Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Days Later

Holy smokes!  Where did time go?

Well, Michael and I did not get to celebrate our actual anniversary day together.  Boo!  Not only that, but it was also Father's Day.  Sad day for Mr. Buttenob.

{his 'DAD' frame}
{his coffee mug}
{the night we went to dinner}
{having a person take pictures isn't always the best angle ;)}
{we treated ourselves well at dinner}
{top tier of our wedding cake one year later}

When he got home on Monday, I had his Father's Day gift ready.  Of course, both had Addison's face all over them.  We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday night with a nice, quiet dinner out.  I hate that we went w/out Addison, but then again, it was for us to remember that special day we said our vows and married each other.  It was a great night and Miss Addison stayed with her Auntie Kim...and of course, was a perfect angel.

Last week I didn't spend my time on the computer.  It was my last week without work.  *tear*  Being on my computer blogging and facebooking was truly the least of my worries.  So for one whole week I didn't.  Yes, I checked/updated Facebook from my phone but nothing major.

AND, randomly, we got the weekend together.  THIS. NEVER. HAPPENS.  I truly cherished every minute.  It's been months since we've been able to share this time together.  We just did things like we normally would...and we did it all together.  Lucky for him he had a double header on Sunday with his super serious baseball team.  Of course, I forgot my camera :(

{slowly waking up}
{here I am Mommy}
{my girl and I...very little resemblance at 14 weeks}
{blurry pic, but Ads is all dolled up in her pink Cubs t from Aunt Melissa}
{another Aunt Melissa Daddy's baseball game}
{yes, they're looking at two different tvs, both on baseball games}
{this is how he spends his time given to him by his best friend Matt!}
{this smile makes everything worth it}
{literally how she wakes up}

We just enjoyed this time.  I think we both realized how much we like each other's company.  Yes, it's nice when he goes off to work- for like an hour, then I want him home.  A fairly uneventful weekend.  We got to go to bed and wake up together, as well as, cook and eat meals together.  It's nice having that feeling again...and it's hard to not get attached to it :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy One YEAR Anniversary

Lets continue on the topic of time flying.  Michael and I have been married a whole year...we've made it 365 days!  Whoooo Hooooo!


It has been one whole year.  Man, I need to talk to the man up there and ask him to slow my life down.  I remember this day more than any other day in my life...ok, besides the day Addison was born.  I remember the two weeks leading up to our wedding day.  I remember all seven days of our honeymoon.  I remember it all.  The nerves, tears, stress, bliss, happiness, increased heart name it.  I definitely had the wedding blues.  I think I still do :)  I'd relive that time period over and over and over again.  

The only down side to that would be my life wouldn't truly move on.  So, I am very, very, very thankful for that time in my life.  Our whole engagement year, finding my wedding dress, all the celebrations, my family, our friends, THE day.  Ah! It brings back wonderful memories.  And it all happened b/c Michael decided in early April to ask, "Heather, will you marry me?"  I think that's when he decided...b/c he proposed in late Vegas with our closest friend couples present.  

Our FIRST year of marriage has been filled with lots of FIRSTS.  Our FIRST positive pregnancy tests, FIRST good use of our medical insurance, FIRST ultrasounds, FIRST holiday without each other, FIRST full 41 weeks of pregnancy, FIRST child, FIRST big move, FIRST home, FIRST airline job, FIRST teaching job. We've been busy.  While this was a fabulous year (did all that really happen in 365 days?!?!), I am looking forward to a...dare I say this aloud...more 'chill' year ahead.  I'd like to stay in the same home, continue to raise our one precious baby girl, and get our work routines under our belts before anything crazy happens :)  Should I be knocking on wood?  Did I just jinx ourselves?  Hope not!  

We are blessed beyond belief.  We met on a cruise our senior year of college spring break.  Yeah, that one fling you didn't think would really amount to anything.  That's my husband.  The biggest lie he's ever told me was the trip he took to ask my father for my hand in marriage.  Another great story to add to our journey.  And, of course, I forgave him.  What's great it that my family knew why he was there before he really said much of anything <3 LOVE.  It was all meant to be.  Our life has really just fallen into place.  Everything kind of all at once.  Ha!  It's was crazy.  And looking back on it, I don't know how I did it, but we did.  


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh Em Gee, You Are Three (Months)

Addison, you continue to grow and develop at a ridiculous rate!  Please, slow down...just a tad for Mommy and Daddy.  I feel like each day that passes is one less day that you are a baby.  I know it's a little early for 'toddler' talk, but I know those days are going to be here before we know it.  You are the World's Best Baby.  I'd say you are roughly 12 pounds of nothin but love.  You eyes are still very blue and this makes your Daddy very happy.  You were a size 1-2 diaper.  I have started to notice that diapers are 'weird.'  The Pampers 1-2 diapers seem much bigger and thiner than the Huggies 1-2s.  And a size 2 isn't much different.  I don't know if we will make it through all our 1-2, as we have roughly 300 left, before I put you into 2s.  Daddy and I have not bought a single package of diapers yet.  Thanks to a friend of mine who started buying diapers early :)

You are as active as you can be.  Maybe interactive is a better word.  You make eye contact almost always, you smile, coo, and are finally starting to laugh a little.  When you are really happy/excited your eyes squint with your smile much like Mommy and Auntie Emily.  I love that about you.  Most people say you look like Daddy and a select few say me.  Although, Auntie Kim says when you smile you look most like me and I have to agree.

Two days ago I caught you playing.  Well, Mommy was playing too, but just so happened to have my camera in my hand.  It's hard to keep that thing away from you for too long :)  You just draw in the loves you and for the most part you love it, which makes me happy.

 You are simply a joy to be around.  You don't show signs of stranger danger or separation anxiety yet.  Let's hope when Mommy has to start work (in just one week- boo!) you will not give me a hard time!  Everyone just adores you and watches your every move.  Your grandparents sure miss you and constantly ask for pictures and plan trips to see you.  It's wonderful.  I do wish we lived closer.  Maybe one day.

 Last night you slept 9 hours!  This has only happened one other night and I did the exact same thing...woke up every few hours after 4 am to check on you!  Mommy was up at 6 and then at 7:30.  Silly Mommy.  You sleep all swaddle in the cradle Papa made for you.  It's perfect.  I don't know if I will ever let you sleep outside of our bedroom :)  I like having you close by.  Daddy and I even break the rules and let you climb into bed with us after your 7 am feeding (usually).  You always fall back asleep and there's nothing sweeter than your heavy breathing on our skin.  We treasure those moments with you, as we know we have to stop before it becomes a habit.

You make the world a better place by just being YOU!  I love having you here with me when Daddy is out of town.  You continue to make us love being parents and create such joy in our life!  We love you Addie!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cubbies Game #2

Yeah, she's a lucky girl.  She's 13 weeks old tomorrow and has attended two Cubs games.  Last night was game #2.  Cubs vs. Brewers  In extra innings, Cubs win!  Of course, we got a lot of pictures to document this fun family outing.  What's even cooler is we got to sit close to the field.  While we were at Nate's baseball game, we met a dad who's son also plays on the team, Ed French.  Supposedly the guy is a multimillionaire.  He asked what our baby's name was, we told him Addison, and explained our reasoning being we are huge Cubs fans.  Ed tells us he is a season ticket holder and claims to have been once in four years!  What a stupid guy :)  He then goes on to say that he'd love to give us his seats for a game or two..or whatever.  Mike sends him an email and the next day he responds with the free days for June.  I guess there are lots of other lucky families that get to benefit from this guy's lack of attendance at Cub's games.  June 14th happened to be the first day the tickets were available and we jumped at the occasion.  Off we went.

What else is cool is that our friends from Prescott just so happened to be in a neighboring town (St. Charles) for a work conference.  We had mentioned taking their 16 month old little boy to his first Cub's game.  And it turns out June 14th worked best for them as well.

All the stars alined and here we were:


Why Do They Have to Grow?

This is what I ask myself daily.  It was just yesterday Mike and I were headed to the hospital.  Belly still intact.  Nerves and fear rising inside every minute we drove closer to Delnor.  And now I sit and type at our desk on a cool, cloudy, rainy, disgusting day in Chicago listening to our baby girl talk up a storm.  She's sitting in her bouncy seat telling stories to her animals.

Man...time flies.  Here the latest and greatest of Miss Addison "I'm growing too fast for my mommy and daddy's liking" Buttenob

{Papa bought Addison this shirt...solely b/c I already had a matching bow and no shirt to go with it.  She loves her big bow...only now this bow isn't too big for her cute lil head!}

{Addison loves her tongue...she licks everything.  I love it.  I caught her in action one afternoon playing with it.  Mimi bought this outfit and I love this too.}

{How I found Addison when I reached my destination (Hobby Lobby) I believe...this face, this period in her life is truly priceless.  She's perfect.}

{Sometime during our day lil Miss does not like her bouncy seats or boppy or laying down b/c she'd rather get up...SIT UP.  I was scrapbooking while she sat in her high chair perfectly content.  Love my little buddy.}

{The poutiest lip I've ever seen!  Her first time at the pool...she wasn't a fan.  Too cold and insecure!}

(Sitting up so big at her Greatgrandma and Greatgrandpa's house..rocking a cute outfit!}

When Addison knows what she wants, she's great at communicating that.  It might take me a few (or more than a few) minutes to figure it out.  BUT, once I get it, she's the happiest camper of all.  For some reason, there are times when I tell her...this, my love, is why you are Addison IRENE! And I laugh.  I know Nana is looking down laughing too.  She's particular at 12 weeks...lordy I fear the years to come.  lol.  Then there are those times when she's sitting in her bouncy seat (like right now) blabbing up a storm or looks at me with this twinkle in her eye and I just know our angel is present.  She knows she's here and she never had the chance to physically meet her.  I love it.

I treasure Addison.  Every minute with her.  I cannot imagine loving anything this much.  It's cra-zay.  Being a Mom rocks.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I can't help but be...our little girl is growing up!  She sits minute after minute cooing, trying to eat her hands, and not wanting to lay down or be 'babied.'  Ah!  She's TWELVE weeks.  I've decided to do my posts on her true month birthday (so the 17th), but there's SO much to update on.  I feel like she is completely over the newborn stuff.  She cuddles, but only when she's tired.  She loves to be held, but only when she's in a sitting up position.  Her GreatGrandma Terry calls her 'nosey' because she is constantly looking around trying to see what everyone is doing.

I found out my start day at work..June 27th.  Whew!  That gives me a little bit more time with Michael and Addison.  I almost feel like there's a new wave of hormones going on.  I find myself with many more extreme highs and extreme lows.  I don't think I need medication b/c there's A LOT of stuff changing in my life still.  I am still lonely on my long weekends.  While I cherish my alone time with Addison...we get kind of stir crazy.  Time for Mommy to meet some friends.  So, off to church we go.  I just don't know what Miss Addie will do...I will report next Sunday :)

She can't really be out in the sun yet (no sunscreen till they're 6 months...something I did not know before summer started!!), so that scratches out the pool or being outside for extended periods of time.  We take walks.  But I feel terrible leaving her literally baking in her car seat while I futz around.  It's sad b/c she loves the outdoors.  Once the sun goes down there's a tiny window of opportunity to get outside before the mosquitos take over and enjoy us as their daily feast.  YUCK!  I loathe mosquitos and miss having the freedom to be outside without slapping your bare skin every couple of minutes and wearing bug spray.  Addison can wear that, but it's best when it's deet free, which in turn makes it useless...another thing I learned post purchase.  At least OFF! has made kinds that are less oily and stinky- for that I am grateful.  I currently use OFF! Smooth and Dry:  smells good and is powdery
Johnson S C Inc SM/DRY Insect Repellent 22154
I still miss Arizona and reminisce about my days there.  These thoughts will be blogged about a lot I fear, for they cross my mind frequently.  The perfect weather (yes, even at 100+ degrees) and most of all my friends!  Ugh.  I miss knowing my way around, which I just started to achieve our last year there.  Doesn't life always work out that way?  I couldn't wait to move here and I know this is going to be a great place to raise our family, but AZ will not be far from our hearts...EVER.  And I could most certainly see ourselves having a house there in addition to what we have here.  Too bad we can't buy now...the AZ market is perfect for that.  I dream of my future as a stay-at-home mom running off to Arizona while Mike's at work...spending winters there (obviously!).  A young snow bird, if you will.  Grand Canyon State, The Buttenob's miss you!
{A cloudy day in the land of sunshine}
{Hot air balloons frequent the skyline *sigh*}

So, I'm sentimental about a lot of things.  Arizona, my baby no longer being a newborn, going back to work, missing friends, and missing my husband.  Sometimes that's just the way things are...nonetheless, I love my life and still know this is exactly where we are supposed to be.  It just isn't always "perfect" and "glorious," yet it still is in it's own little way!