Monday, February 18, 2013

Mommy & Her Biggest

Lately, my Addison has been attached to my hip.  Not that she's not a fan of Daddy all the time, but it's just been all about me lately.  It's great.  It's tiring.  I've captured some great pics..and wanted to document them.  I am no dummy.  I know in due time she will dislike me, my decisions, and rules.  For now, I will embrace this little girl.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


{the first kiss caught on camera...*sigh*}
{first day home from the hospital}
{genuinely sweet}
{always caring for your 'Mogan,' as you say}
{big sister on Christmas Day}
{never leaving her side}
{friends for life}
There are times when I worry I ruined Addison's life.  She's going through so much right now.  She's turning 2, which is truly enough in itself.  Her mommy, who tends to be her best friend these days, is always busy.  Usually when Addison wants attention its feeding time for Morgan.  Addison breaks my heart.  She says "Mommy, no Mogan,"  "Mogan in seat, Addie Mommy," and "Daddy Mogan, Mommy Addie."  We are getting through it and I know it is all for the better.

I know in a few years I will look back on these times with fond memories and maybe even a laugh or two.  It is tough though.  Two under two is I've never been this busy in my life.  And I was a nanny for four under three.  However, I was not mommy.

I hope Addison never feels like, or remembers being on the back burner.  Because she's not.  I still put her first (unless I'm feeding Morgan).  And even then I am dealing with and talking through an issue with my Addison.  Thankfully, she is a talkative toddler and is very good at communicating.

So, I panic...question my family planning.  But then I will have a  moment like one of the pictures above and everything seems right in the world.  Addison is a fabulous big sister.  Constantly helping and loving.  When I catch her talking to Morgan, in her own little language, on her own time, I realize this is the plan for my family.  That ideal that I had in my head many years ago.  Even last year...when we got pregnant.  I want them to be friends.  I want them to rely in each other and I want to give them this relationship that provides them with years of irreplaceable, unconditional love.  I know this feeling b/c I have it with all THREE of my sisters.  I am triple blessed.

In those tough times, I take a deep breath, stand back and tell myself it is all going to be ok.  And it will be.  It helps to look back on these pics...warms my heart really.  I love these two little beings more than they will ever know.

23 Months


Mommy is in complete denial that we will be celebrating your SECOND birthday in just one short month.  And you will have to forgive me for slacking on the monthly updates.  I will do my best to give an overview of the past few months.  Of course, I will post as many pictures as possible b/c you are too darn cute!

{you're still a runt, but your belly is getting bigger}
{you loved the Christmas tree and the ornaments}
{we've experimented w/the potty and wearing princess panties}
{@Buffalo Wild Wings...a mommy/daughter date night}
{trying on Daddy's shoes}
{kisses for GG, which is what you call her}
{my belly made a nice pillow for a couple of months}
{breathing treatment #1, poor girl took it like a champ}
{you love the iPad and your games}
{and you love animals}
{cranky pants on mommy's computer not sharing}
{you love having ponytails...thank goodness}
{being a big sister has its perks}
{learning to say 'cheese' at the camera}
{one of your fav books- thanks Auntie Caitlin}
{Papa bought you your first love it now}
{this travel DVD player has brought us hours of joy}
{headphones are the new thing...even at(almost) 2}
{you and your friend Valerie}
{giving hugs....after all the fights, so much drama already}
{kisses from your friend Maya}
{big time boo boo on your chin from an accidental bump from GG}
{little burger}
{love these silly smiles}

Saturday, February 2, 2013


We live in the North.  The "windy city."  A place where there is snow in the winter.  Well, the past two winters(including this one), we have had relitively mild weather.  To me, it still has been super cold...we have had snow, but not stuck in your house snow.  I have learned (from my fab sister-in-law) to keep a stash of food in your freezer during the winter JUST IN CASE :) 

Anyways...we currently have no where to go and absolutely nothing to do.  I guess it's one of the worst flu sesasons in history and my babies will not be a cluprit of that god awful sickness.'s a perfect time for a huge snow storm that keeps us bottled up inside for a great reason!

This has not happened if you are aware of all things Chicago and winter right now.  Last night we did get a few inches and last week we got a couple that have since melted.  Here are some pics for proof.

Addie Lou, Daddy took you out to explore the cold and you loved it...for a short period of time.

{her first time out in the snow}
{taking pics through the window is tough}
{kisses for daddy}
{whee! getting tossed into the air by daddy is fun!}
{my loves}
{kisses for mommy and a boo boo on her chin/lip}
Morgan stayed all cozy inside with me :)  After the Addie/Daddy photo shoot, I found the littlest one hanging out full of smiles.
{Hi Morgie}
{Hi Mommy}
{sweet baby and a bright, crazy flash}
{pretty peanut}