Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ft. Worth Zoo

We headed to Ft. Worth to visit Daddy this past weekend.  He was there for training for ten days and we all know I'd go crazy if I stayed home the whole time.  So, I got to use my flight benefits, see my hubby, and my family all in one bang.

It was awesome b/c Caitlin just got back to school.  She had a free day and we went to the zoo.  Addison loves animals and she's at the age where she's learning SO much.  Fish are her favorite, but she quickly learned that there are a lot of animals out there.  She did great.  Here are some pics.
{just the 3 of us}
{saying "Hi" to the flamingos}
{reaching for the birds}
{too cute}
{Auntie Caitlin, Addie, and a rhino}
{HUGE koi}
{Addie and the baby elephant statue}
{Addie and the bear}
{her favorite}

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cubs Game 2012

Sadly, the only game we attended this year with Miss Addison.  Nonetheless, it was a great day and we had a great time.  Addison even took a nap in the middle of the crowd screaming and all.  Good baby :)

{sweet baby}
{family photo}
{we love this sign}
{our little trio with 2.0 in my belly}

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Petting Zoo

Our little girl loves animals.  We have been working on animal sounds.  For now, she has cat, dog, monkey, bird, and says 'fish.'  Just North of us there's this small petting zoo.  Addison thinks it's great and it's something fun for us to do as a little family of three.  It's close to the house, so there's always time for a nap and she's cheap- we love that kind of entertainment :)
{greedy Momma goats}
{they're so funny...one bit Mike's hand...funny}
{big cows}
{she says, 'hi' to all the animals}
{hum...forgot this one's name}
{photo op}
{and a nap on the way home...precious}


Best Friends

Gracie still doesn't know what to think of Addison.  For the most part, they are good to each other.  Addie doesn't understand why G won't share her treats and she doesn't like the surprise pounce/attack hug every now and then.  I love to see them interact.  Addison will give her kisses all.the.time.  Lately, she has been backing up into Gracie's lap and just sitting there.  Sadly, G doesn't like it much a jumps up within a matter of minutes.  Addison will also lay her head down anywhere near her furry sister.  I truly think they'll have a relationship...although G is so finicky when it comes to Addie.  G acts as if she could care less.  Then I find her like this:
{I don't need to watch Addie- I've got a sitter}
{kind of sitting in her lap}
{a G break}
{petting her}
{giving her kisses}
{just out of the bath...and a hug for G}
 I kills me...I never had a relationship with a childhood dog.  We had a few that stand out in my mind and the others left quickly due to biting the kids or other issues along those lines.  So, I'm excited to contribute to Addison childhood.  I guess Gracie is worth all the pain in the butt-ness!  Speaking of...she shed SO ungodly much this year.  We figured she built up a great winter coat this year since this was her first full Chicago winter.  On the down side, she had to shed that lovely coat.
{from a single brush session after I went to AZ in June}


Big Girl

Since this month Addie Lou will be 17 months, it's time for her to leave the infant room at school.  It is heartbreaking, as I never thought this day would come.  But it's exciting too.  I know she will get so much more social interaction.  I don't want to say that she will be learning more...the infant teachers have done outstanding with Addison.  She has come such a long way since she was a five month old peanut.  Her sign language is one of our most favorite thing she has learned.  We could do without the hitting, but we also understand self defense and standing your ground.  lol.  I have two pictures of her being a 'toddler.'
{moving up means sleeping on a cot}

{this is HUGE, as Miss Addison doesn't like her cot at all}
Addison, Mommy and Daddy would keep you small forever.  However, we know how great it is to help you grow.  One day we will look back on these and just laugh at what a small change/adjustment this was in your life.  For now, I will dry my tears every time I think of your first transition.  Just as I did when I first laid you into your teacher's arms over a year ago.  We love you baby girl!


A Little Momma

Addison is now 16 and a half months.  Awhile back, around Christmas time, she loved her baby dolls.  Now that she is older, she has given a whole new spin on loving her baby dolls.

{Saturday morning play session}

{her picnic blanket is the baby's blankie}
I also have a great video that I posted on FaceBook.  I just don't have the patience to post it b/c I am SO behind in updates on our precious little girl.  Addison says the word baby, gives her kisses, loves on her baby, rocks her baby, and gives hugs.  At this point, blankie and binky sound a lot alike, but we know what she means with each 'B' she says.  Papa made her baby a bed, so Addison enjoys putting her night-night and waking her up.  It's truly amazing to watch her motherly instincts already come out.  Yes, we showed her how to treat the baby, but she's old enough to choose her actions these days.   We see this come out in her sassy attitude she shares with us.  Life would be boring without that spice though.  Her personality is great and molding every day!