)  Here is your love in action:
{baby pool @ Thornwood}
{loving it}
{big cheese}
{at Uncle Jim's pool, splashing away}
{freezing, but happy}
{laughing nonstop}
{my world in a nutshell}

Labor Day 2012

A family vacation to Canyon Lake, TX.  Where, you may ask?  Somewhere between Austin and San Antonio...near Wimberly, in hill country Texas.  At a vacation rental called the treehouse, BEAUTIFUL view of the lake from up in the trees.  It was just the getaway I/we needed.

Michael had his vacation planned for my birthday week this year, but I will be 9 months pregnant.  Need I elaborate?  We will most likely do a chill celebration this year (my dad and his girlfriend who is my bday buddy, usually do something with us)- tear.  So, Michael put in a request to have time off starting this weekend.  Not only was this a family weekend with my father, his girlfriend, my three sisters and their significant others, but my husband was able to attend as well.  It makes everything that much better.

I guess I should start off with the honest truth, Addison almost lost her life on the flight down to Houston.  We took the last flight out...9:35 pm.  Perfect for Addison to sleep on, just like the handful of times before.  Well, she had a sore throat and a slight fever.  We boarded the flight and there happened to be a maintenance problem (a light bulb out in the luggage compartment, so the workers went on strike).  As we sat on the airplane for at least 30 more minutes, the flight attendant came on the intercom letting us know that by law he has to tell us we are allowed to get up and move around, deplane the airplane and return once the issue was fixed.  Adults were restless, imagine our 17 month old.  Usually, if she's tired, she's out right after takeoff.  I think it's the noise of the airplane...lulls her right to sleep.  At this point, she is now over tired, beyond being consoled, and wanted nothing to do with anything.  She screamed- demon like screams, for a good 10-20 minutes before we finally took off.  I still blame the stupid maintenance problem.  She fell asleep on the floor of the aircraft...sick, I know.  But I truly didn't care at that point.  However, you cannot land with an infant on the floor...even if they were screaming demon-like screams.  I get, the law...blah, blah, blah.  BUT this is my child and she isn't in any shape to be moved at this point.  I do as I am told.  My motherly instinct is rearing it's ugly head.  Addison woke up...and resumed her same screaming pattern as before.  So another 10-15 minutes goes by and we deplane.  While walking out, some male yells out, "It's just her ears!"  Had it not been 1 am and had I truly cared to give this man my two cents, he would have gotten at ear full.  "Sir, we took our daughter to the doctor this morning due to a fever, thinking you were in fact right and she had an ear infection, however, we learned she had sore throat filled with puss.  You may be surprised, but she has been on roughly 15 flights since she was 3 months old and has never shown any sign of ear issues- EVER.  So, as her mother, I would like to inform you that my 17 month old is simply beyond exhausted and would like her crib to sleep.  It is not her ears.  Let me be the parent and you keep your opinion to yourself.  Thanks."

To top that off, we had a 45 minute drive to my dad's house.  Addison screamed from the minute we put her in the car seat to the minute we pulled into my dad's driveway.  THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME.    We thought she'd fade and she would, but two seconds later the scream would start back up.  She didn't give up.  It was great to see some dedication, but I was spent.  Little Lou, mommy and daddy love you very much.  We are sorry we put you through hell, but you gave it your all to give us hell right back!  Man.

Thankfully, that was the end of the "bad behavior" for our trip.  We drove 4 hours to the lake house on Friday afternoon.  Once we arrived, we just hung out.  Dad and Jenny went to the grocery store and we cooked pizzas for dinner.  Emily and Daniel were the first to arrive and Daniel's niece, Ava, who Addison will walk down the aisle with as a flower girl, got to come for the night too.  It was SO cute to see these two interact.  Ava was so sweet, Addison was her sassy, non-sharing self ; )  She has learned to stand her own ground at school, not share, which will change over time, I'm confident.  Ava fed Addison some mac n'cheese.  Before we knew it, bedtime was upon us and night number one was in the books.  Caitlin came in next, and in between my dozes on the couch, Andrew and Hannah came  at last.
{Ava, Michael, Addison enjoying some 'Einstein'}

Biscuits and gravy topped the list for breakfast foods.  We headed to a local 'beach' for a couple of hours.  Addison fell asleep on the 5 minute drive there, so she took an hour nap in the car thanks to Papa.  Of course, Dad lost his glasses- it wouldn't be a trip without him doing this.  My wonderful husband found them at the bottom of the lake, sacrificing one of his contacts.  They are both blind, so it would have been one heck of a trip to have them both out of eyewear!  Luckily, we were only down one eye :)  My dad rented a pontoon...yes, the country song was on repeat in my head.  It was such a good day for the lake, it was perfect.  Lou loved the water.  I forgot to grab her lifejacket in my suitcase, but thankfully those were a plenty at the dock.  This trip really made me realize just how bad my memory is (pregnancy post to come).  That night we had steaks on the grill and hung out for some quality family time.
{family photo}
{Our Captain}
{Papa and Addison}
{Andrew and Caitlin}
{most of our crew}
{lovin the water}
{right before Addie fell asleep}

Sadly, Sunday was our last full day at the lake.  I had anxiety about our flight out- on a holiday and I HAD to get back for work.  Plus, given our experience with Addison on the way down, I was a little worried about peanuts behavior on another flight.  We played a hilarious game of Yatzee and lazed around all morning.  Most of the crew went zip lining.  My dad, Jenny, Addison, and I opted for the scenic, watch them zip line tour.  It was great, but down right HOT.  We got the world's best snow cone afterwards....SO worth the whole sweaty trip!  (I still crave them...prego thing.)  More grilling happened that night.  We made s'mores on over the grill's fire.  Everyone hung out again that night and had some good bell aching laughs...Addison and I checked in earlier on in the night.  I just couldn't hang anymore.  Exhaustion set in for me and I was down for the count!
{Addison and her buddy}
{they're ready}
{Addie, Papa, Jenny}
{fear of heights in action}
{hot baby girl}

All in all a fabulous trip.  I'd love to make this annual.  I love how our family is still new at this whole growing up and having traditions thing.  I love that we can all come together and have a great time at least once a year.  I am thankful I was able to attend.