Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's About Time

It has clearly been much too long since I've posted on here, so without further ado I hope to being my time back in the blogging world.

First things first, we have an addition in the family! Meet Miss Sloane Elizabeth Buttenob. Born February 12, 2016 6 lbs 14 oz and 18.5 " long.

{our brand new baby GIRL}

{holding Daddy's finger already}

{SO worth the wait, Miss Sloane}

{leaving the hospital a family of 5}

{time accelerates with the third}


{Morgan(3), Sloane(6 weeks 2 days), and Addison(5)}


Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Lately in Pics

Lots of walks happen in this house…but this little nuggets face is priceless! All that blonde hair!!

2014 Reebok CrossFit Games

Morgan loves shoes and they may be an understatement, she's obsessed!

Saying good-bye to Mo's binky was by far much more difficult for Mommy…she's been fine!

A rare Mo and Daddy moment captured!

We danced in some stuff falling from the sky. Addie said, "Hey mom, what's that? Rain?!?!"

Addie now dresses herself and accessorizes as she needs :)

On rainy days we go to eat doughnuts- Addison is infamous for only eating the icing!

A Sunday brunch photo op

Mo too!

Again in shoes, but these are her sister's shoes and it makes Addie irate when Morgan wears them!

Two can wear pigtails in this house!!

Oh how our days are filled to the brim, but we love them so!

Our Littes 1 and 2

Just a little phone picture purge b/c, lets face it, all you want to see are the girls!

 Miss Morgan playing with the highlighters in my office post Children's Hospital Visit. Morgan has complete kidney reflux in one kidney and a partial case in the other. This simply means the valve that keeps the urine traveling one direction does not work. Therefore, she's prone to kidney infections, which is dangerous for a 1 year-old. Morgan has only had 1 infection to date. Thank the good Lord!

 Addison has become quite the castle builder these days! Her serious face means she's hard at work.

Her hair looks so long and it is, but it is so thin! She can thank her Daddy for that later.

That little ornery smile is up to no good, but looks darn cute in the denim romper from MiMi!

We love to sit outside and play in the dirty water fountain!

Momma's solo plane ride to Houston for the 4th of July- sleepy baby selfie!

Minutes before this she was sticking her tongue out at me, I failed to get a good picture before we had to turn our phones off! We all survived in the tiny, cramped space we had.

Finally at Papa and Nana Jenny's house- she's loves the water, so the pool was a huge hit!

S'more mouth

Build-a-bear success…you can see part of Twilight Sparkle's purple pony head!

Happy 4th of July from Mo

I am going to be an Auntie to sweet Elena- Em and I at her shower in TX!

Daddy's little girl (Addison).

High fives in the water!

OCD just like Daddy, Papa, and Auntie Caitlin and she's very proud of it!

Our neighbors in South Elgin bought this blanket for her. Sadly, our first one is shredded from so much love. This is 'blankie' #2 and she loves this thing…maybe even more than her Daddy (jk!).

While Mom cooks dinner, lets kick back, lay on our bellies and act silly!

There are the highlighters again…something about office supplies is so intriguing! However, Addie was creative and made me a sun. Sweet girl!

Have no fear- Mo got to participate build-a-bear too! She loves her 'bear,' as she calls her 'lamby.'

Morgan loves to play babies and take them for walks :)

Date Day for Mommy and Daddy in Little Italy!

Wine tasting with Kendall and Christian was a great time!

Out cold

Monkey see, monkey do!

Happy Happy 30th Birthday to the most handsome, fun, strong, smart man we know! The girls tell him all the time he's their best friend b/c they love him so!

Daddy and his littlest girls hanging in the pool!