Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And 'POP' Goes the Weasel

(in gender neutral yellow, of course)  
For some odd reason, I have been itching to get to this point.  My friend, Devon, is also prego with her first.  She's 6 months along, so a little further than me.  BUT she told me awhile ago that she finally looks prego AND can feel the baby girl move.  She was at 18 weeks.  I felt like if I could make it to 18 weeks, I've pretty much made it the whole 40, ya know?  So the countdown began and the day has come :-)  Baby B and I have made it to my mini finish line.  Drum roll please....here's the belly:

I believe it has popped!  Baby B is growin like a weed, I'm sure!

And when I push it out, there's definitely something there.  Although I've always been able to stick out my gut, this look a bit different :)  It's not just my organs I'm pushing out...poor baby.  lol.  I have two sites that tell me interesting info about the baby.  And I'm not sure which one is more accurate.  So, now it tells me baby B is a sweet potato.  Five big ol' ounces and five and a half inches!  The other site says he or she is a maximum 7 ounces and 6.5 inches.  Baby B can yawn, kick, roll, punch, hiccup, and swallow.  We have an ultrasound on the 22nd (we moved it from the 26th, so Michael can attend), which will be amazing b/c hopefully we will see all these things happening.  Plus, who doesn't love an ultrasound when pregnant?  Another chance to look at the baby that's growing inside of me, duh?!?!?  

Hubby and I spent Saturday cleaning out the garage.  I feel SO much better.  We know where all our stuff is and how much we will have to move with us come May.  Next step is cleaning out the spare/junk/guest room.  I figured we needed to clear out the garage in order to move what's in that room out.  Once that process has started, I will feel better.  I believe Papa has started on the furniture.  Well, I know he just got electricity so all his machines will work...exciting!  I'm thinking those will be finished post holidays...just around busy season (sorry dad) and will really make me feel like a baby is coming to live with us.  ha ha ha!  Now, if only we owned this home and I could really decorate.  Oh well.  There will be a better time for that.  

Change.  It's still goin on around here.  Gracie seems much better though.  That I am extremely grateful for.  I am dealing with the fact that my other half is leaving me for seven weeks straight.  I will surround myself with my fabulous friends (ie. lots of trips to Phoenix).  It's just those hard times that worry me...and I'm 900 times more emotional.  Confession:  I cried doing laundry yesterday.  Why?  I don't know...maybe b/c I don't want to be alone, I love MJB and miss him when he leaves for a night, and I absolutely don't want to sleep alone for that long.  Nighttime scares me.  It has since I was just a little girl.  I'm ready to stop anticipating him leaving and start the countdown to his return.

Not much planned for the weeks ahead.  A good-bye for Michael with the work ritual and lots of us time, which is exactly what I'm needing right now.  I want to fill up my bucket, overflow it with M so that I have enough of him until he gets home :-)  Positive vibes coming from this end!


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