Friday, April 1, 2011

Dr. B

Today was my first post c section doctor's visit.  I was a little nervous b/c I am still fairly sore around my incision.  Of course, it's FREEZING cold today.  And raining.  As I was driving, the rain turned into SNOW.  Really Mother Nature?  Really Chicago?  This makes me cranky.  Real cranky.

Arizona..I miss you- terribly!

Anyways...getting sidetracked.  Addie and I adventured out into the weather to the doctor.  I had to bring her to show her off.  The whole office knew me...and they also knew I didn't know what I was having.  I love the office staff...and my doctors.

Dr. B came into the room for a quick check of my incision and I was on my way.  I was there a grand total of 15 minutes from when I left my car to when I returned to my car.  But seeing Dr. B for the first time post surgery/hospital bed was a cool feeling.  He will always be special to me...he delivered our baby girl.  He brought her safely into our arms and made a pretty beautiful cut across my really low lower abdomen :)  He has a funny sense of humor...he said, "I told you I only deliver beautiful babies" and "Your doctor must be a pretty awesome surgeon for your incision to be looking that good."  I laughed, patted him on the back and said, "Yes, thanks to you Dr. B!"  He held my hand through some pretty hard news...and again the next day when I felt like my world had just crashed before my very eyes.

Ah...sentimental moment.  I still cannot believe I have an outside baby.  I still cannot believe a little being...a little girl was living in my belly just a couple short weeks ago.

{Side note:  Speaking of being pregnant two weeks ago...the day I was going to get induced, the day before St. Patty's Day, the day before I had Addison, I was walking Gracie to pick up my nephew from school.  His school is kind of a hike by foot...I didn't know this, but I needed the fresh air after my morning that day.  I felt bad for G b/c she had been in her crate all day and was going to have her world rocked upon my return.  So, I'm walkin.  This car drives by slowly, pulls closer to the curb...then I hear a cat call.  I turn my head to see two high school kids waving out their windows.  As I turned towards them, laughing, they must have seen my belly...ha ha ha...I heard, "Oh s**t!" as they stepped on the gas and quickly drove away.  Can you imagine what was going on in their heads?  Ha ha ha.  I still laugh.  But, to those two high school boys, thank you for making my day.  I was going in to be induced for the birth of my first child, wearing maternity jeans and waddling, but you still thought I was cute.}