Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Many Cameras

There really isn't such a thing, but I wasn't sure what to title this post.  I LOVE my cameras, but have found that when it comes to downloading the pictures off them...I forget one.  Darn it!

So here are some more of the Cubs game...via my little Canon:


Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Moment

Dear Addie,

Mommy took a shower super late today.  I spent the morning with you.  We went for a walk with Gracie.  And she did really well.  She didn't ever pull the stroller and scare you.  You took a nap in the house while I blogged earlier and then we took a small 'hike' to Kohls b/c Mommy had a return.  You were a trooper.  Mommy's little trooper.

While I was in the shower you laid in your cradle and talked.  I got out, got dress and laid with you propped up on my legs on my bed.  We were talking.  You burped a chunky burp and threw up all over me.  I was clean...just out of the shower, but I didn't care.  I love your spit up.  I love everything about you.

I started crying.  And this is why:

I don't ever want you to think I left you.  I have to go to work so Daddy and I can provide a better life for you.  I hope you never think I am absentminded when I am physically present in your life.  I don't want to seem aloof or focused on something else when I am around you.  I am worried work will take more than just 8 hours a day away from us.  I love us.  I love our little family.  I am going to miss hanging out with you all day.  I want to be there for you, not only physically but mentally...emotionally.  I am human and I am bound to mess up, but I hope to build a wonderful relationship w/you.  I hope going to work right now does not hinder our bond.  I am scared, little one.

I am forever grateful that your Daddy took it upon himself to continue to work weekends.  I know that stinks for him and he misses out on a lot of family things.  It's hard for the both of us you see.  We are going to push through these less than perfect times in hopes of a brighter future for us all.  I am thankful that Daddy gets to spend lots of one-on-one time with you.  Your bond can grow.  I know I have a special little place in your heart.  We have a special bond...and I know this.  I just don't want it to ever fade or falter.

Tears from your Momma now...but even as I cry and tell you all these things, you give me your big, full-face smile.  And it makes everything better.

Addison, never forget Mommy loves you more than anything in the world.  I'd do anything for you.

As of Late

Whew! It's a relaxing Sunday morning.  G and I are chilling on our patio.

Why must I be out here you ask?  Oh that's because our old hag of a neighbor wrote a letter to our association about Gracie being outside unattended for hours on end.  Hummm...for the lack of a better word, the woman is an old, bitter, witchly, hag.  Ugh.  Making my life more difficult.  So, yes, Gracie goes outside for hours on end and lays out.  We have always laughed about how our Husky, who is an Arctic breed, enjoys sitting in the sun catching her rays (panting like there's no tomorrow).  She likes the shade too.  I've never been one too overly enjoy the outdoors.  Therefore, no I do not sit outside with my dog no matter the climate/weather.  And you will most certainly never seen me sitting out next to her when it's raining, sleeting, snowing, thunder storming, blizzarding, tornadoing, hailing, or when it's scorching hot (you get the picture).  Nor will you see me next to her when my two month old baby is crying, if I am cleaning the house, showering (b/c we all know I get a small window of opportunity for that these days), or peeing.  This woman is CRA-ZAY!  In order to abide by the association rules, I am doing my duty.
{G causing trouble, being mischievous as I type} 
{Tough to get the old hag's back door with G's face in the's the door on the right}

Pretty threatening, huh?  She told Mike, when he tried to have a few words with this woman, that Gracie stares at her while she's in her yard.  Ha ha ha.  Poor G.

Honestly, I'm just waiting for the witch to come out so I can have a few kind words with her.  (Attempt #2 on our part to resolve the issue.)  Hopefully, we can work something out.  For now, I will plop my bum in the garage sale lawn chairs I picked up (3 for $10...oh yeah!) and eat, nurse, and blog my heart out with my pup.  Take that, old hag!

I also got a job!  Whoa!  I will be the lead teacher in the four year old classroom at Primrose starting at the beginning of June. and out.  Yes, I have to go back to work.  Yes, a tiny part of me wants to go back to work.  It's not really going back though...blah.  It's a brand new school (fun), the first one in Illinois (fun), and I will finally be a classroom teacher (double fun).  I am worried, nervous, sad, and even depressed.  I love my stay-at-home lifestyle.  I absolutely LOVE staying at home with Addison...especially Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when Michael is home too.  I LOVE when our family is all together.  So, I will treasure this last week and I will learn to cherish the few times we get that with the new schedule.  Thank the Lord above Daddy gets to stay home with Ads.  It's almost like he's the stay-at-home Dad.  I am excited for them.  And jealous.  Leaving her gives me anxiety.

{Her smile lights up the world}

{Pretty girl}
 {My Mother's Day delight}
{Sleeping in her cradle (typical), unswaddled (rarely happens)}
{Pink tutu and big flower headband...110% girl}
{Yes, they're a tad boy-ish, but w/ruffle socks and a skirt, I think we can pull 'em off}
{I swear, if those cheeks get any bigger, Ads, you aren't ever going to lift your head!}
{Treasuring these moments...she's even smiling!}
{Sick! I'm gone for five days and this is what I sweep up after my return}
{2nd and 3rd Band-Aids of her life...stinkin shots!}
{Little cheeser}
{LOVE the huge open-mouth grin}
{such a happy baby}
{yes, baby girl, he does}
{our new binky and a new dress- sleepy girl}
{ha ha ha- she has a tuft of super long hairs, here's proof}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Is Two Months?

It's YOU, Miss Addison!

Where has the time gone?  We've been to two states and back.  Met extended family (your Great Grandparents), saw your Aunt Caitlin graduate, felt sunshine on our skin, danced, hugged and kissed.  We have done so much, but I didn't want time to slip between our fingers in the meantime.  At the doctor, you were A. Perfect B. 10 pounds 8 ounces and C. 22 inches how you've grown!  You also got 5 was given orally, which means you got four shots.  Two in each leg and Mommy left the room.  Addie, I had my ears plugged and was tapping on my fingers to drowned out your failed, I could still hear you.  Imagine how my tears were falling then...and yours were just horrid.  We wouldn't do this to you if only, at this age, you understood how important these are for your health.

You wear a size 1 diaper.  Size 0-3 month clothes.  We love your bows...and you truly don't seem to mind them.  Well, that is until you pull them over your eyes and are unable to see the world around you!  You smile, coo, and mimic.  We have video of you doing your best to laugh.  If only we could know what was going on in that little head.  You love your swing and bouncy seats.  Momma knows just the right position to put you in to calm you down and put you fast asleep in minutes.  I even showed the "secret position" to a few family members over the weekend.  As always, Auntie Caitlin could knock you right out.  There must be something about her :)

You usually sleep 6-7 hours straight at night.  We need to move you into your cradle permanently...BUT you like sleeping slightly upright, so we have to break that habit first.  I promise we will do this so you can fully enjoy your cradle built by Papa.  We still swaddle you tight...and you still seem to get your hands out!  However, we know you sleep best this way.  (And that was learned the hard way- we are not ready to be unswaddled yet!)  You've attended your first Cubs game...and your Daddy was on cloud 9, my little girl.  I hope our pictures capture the way he was beaming.

{The only smile we caught all day- so unlike you}

{Proof of those terrible shots that made this day phooey!}

{Are you really trying to take my picture right now?}

{SO serious, lil Miss}

{chubby cheeks...and a double chin?!?}

{Yup- sadly, how your day was spent...upset and in pain}
Needless to say, we introduced you to Tylenol today.  Poor girl.  You have been very out of sorts and unlike your 'happy go lucky' self.  Baby Girl, Daddy and I are sorry you hurt so much.  We'd take away all your pain and the fever and even give it to ourselves <3

You are the light of our lives.  You have changed us forever.  We are parents. And wouldn't change it for the world.  Thank you, Addie pants, for being who you already are.  We cannot wait to watch you grow.  I fear the next 10 months will fly just as quickly past us and you will be a year old.  *tear*

Can you stop growing up now?  We love you Princess!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Go Cubs, Go!

On a whim, Michael and I decided to take Addison to her first Cubs game.

Yes, we were told by our pediatrician to not take her anywhere.  (Well, as you know, she's been on a plane- whoops, ran errands with me- whoops, and has been to dinner several times with our family- whoops.)  Looks like we have a hard time obeying.  And hopefully, Miss Addison doesn't learn from our actions :)  It was a BEA-U-TI-FUL day here in Chicago.  We have learned that those are few and far between these days and in this state (tears, we miss Arizona).  The Cubs were in town, they aren't doing too hot this year, we checked StubHub randomly and found $12 tickets = SOLD.  We got the oil changed in the Accura, bought Addie a new, bigger, Cubs onesie, worked out, made an 'Addison's First Cubs Game' sign, and we were off.

We drove, which never happens.  Parked for free about a mile from the stadium.  (We now know how to do a Cubs game with a child in tow.)  It was truly the most perfect scenario.

The best part...this:

These pictures may mean more to my hubby than her first steps...her very first Chicago Cubs game.

This is monumental.  There are tons of people we know that have not ever attended an MLB game...and even more that have never attended a Cubs game.  It's all about the experience...and, of course, a love for the Chicago Cubs.  Our daughter will have both the love of baseball and the love of the Cubs instilled in her.  We shall see how she turns out :)  (No pressure, Ads!)

Sadly, we were not on TV.  Third times not a charm in our case.  However, you can see us in the crowd...our neon yellow poster does shine...the announcers are just stupid.  And since this is my blog...I'd like to have a few words with them.  We were one of maybe six signs out there and we weren't on TV once.  Come on, dude, my baby is eight weeks, old.  AND she had a big, white bow :)

I am a little biased, but I believe if I saw an itty, bitty, baby I'd show him/her on TV.  lol.  No matter what the announcers did or did not do, we had a wonderful time.  Addison, you were perfect (typical). Everyone said "oh" and "ah" as we walked through the stadium...your Daddy held you...he was beyond proud.  You are without a doubt the most beautiful baby I've ever seen...and I've seen really beautiful babies in my day.  You were awake for an inning or two, slept a few innings, and woke up for the last few.  You ate as we left...Mommy knows how to multitask!  

We hope you enjoyed this day as much as we did.  We hope to be able to take you to several games as you grow up!

A day that goes down in history, no doubt!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Like Father, Like Daughter

We all know that Addison doesn't look much like me.  When I first saw her and her 'bald,' light colored head...I knew she was a far cry from her mommy.  When her eyes opened and out popped blue, again, I realized she didn't look much like me.  BUT when I saw the picture of Michael below, my heart melted, she really is just like her daddy.  He was such a cute kid (and grew into an extremely handsome man, if I don't say so myself) and I can't wait to see how Addie changes as she gets older.  Her hair seems to be coming in a tad darker than it was a birth.  She isn't 'bald,' but her hair is thin and light at the time.  They have the same head...face shape and small features.  She might have my nose and my family's chin...and my dad says my hair line, BUT she doesn't look like me.  I love it though.  Slightly heartbroken- sure.  I think it'd be fun to have a little "mini-me" running around, but from the looks if it that's just going to have to wait!  Maybe the next one will have my features...maybe it'll be a little boy.  I just think it's always assumed your little girl will look like her mommy...and the little boy like his daddy.  Not here :)  I think I picked a pretty good mate, she's beautiful!
Addie #1
Addie #2
Addie #3

Both just happen to be the loves of my life! Lucky lady am I!