Friday, October 15, 2010

Diaper Bag Delima!

Alright folks, I know this might seem somewhat premature, but those who know me, know I'm a planner. Sorry in advance for being on top of things.  (Side note:  I say this now and I felt real prepared for the wedding and still found myself scurrying around until the day of...interesting, eh?)  I want a "cool" diaper bag...for the lack of a better adjective.  A bag that's practical, with interior pockets, stroller straps, an over the shoulder strap for me, a changing pad, trendy, not too pricey, an easily cleanable surface, and gender neutral, of course!  I also want to purchase this for myself since I know there's a boat load of other things we will be in desperate need of.  Here are the three I have come down to:

#1  The Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote in Pewter Dots or Charcoal Dots

#2 OiOi Diaper Bag- Black floral Jacquard Carry All

#3 OiOi Diaper Bag- Dot Hobo


  1. i personally like the first one with the dots the best!!

  2. here's what i found out... I didn't research diaper bags at all. I just wanted black. The one I got was fine but Im thankful for the long adjustable strap more than anything because I ALWAYS ended up wearing it like a satchel (sp??) there is nothing worse than having your hands full and your purse/ diaper bag (because that's what it will end up being) :) keeps falling off your shoulder. you dont realize how many times you bend over, lean down, go to grab things and the bag just slips off again and again and again. drove me nuts!!

    the third one gets my vote for the long strap!!