Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is This For Real?

Well, it looks like I will be blogging on here once a month!  Sorry guys.  I will get better at this process, I promise.

Wedding planning is still in full swing.  We have decide on The Met Club, which just so happens to be the 66th floor of The Sears Tower.  I know it has a new name now, but I won't use it b/c nobody will know what I am talking about : )  We are starting to finalize more of the big things and will be in Chicago next week.  Maggie and Josh are getting married- and I am so excited.  It has been too long since I have seen everyone and I cannot wait to celebrate with Mag on her big day!!  We also hope to see the Cubs play and will get some quality time with Mike's family.  Plus, it will be a good break from work, so I can start fresh when I return.

After Long Beach on the 4th, we were in Santa Cruz for the CrossFit games, which were amazing.  Those athletes are so intense- Mike and I were awestruck.  It was, however, a longgggg trip out there for us since we drove the boss's cars.  12 hours each way- killer.  Last weekend we were in L.A. and San Diego.  We decided we will never live in L.A. b/c the traffic was insane...we honestly spent half our time sitting in it.  Just frustrating.  On a happy note, we did get to see Paige and meet her boyfriend, Zane.  It was a great reunion and she accepted my invitation to be a bridesmaid in my wedding!  Yayyy!  We got to see a Dodgers game in the most ghetto stadium I have ever been to...and promise I will NEVER return.  I got 'booed' by the fans b/c the second after we sat down a beach ball came to me...and I whacked it like you are supposed to.  Unfortunate for me, it landed on the field.  Whoops!  Anyways, Saturday we enjoyed a long breakfast with mimosas and headed to Temecula for wine tasting!  After only one winery we headed for S.D.  We had to catch the 'coaster,' as they call it, to the Padres game.  A beautiful stadium and we sat in the 2nd row in right field.  It was spectacular!  A great trip all in all.  And Ryan Andrade will be standing in our wedding as well.  

My good friend Katie Wallace is coming in for an AZ visit today!  I am excited.  We will have a busy, fun filled weekend ahead.  I am ecstatic Mike and I are not traveling.  I don't have to pack a suitcase or leave my puppy (till Tuesday)!  Poor Gracie.  Hopefully, she doesn't realize how long we are actually gone for or how many times we leave her b/c we always come back for her : )  

Nannying is getting busier as the boys get older and the girls get more jealous.  However, I still love those kids like crazy!  I also love the added help with the two new nannies.  They make everyday of life more bearable.  I am extremely thankful for them.  

Ok, I am off to the gym to do the 'Filthy Fifty.'  Wish me luck!