Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Ol' Wedding Planning

Everything seems to be fitting in place.  We just got back from a wonderful trip to Chicago.  We stayed with Mike's sister, Kim, and her family.  We ate Lou's pizza and Portillo's hot dogs (yummy!), visited Mike's grandparents, his aunt, uncle and cousin, and went to a Cubs game!  It's always a blast there...I always have a hard time leaving and always want to move there asap when I'm there.  Who knows where we will end up...that's another discussion for another day!  *sigh*  I hate the unknown sometimes!

While we were in Chicago we went to Maggie and Josh Barta's wedding.  It was SO nice!  I was a reader (for the 3rd time...I'm finally getting good at it, I think!) we Paige Mosher.  I was sick to my stomach I was so nervous.  I literally had to tell myself to breathe to calm myself down.  My heart rate increases just thinking about it.  Who knows why we were so nervous.  Maggie looked beautiful...ah it was amazing being there for her big day!  She also chose green and her dresses were pretty and tied in perfect with everything.  Their slide show was amazing and, of course, I cried!  So many fun memories with college friends.  It's exciting to think about this next phase of life for everyone and still stay close along the way.  

We met with a florist and a seems odd that we love the first people we meet.  It helps we have recommendations to these people, but they seem to fit us and our wedding style per se.  The DJ is great...his name is Mike and he wasn't the cheesy, in your face type of DJ.  He was actually really calm and collected...very professional.   It was nice.  No costumes for the chicken dance kind of deal!  The florist is widely known I guess...this was news to me.  I just picked them off a recommendation list at one of the hotels.  But it was cool seeing my visions make sense to the professional.  Who knew flowers, an aisle runner, and just a few decorations could be so pricey!  Future wedding planners out aren't cheap.  'Nuff said.  Venue, photographer, florist, and DJ down...only 2,000 other checklist items to go : )

I promise we will send out save-the-dates soon.  It's been a busy summer and we are officially done traveling (well, till October for Homecoming and maybe a 60th wedding anniversary party).  Next up, is my wedding dress!!!!!  Eeeeekkkkk!  I am SO stinkin' excited.  And I am a lucky mom and all 3 sisters are flying out to be with me.  August 15th is the date and I already have ants in my pants.  Invitations are next...yippee!

Whew, I'm exhausted.  All is well in other parts of life.  Gracie is good...still 45 pounds and spoiled rotten.  She has calmed down a little, but continues to goose everyone that comes into our house.  She isn't too cool with 'strangers.'  Gracie enjoys chasing lizards, sunbathing in our rock backyard, and going for rides.  She still digs whenever she can and dare you say the 'w' word (walk) she will be waiting at the door for you to do as you say.  She's great.