Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post w/Pics- Finally!

My last few posts seem boring.  No pictures maybe?  Well, I'm out to change that.  Surly it won't be hard come Baby B's arrival, but until we get there I'm going to get creative :)
{Life is tough when you're a G}

{How fitting is this sign? It needs to be hung in my home.}

{Found in the Target dollar  Love this holiday, but this hat may not be for me. Oi! Not digging the chubby prego face...}

{My new obcession- blood red oranges...OMG yummy!}

{Baking is how I nest- and what's funny is that I don't even want to eat them.  Just makin 'em for others.  Which is good...maybe my body is telling me I've had too much junk!}

Hubby came home for the night yesterday and got some overtime scheduled for today- double yay!  Apparently, there are several open lines for overtime for the month of March and I'm cramping his style.  Yes, me...not that he's known for 37 weeks and 5 days (264 days to be exact) that our child will be born in the month of March.  And don't mind the fact that he took part in this whole baby growing in my belly.  Ha ha!  Just giving him a hard time.  I guess the baby could have come in February BUT at the rate I believe we are trucking with no known cervical progress and no contractions, looks like it is March.  I am excited...I wanted a March baby back when we were first talking about having a post wedding baby.  Anyways...we got out of the house last night and watch the UFC fight.  Double bummer on our behalf and Bisping won and Penn lost.  Boo, blah, vom.  I won't get started on Bisping...waste of a man.  The End.  What's even cooler is that this prego stayed up, yawning minimally until 11:30-12.  Baby B was going NUTS.  Kicking, squirming, rolling, punching, and hiccuping.  It was rather uncomfortable to sit and watch those hooligans.  However, it was SO SO SO nice hanging out with hubs.  

Now it's time for the Oscar's.  We've had them paused and unpaused, but now it's time to see who wins the awards.  Lots of pretty ladies and dresses.  Oooo la la.  I'll leave you with a cartoon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

37 2/7

Just another way of saying I am 37 weeks and 2 (out of 7) days pregnant.  The doc said all is well.  She was an interesting character to say the least.  I was in the office a total of 11 minutes.  Hummmm...they will not check my cervix until next week.  I am guessing that's b/c I have no signs of labor.  Great news for us...Daddy is busy at work until Sunday evening/night.  So we are staying put- I promise :)  lol.

I told her about how there's intense pressure on my pubic bone and she said that's normal.  Then when she measured my belly (only 1 cm behind this week- we are catching up and I'm praying this catching up doesn't create stretch marks...ggggrrrrrrr...) she felt the baby's head.  She said, "Yup, nice and low.  Right there on your pubic bone."  Ugh.  It HURTSSSSS!  Have I mentioned that before?  

I've decided the end of pregnancy has to suck.  I'm just happy that I didn't have to be miserable for much else.  Otherwise, doing this three more times would not be possible. However, I know that I may not be as lucky with those in the future.  Best news is I don't have to think about that for a couple years!  

I meandered through Cater's after my appointment and found myself in the boys section again.  I wasn't even going there to look, just a return.  Subliminal messages sent from my uterus or Mike's voice in the back of my head saying, "It's a boy.  No doubt."?  Who knows!  Ah!

I shall enjoy a relaxing weekend putting my feet up and sleeping as much as I possibly can : P  I know these quiet days are coming to an end.  And it's bittersweet.  I cannot wait to hold my very own being...made from the one I love the most and myself.  It's been a journey.  One I will never forget.  These are our last few weeks as a duo...then we'll be a trio and have more responsibility and become less selfish.  Our time will always be shared.  It's both amazing and scary.  I like our duo.  But it's parenthood and that's something we're always dreamed about.  Dreams are coming true for at a time!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Correction: Full Term

Here we are

@ 37 weeks!!

Minus the kicks to my parts down South, the fact I can't breathe, and it feels like the baby's head is resting on my bikini line/pubic bone (mostly on the left side), I feel great.  Baby B is still super active.  Well, I had a freak out last week b/c his/her activity was down for a little less than 24 hours.  I was minutes away from calling the doctor, but thought I'd give it one more try.  I ate a cupcake and the kid went nuts.  All it wanted was some sugar ; )  And not just any cupake- Funfetti with Rainbow Chip frosting.  Yeah baby!  That's my kind of kid in  I am savoring every minute of these terrible eating habits though.  I know going back to the zone and my original lifestyle may be tougher than it was in the very beginning, but working out and having my routine (yup, I just typed my  Whoops.  I mean our routine.) will be glorious.  The evening hours are the toughest of the day.  No matter if I put my feet up all day, I'm pretty much done by 8 pm.  Wonder if that's gonna be the trend in a few weeks.  Maybe baby b is dropping subliminal hints.  

Nobody believes me when I say I'm 9 months pregnant.  They always have to ask when the due date is...hello folks, I know I've been carrying this baby for 37 weeks, my math is not off, and although they say humans carry their baby 9 months, it's actually 10.  So, please don't look at my like I'm lying and trying to make myself look good.  I've put in my time and I'm just as uncomfortable as any other pregnant woman.  Believe me.  I love the second, third, and fourth glances...between my belly and looking at me like I have a cyclops eyeball in the middle of my forehead.  It makes us laugh...right baby b?  

I haven't worked out this week.  Last week I believe it was once.  I did air squats and I'm not sure if that's what made my nerves kick it into high pain gear or what, but the mere thought of going back freaks me out.  I will adventure out this week though.  Fresh air and some movement helps my sanity.  

Oh, so the weekly email updates I get told me I am now considered FULL-TERM.  My doc's appt is Thursday and I'm curious to see if we're dilated or not.  Although that doesn't mean anything really.  Especially since Mike's "on days" are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Yipes!  As we get closer I find myself in fear of going into labor at night when Mike is in a different city.  There's no possible way for him to get to me (unless he teleports) b/c flights stop past the red-eye...usually 10 pm.  Ugh!  Let's pray that if I do go into labor at night, it's in the wee morning hours.  That way he can get on that first flight out and make it in plenty of time!!  In my perfect world : )

Monday, February 21, 2011


Random things on my mind Monday morning.

Undies:  if this makes you uncomfortable, then please skip this section :)  Since I've read and heard from friends that the region down south might continue to 'leak' post labor and maxi pads are a necessity, I decided that I need to kiss my cute Victoria's Secret tangas good-bye for a few days (or weeks depending).  Let me back up a bit...yes, I wrote maxi pads.  It's been eons since I've even looked a package of those unsanitary things.  Let alone purchased them.  Gross.  To say the least w/out getting too personal, this momma-to-be hasn't owned a pair of bottom covering undies since...oh let's say 1998 {8th grade ish}.  I had eery intention of going back to good ol' Vickey's for some bikinis.  However, the money saving part of me said that was stupid.  I hope to never wear these undies again, so why spend $25 on five pairs?  I crossed the undies buying line and bought Hanes Her Way.  I did and I can admit that (publicly on my blog nonetheless!).  I got 6 pairs for $6.49...the budget Gods love me :)  Now I won't feel guilty trashing the suckers after their short lived life!

Hospital bag is packed.  Car seat is in the car.  And we know Michael's days off for March.  Baby B and I had yet another talk.  He/She can make the grand entrance into this world March 1st or 2nd, the 9th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, or 19th.  Those are his official days off.  Since he does not have a 'line' yet (a set schedule of actual flights) his days on may very well be spent at home (like yesterday) or at the airport sitting around waiting.  I guess I feel 'better.'  That leaves us plenty of good times for the baby to come.  However, we all know that won't happen...that'd be too easy.  So we still just hope and pray that he's in Chicago when those contractions start!  

The outlook on this week looks mellow (again).  Just as it should be.  A day and a half with hubsy.  I meet with a new doc in the same practice on Thursday.  I'm excited to meet another doctor that could be delivering us!  Maybe I will do some baking.  Although I have nothing in mind.  We've planned out a general ideas for dinner each night- yum!  As you can see, not much has changed, I still focus on food.  I am reading 'Firefly Lane' by Kristin Hannah and can't seem to put it down.  Usually thick, therefore long, books tend to scare me away b/c I get ADD before I can finish the darn thing.  Not this one.  It's been a great to pass the time waiting for baby :)  Belly update tomorrow!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lucky She's Still Ours

Our G was a handful in every sense of the word yesterday.  Kim and I ran to Costco and the grocery store.  In the grocery store, the baby was giving me a hard time.  'It' decided to kick down south, which hurts so stinkin' bad.  On top of that, those bloomin' sciatic nerves started kicking in.  As I waddled down the aisles, I had to stop every now and then to prevent myself from falling down in pain.  The nerves shooting pain down my legs makes my knees buckle and prevents me from taking any further steps.  Usually laying down is the only thing that works.  Mind you, we were not at home.

After settling in back at the house, I let G out on the invisible fence.  My brother-in-law, Ron, took away all the neon orange cones that reminded her of her boundaries.  We thought she'd be fine seeing as early in the day G left the house for a walk with the shock collar on.  Poor baby cried so hard and put on the brakes refusing to move another muscle.  She was afraid to go on a walk- plopping her butt down on the ground.  Well, the little furry brat was digging, so I adventured out in the fairly nice weather to play with her.  All was dandy until she took off running from me...and didn't stop.  Not even when the collar beeped her warning nor when it shocked her neck b/c she crossed "the line."  I yelled for help, ran inside, got her treats, and baby B and I went for a ride.  {Remember the part where my legs/belly were already killing me?}  A neighbor caught my special dog{if you don't have anything nice to say...} and she wouldn't say sorry or listen to anything I asked her to do.

After that exertion of energy, I attempted to take a nap.  I woke up to Kim coming home saying, "Uh-oh, Gracie."  I ran downstairs to find that G was eating out of the bathroom trash.  She frequently does this and I cannot figure out why.  Why would a dog like to eat dirty, wadded up toilet paper/tissues?  A couple hours passed and I hoped my pup was out of her funk.  Good thing I didn't hold my breath.  G escaped into the basement where she proceeded to run in circles from me refusing to go upstairs.  I was very close to tears at this point.  Kim screamed at her and boy did she ever listen.  Thank goodness.  It was one of those days where I just kept telling myself, "You really do love your dog.  You would be sad if she was gone.  You cried when she left you in Prescott."  At the same time, I was about ready to ship her to someone...anyone.  A 'grey and white, blue eyed, almost 4 year-old Siberian Husky for free' sign lingered in the back of my head.  Here she all her cuteness waiting for me to wake up and take her potty Friday morning:
She's lucky she's cute...and still our dog :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And in FOUR we are 'Full Term'

Where do the days go?  I am not working and my workout schedule is far from routine, so what do I do with my days?  I swear I wake up by 7:30 am 3 days a week to see my niece and nephew off to school.  I've been packing for the hospital and preparing for baby.  Relaxation and putting my feet up are necessities these days...or my belly hurts come 6 pm.  Plus, I know I won't be resting all that often in a few short weeks.  On top of disappearing days, I cannot believe I've reached 36 weeks.  The baby is officially safe for delivery.  Like...he/she may not even need a stay in the NICU.  Crazy stuff.  Excitingly, crazy stuff.  Here we are:

Baby B is doing good.  Moving like crazy.  And I'm still uncomfortable.  We are still measuring small, BUT we are still growing.  In fact, we were up 2 cm from last week. Go us!  However, I have an ultrasound tomorrow.  Please, oh please, don't slip and say any of the following words "he/him, she/her" or I will literally die.  Next week, I see another doctor in the practice.  It's funny b/c I still haven't seen the doctor I was recommended to.  No issue, just funny.  Our weekly update says baby's skin is finally smooth, the liver and kidneys are in working condition, and the circulatory and immune system are good to go.  The lungs are still maturing, but every day they get closer and closer to being ready to live outside the womb.  How crazy to think this little being will be among us soon.  

I have my moments of "freaking out" still.  I think to myself, "oh no...what have we gotten ourselves into?"  Parenthood is nothing easy and it's a life long journey.  But then I think "what would I be doing now if I wasn't pregnant?"  Although, I do believe the past few months would have been 'easier,' I truly wouldn't want it any other way.  I've always wanted to be a mom.  I've dreamed of having a family of my own my whole life.  I'm 27 and now it's all beginning.  It's all grown up there.  Where did those irresponsible college days go?  I do miss those days.  But I think everyone does somewhere inside ;)

Working out was exhausting on Monday, I came home and took a 2 hour nap, which is unheard for me.  So, I decided 3 mellow workouts a week would be fine and today didn't work for me nor will tomorrow.  Maybe just 2 this week :)  We did our "celebration" the day before Valentine's Day in the kitchen.  Mike was home both Sunday and Monday, which was awesome.  And we made red velvet cake...cookies...and pizza...ALL IN A HEART SHAPE!  

It was a fun day with the family.  I am anxious to start our own family traditions.  The best ones are learned from others!  I hope to blog more this week...I have a few noteworthy items to share!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

100th Post

I realized that on my 'dashboard' it says I've written 99 posts.  However, some of them have gone unpublished.  Sometime I just write to vent and know that the world does not need to read my whining :)  So, I just leave them there.  I don't have the heart to delete them b/c one day I will look back and want to know that those not to perfect moments exist in my world too.

I think the cloudy weather in Chicago got to me (already- yikes!).  I couldn't get out of this funk I was in.  I am uncomfortable, it's freezing cold, the sky is the same color as the ground, and I can only do so much in a house that's not mine :)  I've done some cooking, cleaning, and preparing for the baby.  I really should stop 'getting out of the house' just to head to Target, which is less than 5 minutes away (dangerous!).  Literally, it takes FIVE whole minutes to get into my car, back out of the driveway, drive to Target, park, and walk into the store.  I know that life will be much different come the arrival of our little one and I really can't be more excited.  Something to keep my life spiced.

I still feel unprepared.  Honestly, all I want to do is eat.  Especially CHOCOLATE.  It's terrible.  I got a Betty Crocker email about Valentine's Day treats and just might have to fix my cabin fever with a little baking.  All because I cannot get this cake out of my mind :)  Double yum!  I am eating things I would have never thought twice about before getting pregnant.  It's not healthy for me.  We need calories and to gain weight, therefore, I eat whatever I want, but I can't wait till I'm writing about how much going back to the zone sucks!  I laugh and smile at that thought now...but man, I'm gonna be cranky!

I think Monday I am going to start my gym routine back up.  I think it will be easier for me to transition into a new gym when I have a true reason why I'm not my normal CrossFitting self. The belly has me pretty immobile.  Sitting down to put on my lotion, socks, and shoes.  Making rolling over at night, getting out of bed/off the couch, and bending over more difficult.  I have a CrossFit I've been to a handful of times before and love, therefore, I'm excited.  Even though I will be doing a very minimal workout since I need to pack on the calories, not burn them, I think the gym atmosphere will help my mental stability.  As well as give me routine and something to look forward to.  Fun!

We have no plans for Valentine's Day.  My hubby dislikes the holiday and thinks it's stupid to celebrate your love once a year.  (Which is nice, the more I think about it, I guess.)  As a matter of fact, he left me last year on this day to go skiing with friends from work.  I don't believe we even exchanged cards.  Funny.  He is actually off for the day this year and will be spending the day with me...and in all honesty, I think that's all I want.  Give us roughly 4 weeks and it won't just be the two of us anymore!  Maybe we'll sleep in, take G to the dog park, and make heart shaped pizzas with the Two Bulls.  I will buy him a card this year and maybe something on being a dad since that's pretty much all that's on our minds these days.

Yesterday, I went to Gymboree and IF I knew I was having a girl, would have been in BIG trouble.  They have boxes and boxes and boxes of past clothes lines on clearance.  I'm talking $3, $4, and $7 outfits that were once $20-$30.  I bought three...only three.  And if we don't have a girl, Ophelia (my friend's baby girl coming via c-section March 22nd!!!), will get them all.  But my goodness!  There were ladies spending $300-$400 in line in front of me.  Insane!  I felt guilty for my $30 purchase.  But what's great is that the Gymboree is football throwing distance from my delivery room.  Perfect for a 'on our way home' stop for some gender specific items :)  I also found Cater's (not an outlet) in the opposite direction as Gymboree, but still just minutes away from the delivery room also with huge sales.  And I hit up Ulta to simply smell a shampoo my new hair stylist can get me for dirt cheap.  Well, of course, I found my Paul Mitchell shampoo in a package AND my very favorite body wash (as of right now) both on sale as well.  Another $30 down the drain!  But it's great how good hair care and bath products make life so much better.  I am excited to shower today!

For this being my 100th post, it's rather boring.  Lots of pics.  But maybe I will spice it up come time for hubby to get home and take pics of us :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Doc

Today was another cold one in Chicago :)  It was roughly one degree when I woke up.  Kim was taking out the trash and the kids were getting bundled up for school.  Interesting fact- when you live in this climate you wear snow boots to school and bring your 'street shoes' in your backpack if you choose.  I can't help but think of my littlest sister, Hannah, all bundled up for playing in the snow in Wichita, KS. The poor thing could hardly move...and she stumbled instead of walked :)  That's kind of how the kids around here go to school.  Recess is outdoors I presume.  So, when baby B grows up and reaches the school ages he/she will need all the proper gear.  And...mommy does too!  Although, I am trying to tough it out until the end of cold season so I can purchase my gear on sale.  I will let you know how that goes.  Ha!  

Then my lovely, wonderful, perfect four legged daughter decided to eat a sock.  Yup.  What's new?  Another blooming sock.  You'd think she'd learn, but nope.  Then I had to deal with, fun, fun. I took Kim's advice and gave her some Hydrogen Peroxide...that was interesting.  She looked as if I gave her poison, but threw up three times including the sock!  

It was hilarious watching Gracie's reaction after getting sick (mean mommy).  She spent her hours sulking on the couch in the front room.  Poor, poor dog...ha ha ha...NOT.  Maybe now she will learn to not eat socks- ya think?  I wouldn't put my money on it.  

Off to the doc I went.  We are still measuring small.  31 inches and I should be 35 ish.  Baby's heartbeat was in the 150s.  I believe I was up a pound in weight from my appointment 2 weeks ago.  Promise, this green light for eating has been glorious, but I still can't seem to gain anything.  But I like the doctor, whew!  Their office is actually at the hospital, which is nice.  Most importantly we are healthy.  Appointments are every week from here on out.  All good news.  I will begin packing my hospital bag this week.  I got my going home outfit and a pair of jammies.  Other than that, we've got a few little things to do...put the car seat in the car for one.  So...we're just waiting :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

32, 33, 34...THIRTY-FIVE!!

 As I type this on my laptop, the baby is kicking the computer and it's literally jumping.  Funny how that happens.  Mike has been 'home' since Sunday evening and it has been SO nice.  I love my time with him.  I love being here b/c we get that time together :)  Happy Heather!

My 35 week update via email is letting me know the baby's head is resting right on my bladder.  Makes sense.  I pee pretty much everywhere we go...and sometimes more than once.  It's getting old.  3 weeks till March 1st...and tomorrow is our new doc appt!  Baby B is plumping up these next couple of weeks.  Apparently, he/she is at 15% body fat right now, but will hopefully reach 30% by birth (guess it depends on when the little bean decides to make its grand appearance).  We are feeling good.  No matter if I wear my belly band or if I rest most of the day- my belly hurts by dinner time.  It never fails.  I literally feel like someone is stretching my skin nonstop until I fall asleep.  And it's royally uncomfortable.  It hurts when I turn from side to side when sleeping.  So, that's been rough.  My belly may not be huge to those around me, but it sure feels gigantic to me :)  All I crave these days is dessert...and salt.  Always salt though..french fries (again- always).  I'm anxious to get back into the gym.  To get a new schedule and routine, to find a new job, and, of course, meet our little one considering I don't even know what 'it' is!!
{Baby B's wardrobe before it was washed...lots of yellows and greens! We are excited for the pinks and blues to come when it's time.  I've realized we may have a lot of shopping to do once he/she arrives!}

 It's awesome here...really.  We were driving around yesterday running errands and a couple times we got out and it was snowing.  It's been forever since I've seen snow falling that many times.  We drove down the bumpiest road ever (worse than the bumpity bridge in Rolla)...guess it's like that b/c of the weather.  My belly hurt and I had to pee...pretty sure Baby B thought I was trying to get him/her to come out.  It was so funny.  We were laughing so hard.  Yes, the snow in the yard is knee deep and it's tough for Gracie to find a good spot to pee.  BUT in the parking lots and on the shoulders of the roads the snow that the plows have removed from the majority of the high travel areas is built up huge.  Exhibit A:
{The huge pile of snow and, of course, hubs had to climb to the top}
{It's safe to say our G is happy here...she frequently sits and hangs out in the freezing cold}
{Huge icicles anyone?}

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Tad Behind

It's the story of my life these days!  Man, a week has gone by and SO much has happened.  Let's start off with our 34 week picture:
{34 weeks 3 days}
We are working on the growing factor.  The doctors called two Wednesdays ago and told us the baby looked good on the ultrasound.  Whew!  Good news for us.  Let's is about 5 pounds and 20 inches at max.  There's a chance the baby doesn't grow much longer, but of course he/she will gain weight.  They say roughly a half pound a week.  So mommy and baby b are workin on packing on the pounds.  LESS THAN TWO MONTHS TO GO!!  Holy moly!  I am still feeling good.  Of course, the last couple weeks was tough on us.  Not sleeping too well, on top of already being utterly exhausted, packing, loading a truck, and cleaning our house took about all we had left in us.  I feel like an overstuffed balloon.  Kind of like I could pop at any minute.  However, we all hope I make it to the beginning of March.  So, listen up baby b, we've got AT LEAST 24 days to go :)  I think we can do that.  But I do also believe we will pop early b/c I was an early baby...if that really has anything to do with it.  I just have a little feeling.   We're not sleeping too well...I wake up lots of times a night, I toss and turn, I have to go potty, and I can never sleep in.  Somedays I am wide awake at 4:30-5 am.  Blah!  They say the baby is learning a sleep schedule and I can't help but be fearful that my waking up is going to let the baby think it's OK to be up as well.  Ha ha.  We shall see.  I just read the baby urinates a pint a day this far along in a do they know these things?  That's a lot of pee!  

So what else? I packed up our 3 bedroom rental house solo and scrubbed the thing for 3 days, so we could get our deposit back :)
{G's royally confused about me covering the couches so Matt could take them to their new home}

{My only pic of the dog's butt in the passenger's window! It was a long, tough day- the camera was the last thing on my mind}
After our final walk through at the house, I headed down to Phoenix for my dear friend Nichole's baby shower (a week ago tomorrow).  I spent my last weekend with my girlfriends in Phoenix and headed out to Scottsdale to work for a few days before my official AZ departure.  Of course, Nichole and I hit up Babies R'Us and got a spectacular pedicure together before a big hug good-bye.  It's weird that I moved- wait, what?  I did what?  (Talking to myself, I say, "Yes, moved.  As in past tense.)  It was fun and intense the last few days with the kids...'round the clock is difficult.  But I enjoyed my time with them.  Lauren took me and the girls to dinner at AZ 88, which is also where we went the night of my bachelorette party.  Memories were had there...and it was my last night working with them for almost 4 years.  Insane!  They'll never be forgotten and will always be missed.  <3  

{I said good-bye to my four nanny kids...but not before snapping shots acting silly with my Hunter}

I boarded an American Airlines flight to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport the day after the blizzard of 2011.  Heading one way to my new first class :)  Upon my arrival, I found snow- TONS of it.  Now it surly feels like winter!
{One of the several snow plows at ORD...check out the size of that thing.  They dump the snow into a huge stove that melts it immediately...interesting system kids}

And here I sit...on my sister-in-law's couch vegging it out.  We are in the process of becoming home owners.  Purchasing a townhouse.  So, we are shacking it up with family until then.  I am so very grateful for wonderful family.  I'd be so lonely and homeless without them.  (I mean I'm sure we would have found a place if we didn't have family, but still...we are in a much better position right now.)  Mike's at work.  Gracie is snoozing in the front room...and me?  Well, I'm minutes away from calling it a night (yes, it's 8 pm).  And baby b is resting after some pretty intense activity a short while ago.  We are good.