Monday, September 21, 2009

My Very Own Personal Alarm

This is our baby, Gracie.  She is an almost 2 and a half year old Siberian Husky pup.  And, of course, she is perfect in every single way.  Even if she constantly sniffs our company's butts and gooses them at every chance she gets.  Honestly, she has calmed down remarkably and has learned to listen fairly well.  She is a stubborn husky and spoiled rotten, so given those qualities, she's a really good dog.  I really want to get her a brother, but Mike won't let me!  But she's a pack animal and will only be better given a companion.  One day...

Anyways, this bundle of joy is my personal alarm.  Every morning at 7 clock work, Gracie decides it's time for us to get up.  Mike is usually out of bed by 6 am for work, so she takes his place by laying her head on his pillow and sleeping with me.  It really is sweet.  Unless it's a day when I'd love more than anything to sleep till 8...just one hour longer than normal.  One of those days was today...oh yeah, and yesterday and the day before that!  She's definitely like a baby, but not in so many ways.  We don't have children yet and don't need to know what it's like before hand.  And I don't need to be woken up on a routine basis at 7 am right now.  Ggggggrrrrrrr......

I am a morning person, as is Mike, and I enjoy being up early having my coffee and sitting on the back patio.  I love our G and I am probably the reason she is so spoiled, but I would have loved an extra hour of sleep today.  Maybe I will get a nap in before work and after my workout.

Speaking of working healthy eating lifestyle has gone down the drain lately.  I allow myself to 'cheat' whenever I want to b/c otherwise it becomes this longing for food and the focus of everything I stupid and not worth it to me.  But lately, the 'cheating' has been as routine as my 7 am alarm.  Ugh!  Back on track starting today.  It has been a good couple of weeks off the path, so the cravings have to be ignored at some point in time : )

Wedding updates:  Less than NINE MONTHS to go!! Aaaaaahhhhhh! Yayy!  Getting so excited as more things fall into place.  I still have dreams weekly about things I forget to do or about our big day.  All of our wedding party has been announced (minus guest book folks, ring bearers, and flower girls...getting to those soon)!  My side of the lineup is Caitlin Chalfant, Emily Chalfant, Hannah Chalfant, Nichole Cassidy, Maggie Barta, Paige Mosher, Joanna Lovin, and Katie Wallace in no particular order.  I also have no idea how you guys will be standing on June 19th!  Mike's lineup is Matt Lyons, Ryan Andrade, Ian Wright, Doug Dickey, Kyle Mays, Ron Two Bulls, and Scott Shaffer.  Figuring out the officiant, passports, honeymoon location, invitations (so Save-the-Dates will be sent out soon) and such.  Kind of a low key month.  But still exciting for us.

I found THE dress : )  I love it in every way.  It was not the first dress I tried on, but it was at the first bridal boutique we visited.  I was extremely lucky and had my mom and sisters with me.  As well as Mike's mom and another bridesmaid and dear friend, Nichole!  Thanks to all of you for playing an important role in my life.  I will never forget that day.  It didn't hit me until after looking at the pictures of me in my dress...this is really happening.  I am getting married! 

I thought this comic was cute, so I will end on this note for today.  Cheers!