Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Written on 12/24/09

Hello all- I know not many people are reading thing. Acutally, my dear friend, Joanna, may very well be the only one : ) But I thought this would be a good 'test period' for my blogging. I'm still not too great with it...I'm workin on it though folks.

Merry Christmas (eve) and Happy New Year to everyone! I have so much to be thankful for and feel extremely blessed. 2009 was a great year and the only thing that will make 2010 better will be all the wedding festivities that will take place. Thanks to all our family and friends out there...those close to us and those far away...for being a part of us and making us who we are today. I know Chicago isn't as convienient for some people as it is others, but I hope to see you all at the wedding.

I feel slightly overwhlemed now that we are within SIX months. (Who am I kidding...I've been slightly overwhelemed for quite some time, but I've told myself I have that time is slowly diminishing!!) Nothing changing this month though. Trying to figure out when our next trip to Chicago will be...finding the month that makes most sense with our timeline and hopefully getting good weather! We will have an engagement session with our wedding photographer (it was free and they do need to get to know our personalitites). I am REALLY excited for those though...and meeting with Joe, the wedding 'coordinator' at The Met Club, Greta, the florist, the cake person at The Met Club, our officiant, and a handful of other things I cannot remember at this time! I need to plan out the centerpieces, which is stressful b/c I'd like to see the place (again), take more pictures (again), and get those ordered, decided, and finished...BUT...a big but at that...I have to kinda wait till I have an attending # so I know how many tables I will have. Ugh! The waiting game is for the birds!

Christmas time makes me miss my Nana more than any time of the year. I guess it's being, where she has been with me before during 'family' time. And I guess that means that I think about her every few hours...maybe even minutes. I think about her a least a few times a week on a normal basis. I still don't get why certain people have to be 'taken' from your physical life so soon. It doesn't seem fair. And I think everyone says that with deaths. She just moved to be close to her family, to watch her grandkids grow. She just got a new home for the first time in I don't even know how many years. She got new furniture, a top of the line quilt maker, new car, and cell phone. What more could a grandma/mother want? I don't understand why she was taken from us when she had just begun the best time of her life. Then I look at it from the other point of view and thank God that she was here and not in Rolla. Everyone was here to help her and she was never solo. So...I don't know. I like the pictures on the frig...I want to put one in my house. It makes it feel like she is watching us. Sitting in the red chairs at the island gazing at us while we run around cooking, like chickens with our heads cut off. She would be complimenting us on everything. And making peace wherever she roamed. She'd have a beer in hand after about...oh lets say...noon....only on special occasions. I will drink a Boulevard Wheat in her honor. She tried it at my KU Graduation and loved it...and the last time we drank it together was at my sister, Caitlin's, graduation in The Woodlands in December of '06. I love her...and always will. And I could continue this portion for awhile, but I gotta run. (A. I have tears welling in my eyes. And B. It's time for our family Christmas Dinner...Nana, I'd do anything to sit next to you while we eat. I love you.)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not So Sure About This you can see, I keep promising I am going to write more frequently on 'our' blog. And I don't. Not so sure I am a good blogger...does this take time? Does anyone read this? Does anyone care to read it? I think once our life becomes more eventful, I will have more to write. Not sure.

Our trip to Kansas was nothing short of perfect. Homecoming was a blast, I was able to reconnect with several friends I lost track of over time. It was nice. Most of us just picked up right where we left off...strange how life works that way. Others it was a 'mending' of a lost friendship. Either way- cool. Our time with the Lovin family was too short, but it always is. We spent more time with them this time, which is most definitely what I wanted. Last time Jo was prego : ) And this time I got to meet their little one! SO nice. Their house feels like home and there was SO SO SO much to catch up and chat about. I loved it. I love their family...that is growing rather quickly! Kansas was FREEZING...we tried to prepare ourselves for the cold, but we didn't do a good enough job- apparently. Anyways...I loved our visit and wish we could visit more often. If only money grew on trees!

We are now within 7 months of the wedding. Save-the-Dates are being sent out as we speak. We scheduled an officiant (finally!) and a limo service for the wedding party to leave the ceremony and take pics around the city...which I cannot wait for! I love our photographer. I found an invitation I like that isn't too pricey (also, FINALLY!). I will have a little 'putting together' to do, but nothing a couple girlfriends and a bottles of wine can't handle! Maybe I can convince Mike to help too...we shall see : ) Then, once we get the r.s.v.p.s back, we will have a # and can finish up the flowers, favors, and dinner well as some other things I won't publicize, as they are surprises! We have other little things to do, like purchase a cake topper, champagne glasses, the marriage license, and bridal party gifts (which, are proving more difficult for Michael). We did book our HONEYMOON- woo hoo! We are headed to Cancun for 7 nights...all inclusive. We're excited. So that's the wedding update...

Good news, I lived through my 26th birthday! My dad and Jenny came out to celebrate. Jenny and I have the same birthday, so that was fun. We went to the Grand Canyon on Saturday and Mike flew us to Sedona on Sunday. I love it when my Dad comes to's always a special treat since I only see him twice a year! On the actual day, a few of my friends met us out at a wine bar I that was a treat as well. Last weekend, my friends in Phoenix got together for homemade pizza and a wine bar. I think I'm a a good way. lol. It was great spending time with friends and family. Thanks to everyone's birthday wishes and thoughts throughout the week!

And today is Thanksgiving. I am blessed in more ways than I can express on this blog! I am extremely lucky and thankful for all that I have. My future husband is an absolute blessing in my life. He's my best friend and without a doubt the one person that brings me joy each and every day. Our story is crazy and I am so very thankful I met him. Fate. I love our Gracie and I'd love to get her a little puppy brother! I'm thankful for my family...Mom, Dad, Caitlin, Emily, and Hannah...and my in-laws too! All of them have been so supportive throughout our relationship and wedding planning process. I'm also thankful for our friends!! They're my family away from home : ) I wouldn't survive without them day in and day out.

Alright, now time to watch some football and go to work. Yes, sadly I have to work today, but Mike's parents are coming up from Phoenix to celebrate tomorrow. It will be nice to be with the kids on the holiday lie.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heading to Kansas

This week/weekend is Homecoming at KU!  I absolutely cannot wait.  And I think Mike is excited, as we have some memories there too.  We went to a football game and to my favorite restaurants when he came to visit, which seems like a lifetime ago : )  Wow, how time flies.  We are staying with the Lovin family...I have not met their son, Henry, and he's already a year old.  Ugh.  So there's so much needed catching up and family time spending with them.  I'd love to see Ryan dance in the park again.  BUT I forget that's it's COLD there!  Bummer.  Oh well.  I think she will still want to play outside with us.

The football game is on Saturday.  We do not have tickets.  Do we really need them?  I bet we spend time socializing, introducing Mike to my friends, and talking about wedding planning since it has taken over my life!  No worries.  I don't mind planning it day in and day out for a year.  There is so much that goes into making our day as perfect as we can get's exciting and busy...STILL.  

Alright, short and sweet for this week.  Not much time to write between laundry, Gracie, working out and working!  I will report our trip when we return.


Monday, September 21, 2009

My Very Own Personal Alarm

This is our baby, Gracie.  She is an almost 2 and a half year old Siberian Husky pup.  And, of course, she is perfect in every single way.  Even if she constantly sniffs our company's butts and gooses them at every chance she gets.  Honestly, she has calmed down remarkably and has learned to listen fairly well.  She is a stubborn husky and spoiled rotten, so given those qualities, she's a really good dog.  I really want to get her a brother, but Mike won't let me!  But she's a pack animal and will only be better given a companion.  One day...

Anyways, this bundle of joy is my personal alarm.  Every morning at 7 clock work, Gracie decides it's time for us to get up.  Mike is usually out of bed by 6 am for work, so she takes his place by laying her head on his pillow and sleeping with me.  It really is sweet.  Unless it's a day when I'd love more than anything to sleep till 8...just one hour longer than normal.  One of those days was today...oh yeah, and yesterday and the day before that!  She's definitely like a baby, but not in so many ways.  We don't have children yet and don't need to know what it's like before hand.  And I don't need to be woken up on a routine basis at 7 am right now.  Ggggggrrrrrrr......

I am a morning person, as is Mike, and I enjoy being up early having my coffee and sitting on the back patio.  I love our G and I am probably the reason she is so spoiled, but I would have loved an extra hour of sleep today.  Maybe I will get a nap in before work and after my workout.

Speaking of working healthy eating lifestyle has gone down the drain lately.  I allow myself to 'cheat' whenever I want to b/c otherwise it becomes this longing for food and the focus of everything I stupid and not worth it to me.  But lately, the 'cheating' has been as routine as my 7 am alarm.  Ugh!  Back on track starting today.  It has been a good couple of weeks off the path, so the cravings have to be ignored at some point in time : )

Wedding updates:  Less than NINE MONTHS to go!! Aaaaaahhhhhh! Yayy!  Getting so excited as more things fall into place.  I still have dreams weekly about things I forget to do or about our big day.  All of our wedding party has been announced (minus guest book folks, ring bearers, and flower girls...getting to those soon)!  My side of the lineup is Caitlin Chalfant, Emily Chalfant, Hannah Chalfant, Nichole Cassidy, Maggie Barta, Paige Mosher, Joanna Lovin, and Katie Wallace in no particular order.  I also have no idea how you guys will be standing on June 19th!  Mike's lineup is Matt Lyons, Ryan Andrade, Ian Wright, Doug Dickey, Kyle Mays, Ron Two Bulls, and Scott Shaffer.  Figuring out the officiant, passports, honeymoon location, invitations (so Save-the-Dates will be sent out soon) and such.  Kind of a low key month.  But still exciting for us.

I found THE dress : )  I love it in every way.  It was not the first dress I tried on, but it was at the first bridal boutique we visited.  I was extremely lucky and had my mom and sisters with me.  As well as Mike's mom and another bridesmaid and dear friend, Nichole!  Thanks to all of you for playing an important role in my life.  I will never forget that day.  It didn't hit me until after looking at the pictures of me in my dress...this is really happening.  I am getting married! 

I thought this comic was cute, so I will end on this note for today.  Cheers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good Ol' Wedding Planning

Everything seems to be fitting in place.  We just got back from a wonderful trip to Chicago.  We stayed with Mike's sister, Kim, and her family.  We ate Lou's pizza and Portillo's hot dogs (yummy!), visited Mike's grandparents, his aunt, uncle and cousin, and went to a Cubs game!  It's always a blast there...I always have a hard time leaving and always want to move there asap when I'm there.  Who knows where we will end up...that's another discussion for another day!  *sigh*  I hate the unknown sometimes!

While we were in Chicago we went to Maggie and Josh Barta's wedding.  It was SO nice!  I was a reader (for the 3rd time...I'm finally getting good at it, I think!) we Paige Mosher.  I was sick to my stomach I was so nervous.  I literally had to tell myself to breathe to calm myself down.  My heart rate increases just thinking about it.  Who knows why we were so nervous.  Maggie looked beautiful...ah it was amazing being there for her big day!  She also chose green and her dresses were pretty and tied in perfect with everything.  Their slide show was amazing and, of course, I cried!  So many fun memories with college friends.  It's exciting to think about this next phase of life for everyone and still stay close along the way.  

We met with a florist and a seems odd that we love the first people we meet.  It helps we have recommendations to these people, but they seem to fit us and our wedding style per se.  The DJ is great...his name is Mike and he wasn't the cheesy, in your face type of DJ.  He was actually really calm and collected...very professional.   It was nice.  No costumes for the chicken dance kind of deal!  The florist is widely known I guess...this was news to me.  I just picked them off a recommendation list at one of the hotels.  But it was cool seeing my visions make sense to the professional.  Who knew flowers, an aisle runner, and just a few decorations could be so pricey!  Future wedding planners out aren't cheap.  'Nuff said.  Venue, photographer, florist, and DJ down...only 2,000 other checklist items to go : )

I promise we will send out save-the-dates soon.  It's been a busy summer and we are officially done traveling (well, till October for Homecoming and maybe a 60th wedding anniversary party).  Next up, is my wedding dress!!!!!  Eeeeekkkkk!  I am SO stinkin' excited.  And I am a lucky mom and all 3 sisters are flying out to be with me.  August 15th is the date and I already have ants in my pants.  Invitations are next...yippee!

Whew, I'm exhausted.  All is well in other parts of life.  Gracie is good...still 45 pounds and spoiled rotten.  She has calmed down a little, but continues to goose everyone that comes into our house.  She isn't too cool with 'strangers.'  Gracie enjoys chasing lizards, sunbathing in our rock backyard, and going for rides.  She still digs whenever she can and dare you say the 'w' word (walk) she will be waiting at the door for you to do as you say.  She's great.  


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is This For Real?

Well, it looks like I will be blogging on here once a month!  Sorry guys.  I will get better at this process, I promise.

Wedding planning is still in full swing.  We have decide on The Met Club, which just so happens to be the 66th floor of The Sears Tower.  I know it has a new name now, but I won't use it b/c nobody will know what I am talking about : )  We are starting to finalize more of the big things and will be in Chicago next week.  Maggie and Josh are getting married- and I am so excited.  It has been too long since I have seen everyone and I cannot wait to celebrate with Mag on her big day!!  We also hope to see the Cubs play and will get some quality time with Mike's family.  Plus, it will be a good break from work, so I can start fresh when I return.

After Long Beach on the 4th, we were in Santa Cruz for the CrossFit games, which were amazing.  Those athletes are so intense- Mike and I were awestruck.  It was, however, a longgggg trip out there for us since we drove the boss's cars.  12 hours each way- killer.  Last weekend we were in L.A. and San Diego.  We decided we will never live in L.A. b/c the traffic was insane...we honestly spent half our time sitting in it.  Just frustrating.  On a happy note, we did get to see Paige and meet her boyfriend, Zane.  It was a great reunion and she accepted my invitation to be a bridesmaid in my wedding!  Yayyy!  We got to see a Dodgers game in the most ghetto stadium I have ever been to...and promise I will NEVER return.  I got 'booed' by the fans b/c the second after we sat down a beach ball came to me...and I whacked it like you are supposed to.  Unfortunate for me, it landed on the field.  Whoops!  Anyways, Saturday we enjoyed a long breakfast with mimosas and headed to Temecula for wine tasting!  After only one winery we headed for S.D.  We had to catch the 'coaster,' as they call it, to the Padres game.  A beautiful stadium and we sat in the 2nd row in right field.  It was spectacular!  A great trip all in all.  And Ryan Andrade will be standing in our wedding as well.  

My good friend Katie Wallace is coming in for an AZ visit today!  I am excited.  We will have a busy, fun filled weekend ahead.  I am ecstatic Mike and I are not traveling.  I don't have to pack a suitcase or leave my puppy (till Tuesday)!  Poor Gracie.  Hopefully, she doesn't realize how long we are actually gone for or how many times we leave her b/c we always come back for her : )  

Nannying is getting busier as the boys get older and the girls get more jealous.  However, I still love those kids like crazy!  I also love the added help with the two new nannies.  They make everyday of life more bearable.  I am extremely thankful for them.  

Ok, I am off to the gym to do the 'Filthy Fifty.'  Wish me luck!

Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Non-Stop Folks

Life is so busy!  From wedding talk, venue, photographer, and DJ appointments, finding florists, staying in the budget, honeymoon options, save the dates, invitations, finalizing the guest list, favors, transportation, baseball games, dinners, airports, and work...I feel like we are little hamsters in a plastic ball.  Ha ha.  

Nannying is going good.  The twins will be a month old this week.  Seems like time is just flying by.  They are getting bigger everyday.  When I get back to work on Mondays, they always seem bigger, more alert, and a little different.  Colleen and Caitlin are adjusting fairly well to their new siblings.  They have jealous rages, but have learned to play together nicely and share their mommy and 'nanny.'  Our next trip will be with the big girls only the 2nd weekend in July to the CrossFit games : )  It should be a good time.  

Mike and I are looking forward to another Long Beach trip over the 4th w/Jimmy, Ashley, Mike, Nichole, and Patrick!  And until then we will enjoy not having too busy of a schedule for a whole two weekends.  

Wedding planning is going, more so now, after a Chicago trip, than ever before.  Looks like the date is going to be June 19, 2010.  However, the venue and further details will just have to wait.  Mike's current groomsmen list is Matt Lyons, Doug Dickey, Ian Wright, and Kyle Mays.  My girls thus far are Caitlin Chalfant, Emily Chalfant, Hannah Chalfant, and Nichole Cassidy.   I am still in limbo with our wedding color...something bright, fun, and summery!  Other than that, I don't know what else to tell you.  I have two books that I would go insane without.  Anyone who is planning a wedding or knows someone planning a wedding, these would make a great gift.  Megan Andrade gave me "The I Have a Life Bride's Guide" by Andrea Mattei.  And my big green binder is "The Bride's Essential Wedding PLanner- Deluxe Edition" by Amy Nebens.   These books tell you everything and more...they give you the rules of true wedding etiquette, tips/advice, and how to save a little extra money.  There were so many things I didn't know!

Ok, all I do is 'wedding' everyday- oh, and work.  But now that we are about a year out, let the real craziness begin!  I still can't believe we are getting married.  Aaahhhh...exciting!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yayyy- we started a blog.  Well, in all honesty, it's my blog and Mike is along for the ride : )  Our friend, Doug, and computer genius, told us to start one awhile ago and I finally caved.  

I think I've graduated from facebook, but will keep everyone up to date from our website!  

We are still in the early months on wedding planning, but hope to have a final date mid-June...after a trip out to Chicago to see all the venues and meet with photographers, DJs, florists, and day of coordinators.  

Alright, that's my short and sweet first post.