Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Non-Stop Folks

Life is so busy!  From wedding talk, venue, photographer, and DJ appointments, finding florists, staying in the budget, honeymoon options, save the dates, invitations, finalizing the guest list, favors, transportation, baseball games, dinners, airports, and work...I feel like we are little hamsters in a plastic ball.  Ha ha.  

Nannying is going good.  The twins will be a month old this week.  Seems like time is just flying by.  They are getting bigger everyday.  When I get back to work on Mondays, they always seem bigger, more alert, and a little different.  Colleen and Caitlin are adjusting fairly well to their new siblings.  They have jealous rages, but have learned to play together nicely and share their mommy and 'nanny.'  Our next trip will be with the big girls only the 2nd weekend in July to the CrossFit games : )  It should be a good time.  

Mike and I are looking forward to another Long Beach trip over the 4th w/Jimmy, Ashley, Mike, Nichole, and Patrick!  And until then we will enjoy not having too busy of a schedule for a whole two weekends.  

Wedding planning is going, more so now, after a Chicago trip, than ever before.  Looks like the date is going to be June 19, 2010.  However, the venue and further details will just have to wait.  Mike's current groomsmen list is Matt Lyons, Doug Dickey, Ian Wright, and Kyle Mays.  My girls thus far are Caitlin Chalfant, Emily Chalfant, Hannah Chalfant, and Nichole Cassidy.   I am still in limbo with our wedding color...something bright, fun, and summery!  Other than that, I don't know what else to tell you.  I have two books that I would go insane without.  Anyone who is planning a wedding or knows someone planning a wedding, these would make a great gift.  Megan Andrade gave me "The I Have a Life Bride's Guide" by Andrea Mattei.  And my big green binder is "The Bride's Essential Wedding PLanner- Deluxe Edition" by Amy Nebens.   These books tell you everything and more...they give you the rules of true wedding etiquette, tips/advice, and how to save a little extra money.  There were so many things I didn't know!

Ok, all I do is 'wedding' everyday- oh, and work.  But now that we are about a year out, let the real craziness begin!  I still can't believe we are getting married.  Aaahhhh...exciting!