Monday, February 27, 2012

First Valentine's Day

I tried to do a little Addison photoshoot.  She was having  She was tired and irritable...I could do nothing to make her smile.  I even gave her a heart shaped sucker.  Arg!
{dress up in pink pearls}
{those came right off}
{yummy for a minute- notice the bow in her lap}
{figured I'd get a smile somewhere, but the sweet stuff was more interesting}
{pretty blue eyes- promise I don't alter them in photoshop!}
{cutest sad face ever}
{tutu on, bow in tact}
{I'm no dummy!}
{Happy First Valentine's Day Lou, We Love You <3}
{reaching for the camera!}
{Cupid did good on the love for this little girl}
{chubby cheeks!}

{Mommy's Valentine}
{Daddy's Valentine}
{And Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's Valentine}
For some reason this month is one of my most memorable months being pregnant...just a year ago.  It seems so surreal that I was 8 months pregnant on this holiday the very last time I celebrated it.  It sank in at Christmas, but there was so much going on that I didn't really slow down to think about it.  But Valentine's Day...I just remember hoping "the baby" would come.  Obviously when Mike was home.  Any little flutter, the lack of movement, or trip to the bathroom- I prayed and prayed it was time.  That time never really came.  And it sure didn't happen like I thought it would, but here we are a year later with our little baby girl.  

Every year the Two Bulls' tradition is to make homemade heart shaped pizzas and some yummy desserts.  I was introduced to this last year and was lucky enough to be able to celebrate with them again this year.  Michael was home.  Yay!  And we invited his grandparents over and Scott, Dee, and Nate and ate pizza, drank a couple glasses of wine, and ate yummy iced cookies.  

It was perfect.  It was all about family.  And I love that.  Lou, you were such a little ham.  Like always. You love going over to Auntie's house.  Everyone loved your tutu!  You were the best Valentine to both Daddy and I...WE LOVE YOU PRINCESS <3

{opening Cupid's gifts}
{she loves opening presents}
{a Little Tikes airplane and some bubbles- perfect!}


11 Months- No Way!!

{getting so big}
{she loves to stand up- showing off all her teeth!}
{look at me! I'm 11 months old}
{her favorite way to hang out w/mommy and daddy- reading!!}
{getting brave}
{happens every time}
{sorry Mommy, I just don't want a bow}

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nashville Date Night

I am terrible at giving gifts.  Michael has been fairly good at it.  I believe it has to do with how tough the other person is to buy for.  I can buy Addison gifts all day.  Anyways...I've been having a personal battle with leaving Addison for the first time over night.  It happened when I was sick and while that was completely unplanned, it went very well.  I was still extremely upset though.  

I have just felt that there hasn't been a big enough event to leave her behind overnight.  When my parents come to town- they too want to spend time with her.  My weekends are precious since the weeks have me preoccupied with work and now working out/training others.  It's just crazy.  So I frequently ask myself, "Why leave her for that long?"

Valentine's Day comes and goes.  Anyone who knows my husband knows that he believe this is a "Hallmark Holiday."  Saying, "Why would I profess my love for you on this one day anymore than the next?"  I agree.  However, it's always fun to do something extraordinary.

And by that I mean...send some flowers, which I'm never a recipient of b/c I dislike their short life span.   Write a sweet meaningful card, make a favorite meal...but nothing out of this world, right?

I didn't do anything big for MJB since he doesn't 'like' the holiday.  I bought him a funny card and some drinks out on a date night.  Honestly, we have put a lot into our garage gym and we decided that it was OK to not buy gifts for awhile.  The.End.

Mr. "This is Hallmark's Holiday" surprises me with a random trip.  Just one night.  Leaving Addison with Kim.  Pack accordingly.  I said, "For what?"  And he eventually told me an opera house/show/performing arts center type of gig.  Arranged everything for me.  Even requested an afternoon off work!  Crazy man!

We ended up in Nashville, TN Friday late afternoon.  

[Wild Horse}
{Dinner @ BB Kings}
{asking for directions at Tootsies- such a fun place!}
{our friend, Elvis}
{family photo waiting for Journey}