Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pic Update

Lots of pics I haven't been able to post of our girl...
{exactly how we felt...worst weekend ever}
{it's just not right Momma}
{Mommy's worst nightmare}
{holding her own bottle}
{that's our happy girl}

{pretty in blue with a big red bow}
{fast asleep on the floor during a church service}
{like father like daughter}
{Mike and I walked away from a minute and found G keeping her eye on Addie <3}
{my blues}
{"Look Ma, no headband!"
{family pic


Another Milestone

For some odd reason sleeping on your belly is a milestone to me.  I frequently read article after article when I was pregnant.  Since Addison is an "easy baby," if there ever is such a thing, I haven't found myself reading as often.  She's pretty much "by the books" and doctor appointments seem to keep us in the loop.  I do feel as if I am way behind in feeding her solids, but whatever.  We are working at our own pace :)  And if I really thought I was harming her or holding her back, I'd make some serious changes.  But she seems very happy!

So, last night hubby and I walked into Addie's room just to look.  We both do that randomly and frequently.  (There are nights when I find myself doing that several times a night, other nights it's not until 5 or 6 am when I haven't heard a peep).)  We found her belly side down. #bigkid
{again tonight- in her school clothes b/c she couldn't wait}
{binky is still in her mouth!}
My mouth dropped open, tears filled my eyes- she's a big girl now.  Happy and sad feelings run through me.  Yes, I am pumped she's healthy, growing leaps and bounds, getting more fun as the minutes pass, eating like a monster, trying to move, and is shaping her little personality.

BUT...I miss those baby days.  I know why people have their children close together.  Gosh!  Baby fever maybe?  I see a newborn and I get teary eyed.  I want another.  However, it's in everyone's best interest if we wait a little while.  I miss swaddling her so snug as a bug.  I miss walking in and seeing her sleeping sleeping face sunny-side up.  I miss nursing.  I miss her little sunggly little body squish againt mine.  I love the videos we have and the bajillion pictures we took.

Addison, you are Mommy's little playmate.  I am looking forward to a weekend filled with Mommy-Addison time.  I love you baby girl.

Oh, AAAAANNNDDDDDD do you see the H.A.I.R.????  Holy moly Batman!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Falling Asleep

Addison has never been one to fall asleep in anything but her bed.  Yes, her bouncy seat every now and then.  But today she passed out in her jumperoo!  Pretty much standing up...with the support of the seat.  Silly girl.

She was dong the head bob...the whole nine yards.  She was out cold.  I moved her to bed and she then cried.

I knew she was tired, but she wasn't fussy.  I let her play until she couldn't play anymore.  Poor baby.  I figured it was almost dinner time, so she'd eat and then be asleep.  I was wrong.  Such a good little girl.
{Gracie says, "what's the big deal?"}
{clasped hands and all}

Seven Months

Only five days late :)  I finally have a moment to sit down and here goes another 'blog vomit' episode where I crank out several posts in one day.  Hopefully, I will figure all this out soon :)

At seven months, Miss Addison, you are a true delight every minute of everyday.  You sit up and roll all around.  Although, you still do not enjoy your tummy time, you are learning that you an root into the ground which gets you to scoot a little.  I believe it will be a matter of weeks on your belly before you realize that crawling is the way to go.  However, we still need to get you to let go of your hands and feet!!

You LOVE to play- you play all the time.  On the floor, in your jumper, in your crib, with anyone who will give you attention.  Gracie is super jealous of this b/c now you are interacting back with us...and she's wants all your attention!  Addie Lou, you grab everything.  No matter what it is.  So we have to be super careful with your surroundings.  You love Mommy's phone and I think it's SO sweet.

Your smile and laugh are still the most gratifying!  You are always happy.  So, we see and hear them frequently.  Mommy is still the only one who can get you to laugh from your toes.  However, Daddy was just home for nine days straight and you guys got some major bonding time!  He has his little things he does just for you too.

You are in a size 3 diaper, although they are a little big.  I feel as if they are better b/c they hold more and are most certainly not too tight :)  You wear a size 2 shoe and have three beyond adorable pairs of shoes we rotate between.  Lucky girl!  You wear 6-9 months, but are leaning more towards the 9 or 9-12 month sizes b/c the 6 months are just a little too sung!  It makes me sad b/c I love your winter wardrobe and want you to get a full season of wearing it....lets hope you don't grow too much too quickly!

Addie, your hair is coming in.  Thus far, I think you are gonna be dark headed like Mommy.  And it warms my heart.  Your eyes are as blue and blue can be.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  I still love putting bows on your head.  And you are getting quite the collections.  Solely b/c Auntie Caitlin helped me figure them out.  Whoop whoop!

You have been through all veggies, but beets.  The avocado was your least favorite.  But the consistency was GROSS.  I don't blame you for not eating it.  And we started your first fruit- applesauce today!  Mommy has made carrots, squash, and broccoli for you.  Green beans and peas we bought b/c I was worried they wouldn't turn out.  I bought applesauce for your first try b/c I haven't had a down moment this weekend to make you some.  Next up, is bananas!  Yummy!  I am so excited and proud of your pallet.  You eat everything :)

You sleep like a champ.  We put you in your crib awake and you put yourself to sleep.  You usually take a morning nap at 10 and sleep till 12.  Wake up and eat!  Then you take a nap around 2 and sleep till 3 or 4 depending!  Your bedtime varies b/c you get fussy around 6 are sleepy.  So you may take a power nap.  Then we wake you no later than 9 for a bottle and you usually go back down.  A few days last week, you were wired and stayed up late with Mommy and Daddy (watching the world series of course!).

Ok, you are taking a nap.  Grandma Pat is here, so Mommy is going to run out to get some work pants.

First Day w/Fruit

Yayyy, Addison!!  You have graduated to fruits today!  Last night was a rough one for Mommy.  We were solo b/c Daddy was at work (he comes home tonight- thank heavens!).  I believe you are cutting your other top tooth.  So, just like with the first top tooth about a week ago, you couldn't keep yourself content sleeping.  You wanted your binky, but it just made you mad b/c it hurt to suck.

I gave you tylenol at 2 am after you woke me up several times.  Then at 3 am you woke up, again at 3:30 and 3:45, so at 4 am I brought you into bed with Mommy.  You continued to scream, so I decided to change you out of your winter jammies (maybe you were too hot), change your diaper (maybe it was too wet or dirty), and at the last resort for some sleep I gave you a bottle.  Holy moly, Momma was stressing.  And exhausted.  *still am*

We missed church since you didn't wake up until 8:30, guess it's another Sunday I will watch the service online.  However, I am super bummed b/c I missed the whole series on 'American Idols.'  And the first service (3 weeks ago), I just started watching was given by the lead pastor...who I've never heard preach before.  Angry face.  I wouldn't change my life...I would just give myself a little more time :)

So, I gave you applesauce from the store with cereal and a 6 oz bottle at 9 am (an hour after your usual breakfast) and you ate every drop.

I'm sorry you are having issues with these teeth.  A runny nose doesn't help you when you need to suck on your bink either.  Arg!  Your bottom two teeth didn't seem to bug you whatsoever.  With all this said, we are still lucky b/c you are an amazing baby!  SO happy- SO well behaved.  I love you lil girl!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One For The Record

What a weekend.  Full of family.

Mike was off Thursday night.  Worked Friday into Saturday.  Off Saturday night.  And came home Sunday evening.

I am one happy wife.  I miss having him around on the weekends so terribly bad.

Addie and I wen to Nate's baseball game Saturday afternoon...she was up early and the house was pretty much cleaned by 10 am.  So, I took the two for a walk and headed out to see Nate show baseball who's boss.  I also owed a 'thank you' to the family that owns our local Gymboree Play Place (or whatever).  They gave us a month free.  Sweet!

Anyways...we arrived home to Daddy watching playoff baseball.  Go figure.  We had every intention of going to a pumpkin farm and we failed.  We went to Outback instead for a family date night and headed home for some good ol' Grey's Anatomy catch up.  (*side note:  we had to read the past episodes online...we apparently missed A LOT!)

Sunday, Addie and I went to church and saw an awesome speaker.  Mosab Hassan came for an interview with our lead pastor.  He was a Muslim that converted to Christianity.  Pretty crazy stuff.

Then Mike was home for dinner and another round of us time.  Great way to start off my poopy week.

I love you, Hun.  Thanks for a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

And It Begins

This morning Mike was heading to work....he said, "Hun, there's ICE on my windshield."

Yes, folks.  It's that cold here.  Already.  It's hardly October.  What are we going to do????

H.E.L.P. M.E.