Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Events

Saturday was a fun day full of all things prego!  Three other prego ladies and I spent five-ish hours at the Edamame Spa in Scottsdale, which is connected to Destination Maternity.  This store had all 3 maternity stores in it...including A Pea in the Pod.  Fun!  There was only one massage therapist, so it took a little longer than we all would have liked.  BUT we all got to relax for 50 min with a $20 discount.  They made us a cheese and meat platter and brought us cupcakes.  Ginger, my massage lady, told me that with the energy she was feeling from me, we are having a girl.  Yeah, so what, right?  What does this crazy woman know?  Just for the record, she knew what the other two pregos with me were having without knowing previously.  And the third, she guessed a boy and they'll find out in 2 weeks.  Kinda crazy.  I tried on the pair of Hudson's that I want to/will purchase once I'm a tad bigger and really need them.  Come on now, I'm planning on at least 3 more pregnancies...I will get use out of these suckers!  It was fun b/c I put on the 'tester' 9th month belly with my jeans...check out this bump:

Aren't these jean a must-have??  They're amazing :-)

Better visual with a shirt on!  It's a biggin.
Here's Nicole and I messin around.  I'm due 4 days before her and she has on the 7th month belly.

It was a nice getaway.  We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner...I had a burger, fries, and a slice of Snickers cheesecake...only a few bites were left.  Man, was I hungry!  Once I got home, the boys and I headed out for Mike's going away party with his work friends.  They always take the guy out downtown and drink a lot.  I drank some caffeine at 9 pm, so I could stay up and take them home when the time came.  I did great.  And I was proud of myself.  Early in the night, our friends had their 6 week old boy, Tucker, present.  I was in heaven:

After a couple of bars and several beers later, we headed home at 1:20 am.  I was singing away in the car and all of a sudden heard snoring...all three boys in my car were sound asleep.  The next morning was glorious for me, reliving the evening with the boys who didn't remember much towards the end of the night.  No hangover for me- yayyyy!  I was just completely EXHAUSTED.  2 am bedtime is not cool for baby B and I...I tried to sleep in, but it didn't really help.  Nonetheless, Sunday night's sleep was glorious.  Sleep deprivation may very well be a pregnant woman's hangover.  Sunday was filled with football and more friends saying "good-bye" for dinner.  Here's two pics of hubby from the weekend.  Two different friends told me each of them were my future:

Ha ha ha.  First, Mike being a goof while I take care of the child.  Although, I am making quite a face.  Second, Mike checking out the computer with Nicole's daughter and our jealous dog, Gracie!  It going to be so very interesting to see how she reacts to baby B's arrival.  Poor G is jealous of anyone that takes away our attention from her!  Loved my 2nd to last weekend with my man before he's gone for 2 months-ish.  Time with him is perfect.  He's been a great father-to-be lately.  Barring with me through my moody times/days and really just being there for me.  I'm one (dare I say it, Caitlin?)  LUCKY DUCK!

OH- and how could I forget!  Thanks for the responses on the last post about diaper bags.  I was thrilled when all three of the polka dot bags were at Destination Maternity.  And, Caitlin and Angie, the first one has you completely fooled.  Don't worry, it fooled me too.  It's adorable, don't get me wrong, it's big and fashionable, but honestly, that's about it.  I almost felt like it was cheaply made.  The inside looked like and felt as if it would rip right open if handled slightly rough.  The changing pad is lame beyond measure.  The material felt like the old couch you never sat on at home and I doubt it comes clean easily.  I'm SAD!  I thought it'd be great b/c it's more purse like.  Since Miss Amber is correct, inevitably a diaper bag turns into your purse.  She also brought up a great point about's easy to manage stuff with a bag that's not going to make it all worse.  *ah* What to do.  I did really like the last polka dot bag.  I just am not sure if it's what I really want to be stuck to my side for the next few years.  I dunno.  Maybe just keep looking, it's not like I don't have time or  


  1. LOL! You & your jeans! They are pretty cute though. :)

  2. I know, I will always be me and my jeans :) LOL. But it's you and your shoes...everyone has something I fear!!