Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Written on 12/24/09

Hello all- I know not many people are reading thing. Acutally, my dear friend, Joanna, may very well be the only one : ) But I thought this would be a good 'test period' for my blogging. I'm still not too great with it...I'm workin on it though folks.

Merry Christmas (eve) and Happy New Year to everyone! I have so much to be thankful for and feel extremely blessed. 2009 was a great year and the only thing that will make 2010 better will be all the wedding festivities that will take place. Thanks to all our family and friends out there...those close to us and those far away...for being a part of us and making us who we are today. I know Chicago isn't as convienient for some people as it is others, but I hope to see you all at the wedding.

I feel slightly overwhlemed now that we are within SIX months. (Who am I kidding...I've been slightly overwhelemed for quite some time, but I've told myself I have that time is slowly diminishing!!) Nothing changing this month though. Trying to figure out when our next trip to Chicago will be...finding the month that makes most sense with our timeline and hopefully getting good weather! We will have an engagement session with our wedding photographer (it was free and they do need to get to know our personalitites). I am REALLY excited for those though...and meeting with Joe, the wedding 'coordinator' at The Met Club, Greta, the florist, the cake person at The Met Club, our officiant, and a handful of other things I cannot remember at this time! I need to plan out the centerpieces, which is stressful b/c I'd like to see the place (again), take more pictures (again), and get those ordered, decided, and finished...BUT...a big but at that...I have to kinda wait till I have an attending # so I know how many tables I will have. Ugh! The waiting game is for the birds!

Christmas time makes me miss my Nana more than any time of the year. I guess it's being, where she has been with me before during 'family' time. And I guess that means that I think about her every few hours...maybe even minutes. I think about her a least a few times a week on a normal basis. I still don't get why certain people have to be 'taken' from your physical life so soon. It doesn't seem fair. And I think everyone says that with deaths. She just moved to be close to her family, to watch her grandkids grow. She just got a new home for the first time in I don't even know how many years. She got new furniture, a top of the line quilt maker, new car, and cell phone. What more could a grandma/mother want? I don't understand why she was taken from us when she had just begun the best time of her life. Then I look at it from the other point of view and thank God that she was here and not in Rolla. Everyone was here to help her and she was never solo. So...I don't know. I like the pictures on the frig...I want to put one in my house. It makes it feel like she is watching us. Sitting in the red chairs at the island gazing at us while we run around cooking, like chickens with our heads cut off. She would be complimenting us on everything. And making peace wherever she roamed. She'd have a beer in hand after about...oh lets say...noon....only on special occasions. I will drink a Boulevard Wheat in her honor. She tried it at my KU Graduation and loved it...and the last time we drank it together was at my sister, Caitlin's, graduation in The Woodlands in December of '06. I love her...and always will. And I could continue this portion for awhile, but I gotta run. (A. I have tears welling in my eyes. And B. It's time for our family Christmas Dinner...Nana, I'd do anything to sit next to you while we eat. I love you.)