Monday, April 30, 2012

Pic Overload Part 1

March-April recap pics:  So I know I've been behind in blogging.  Here's my try at catching up.  And from here on out I hope to post at least once a week!  I am really sad I haven't kept up, SO much has happened in baby girl's life and I want to remember it all.  
{cheering on the Jayhawks in March Madness}
{she didn't used to always be this big
{anywhere she goes, G goes too...and she loves her magnetic letters}
{our baby is no longer a baby...last 3 bottles of half formula half milk}
{her first 6 oz of Organic Whole Milk}
{grainy, but I love this little girl}
{officially out of her infant seat *tear*}
{she loves her babies and stuffed animals, she says "Aw!"}
{Cubs Home Opener game...Daddy was there, we were there in spirit}
{she fell asleep on me, which never happens anymore...she rarely even cuddles}

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday GG!

Gracie turned FIVE today!  Hopefully, this means that she's growing out of her defiance! Ha ha ha, who am I kidding?  She has calmed down, but what dog doesn't as the years pass on?  She does fairly well with Addison.  Although there have been a few snaps here and there when Addie is going after her treat or toy.  When Gracie has none of the above, Addison can crawl anywhere around her and love on her all she wants.

I do love that Miss Ads is not afraid of dogs.  I know we will be teaching her about strange animals one day!  The other day she pet her first cat, no big deal.  She will go up to any dog, saying 'Doggie' and try to touch them.  Addison doesn't freak out when they approach her.  I guess my family took her out to my Grandma Knowles' barn and she saw horses and cows...she was unsure about these animals.  I don't blame her.  I don't like being too close either!  Plus, they are much bigger than her GG!

I baked G a dog friendly cake for her birthday and we made her rice and chicken for dinner.  She was on cloud 9.  Although, I'm sure her stomach was cramping since she's not used to such a feast.  We were a little worried about her.  {I must have deleted the pics of her eating her feast...oops!}

{we love you G}
{the meal}
{she's been my bedtime buddy lately...snuggle bug}


Monday, April 9, 2012

Flower Girl

Addison was a flower girl on her first birthday!  To me, I can't believe a bigger honor...AND on her b-day.  Such a lucky pun!  She truly is so lucky.  And we truly are so blessed.  We will see what she says when she gets older.  Not too much green on this day.  Their colors were purple and gray.  She still is beautiful and very blue eyed!
{post flower girl opperation...sutffing her face with french fries}
{they might be related}
{her first love}
{wedding participants}
{Momma and her baby girl}
{family photo}
{sadly the only "in their outfits" pic we have!}
{swear, he wasn't pushing her off..he fell and she almost did as well!!}
Not going to lie...being on the 'mom end' of a young flower was stressful!  I had to make sure she was fed, clean, poop free, and slept well in a strange place.  Thankfully, we were lucky.  I got to walk them down the aisle since lil' miss can't walk just yet.  She lost both shoes down the aisle.  I kicked them out of the way and it seemed as if nothing happened :)  I would love to see how the video/professional pics look!  

Megan and I were in such a rush.  Although, we didn't intend to be.  We really weren't in reality, we just felt like we were- we just didn't know what to expect as moms of these kids.  They're UNPREDICTABLE!  On top of that, we didn't eat lunch, so we too downed double cheese burgers in the car.  The girl who took our order told us she liked her dresses.  I'm pretty sure they thought we were crazy.  Ha!  It was such a memory making trip.  I hope to see them more often!  

Post ceremony, we ladies 'threw' the kids in the car with my mom and sister, Caitlin, who babysit double time for the night.  We are grateful.  We got to go to the rehearsal and enjoy ourselves and friends we haven't seen in months or years.  It was SO much fun!  The place was PERFECT...I was in love.  The festivities were outstanding.  It was a great night away and definitely a place where Addison and Michael would have been miserable.  

Here are some post children pics:
{Nicole and I...reppin PRC}
{HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDISON!!  I got my green beer this year}
{bestest friends...Ryan and Megan}


First Birthday Eve

I have A TON to write about and feel terrible I haven't posted her first birthday pictures.  It's truly overwhelming.  Who is in a wedding on their first birthday??  Addison Irene!!
{Michael Andrade, the ringbarer, her future best guy friend, or future husband- too handsome to handle...two blue eyed beauties!!}
{Mike and I dressed the part- boots n' all...the gents with the kids}
{just those cowboys}
The above pictures were from the rehearsal and dinner.  The invitation said, 'traditional Texas casual.'  Mike took that to mean we had to look like we were Texans.  It was a lot of fun!  The church was small..white...old and BEAUTIFUL!  I loved it.  Dinner was yummy too.  Steak...chips and  You can't go wrong.  We had a bit of a drive.  But that's what we expected.  Traffic we did not expect.  Is that whole city in a gridlock?  Arg!  Anyways...

Lets back up a titch.  How were we able to spend this time in Texas?  Mike gets two weeks off a year.  They bid for these in December.  So you have to guess what two weeks work best for you.  Obviously, the whole summer is shot and by that I mean given to the guys with seniority.  So, he knew to aim for this wedding weekend/Addison's First Birthday.  Then he went for my birthday, which hopefully he can pair up with Thanksgiving somehow!  We'll see.  He had the week off.  But then for the month he bid again with two trips feeding into the vacation and catching the tail end of his vacation.  So, he got off extra time since those two trips ran into his vacation.  It's not his fault what he gets dealt when it comes time for bidding.  But if you bid smart, then you get more time with your family :)  Glad he spent 6 or whatever hours 'bidding' for this schdeule.  It was a lot of fun.  I took the week off.  Pease out!

We flew in on the night flight Tuesday night.  Great idea for the baby :)  She slept like an angel from take off to landing, through the airport, in a stange car and carseat, into my Dad's house, and finally into her pack n'play in a stange house.  Great success!  

Wednesday we had our great friends from Ft. Worth down to hang out on their Spring Break...the life of real teachers :)  It was SO cool that all this worked out.  We were so lucky.  From there the week seemed to fly by.  Lots of highs...lots of laughs and happiness.  I love being home.  Especially when all my sisters are in town.  I know this isn't the "real" home life, but what I'd give to be close to ALL of those I loved...even those out in AZ.  Arg!  

Who will invent teleporting??


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day Before Easter

{Addison's 2nd encounter with the Easter bunny}
Today I took Miss Lou to the park here in our neighborhood to meet the Easter bunny.  Last year, Addison was three or four weeks old.  Emily and Caitlin were out for their first time to meet Addison and see our new surroundings/lifestyle.  *Sigh* It is such a wonderful memory still.  Days spent at home being a mommy to my baby girl.  Sisters/Family in town.  Love!

This year was a bit different.  Mike woke up at 6:30 am to leave for work.  It was the first Addie/Mommy day we have had in a very long time.  So it was lovely in that sense.  It was hard too.  Hard seeing parents of children in my class, who say, "Your husband isn't around- once again?" or "I take it your husband is traveling?"  Confused that there are people who work weekends, not for an hourly wage.  Not knowing that the questions they ask sting...if only they knew how hard he works and how badly we wish we had more time together on days like this (it being Easter weekend, Christmas morning, her birthday, 4th of July, etc.).  They don't mean harm.  It's just hard to hear over and over and over again.  Yes, I have a husband who is amazing even though he isn't around 24/7.

Addison and I had a beyond fabulous day.  I coudn't have asked for a little girl to be in a better mood.  She was so happy and interactive.  I just ate her up!  She's transitioning to taking one nap a day- I know, getting too darn big.  I swear it was overnight she decided she didn't need two naps at home!  At schoold, she doesn't sleep longer than 30-40 minutes : (  She was SO routine on two naps a day for two hours each.  Until this weekend.  Guess it's about time I face the fact that she's well on her way to being a toddler!

After this terrible encounter with a 12 year-old dressed up in a bunny costume, Addison went down for a nap.  When she woke up, we headed to Mike's Grandma's house to color eggs and eat dinner.  It was a good time.  The weather was beautiful.  And Grandma's backyard is georgeous...everything is blooming!  She's such a good gardner...wish I could learn a thing or two from her green thumb.  It was a good hardy dinner- burgers, hotdogs, chips-dips, fruit salad, jello (always in their home- it's sugar free!!), potato salad, and homemade lemonade.  (pics soon)

It was a solid day all around.  If only gas prices were lower and our Grandparents lived would be better!