Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I mean- REALLY????

I think I've mentioned Gracie 'acting out' since I've been pregnant.  I haven't divulged the truth to that statement.  I'm not embarrassed..well, not as much as I thought I'd be.  I had heard of people's dogs freaking out when things change (ie. when the mom/wife is pregnant).  I always thought and even voiced that I don't see Gracie as that kind of pup.  She's been such a good dog for years now.  She's no lab...duh, she's a husky.  She doesn't particularly listen, it's more like she listens when she wants to or you better know how to get her to listen, which we do for the most part.  Or I guess Michael does.  When she thinks she's owed something, like a walk, she will not leave you alone until you do it.  She's vocal when we are around, but doesn't bark around other dogs (she'd rather quietly wine).  She's stubborn and will run away if you take her off her leash.  She's overly friendly and will definitely "welcome" you into our home by goosing you or straight up pouncing you.  Again she's a husky and we knew what we signed up for.  However, I didn't know how she'd act when the pregnancy hormones hit us!

Where do I begin?  I take you back to last Monday...I left the house like I do 4 times a week to workout.  I was gone for the typical hour and a half.  Since we were at a friends house on Sunday watching football and eating junk food, I hadn't taken the time to put away our leftovers.  After my workout I came home to a bag of chips exploded on the living room floor, a dozen chocolate chip cookies devoured, and half a bag of Mike&Ike's eaten.  Really?  I've left numerous things on the kitchen table in a standard grocery store plastic bag and not once has she eaten anything.  I would have taken a picture if I wasn't in tears, screaming, and calling Mike to make sure she wasn't going to die.  I left her out of her crate when I went to work, so for 6 hours she was fine.

Now come Tuesday mornings workout.  Gracie didn't get a walk b/c of her incident yesterday (Monday) and we were gone over the weekend.  I knew this was going to be a rough morning, as we go for a walk every day together.  This was one of those things that she feels owed so she gets naughty quick.  Nonetheless, I took her for a walk before my workout thinking she'd behave while I was gone.  When I returned from the gym on this day, Gracie had chewed her water bowl and a cardboard box that was in the entryway.  I mean...really?  It's just so out of her character.  When she's hot she likes to literally dig the water out of her bowl, but I'm there to stop her.  It looked like this is what had happened.  Then upon noticing she had no more water left, I'm sure she got pissed and decided to show that bowl who's boss.  STILL.

We put her in her crate the rest of the week...we actually say, "Gracie, can you go to your office?"  Stolen from my sister-in-law's family, the office refers to her crate.

Friday morning I felt lazy, didn't sleep well the night before, and wanted to stay cozy in bed.  I go up to let G out and went back to lay in bed.  Our roommate, Doug's, wallet just so happened to be on the kitchen table.  Gracie has tried to chew it once before, but I was around to stop her.  This time she was sneaky and quiet, I didn't hear a thing nor did he in the shower.  SO...his cards and such were dumped out and a nice hole chewed on the corner of the wallet.  I wanted to drop kick the brat.

Sunday morning we came back from a fun, friend filled weekend in Phoenix.  We walked in at about 7 pm and G had obviously gotten ahold of something and it was all over the living room floor.  I didn't get a pic of this either, as Michael was extremely pissed and not in a humorous mood.  I did get a pic of the aftermath.  She had chewed a Pizza Hut box to shreds.  AND got a very special, important photo album off the shelf that has been there for months now to chew out every page.  Jenny, brace yourself, I only need a few pictures so I have the complete collection.  But the album of all our wedding photos from my dad and Jenny got chewed apart.  Exhibit A:


This was special b/c there were so many pictures in there that Michael and I didn't have or had never seen.  It sat in the same spot since we received the gift and what possessed G to chew it, I have no idea.  SO very frustrating.

Bottom line, she's a daddy's girl.  She will do anything to please Mike.  I feel like she can sense my hormones and is reacting b/c she doesn't know what to do.  Yesterday, G and I had a great day.  She was so sweet.  She cuddled up next to me when I got home from work and slept on or near me all night.  We even shared a pillow this morning.  Hopefully, this is her wanting forgiveness and will be THE END of the naughty madness.  Keep your fingers crossed for us :-)

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  1. O M G!!!! She's has been a bad girl. :) I can send you a disk w/ the pics if you like. Just let me know as it's no problem at all. Or we can print what you need when you're home.