Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Happy October!

I do love this month...it seems to be a great 'transition' month.  Summer to fall.  Pool parties to holiday festivities.  And it just to happens to be my little sister, Caitlin's, birthday month.  Fun.  In fact, her b-day is 10-10-10 this year...SO cool.  There's my shout out to you Caitor!

Here's the 'lump' we've all been waiting for...ha ha ha...I had to say it, it made me literally laugh out loud:

Looking a little 'puffier.'  Sorry this image isn't as clear as some of the others.  How about a close up?

From a higher angle I look more prego.  Still waiting on the full 'pop,' but Mike even tells me I look less chubby now and more prego.  Thanks babe!  Baby B is the size of your hand now.  Either a large yellow onion or a sweet potato!  How they're the same, I don't know.  About 5 cm long and more than 3.5 ounces.  It makes me freak out to look at my hand and think the 'thing' that was once the size of this period . is now HUGE.  He or she has started gaining body fat this week, which will continue throughout life.  It's just starting now- how cool.  Also, lil baby B has it's very own finger prints...so in a way, some identity.  I read that the baby can hear the dog bark and may even be startled, which is good to hear now b/c when he or she arrives they'll recognize that noise and will hopefully not freak out.  That will be an interesting adventure- crossing my fingers it goes smooth.  The article also said, he or she will sleep right through the dog barking once delivered since the exposure happened in utero.  22 days until our ultrasound, which will probably be the last one for awhile.  boo.  

I like that I can laugh now at my small lump.  Everyone tells me I don't even look pregnant...I was told all weekend how tiny I am.  But folks, I eat everything...and that's really unlike me.  Most of you know, I follow (or followed) the Zone Diet.  I loathe that the word diet is even in it's name b/c it's truly a lifestyle.  I loved it.  It gave me energy and a truly healthy body.  Then I started CF and gained the muscle.  Anyways, the gist of the eating habits I had were mostly protein with a balance of carbs and fat.  Keeping sugar at a bare minimum, if I even ate it at all, and focusing carbs on fruits and veggies.  I have let the sugar gates down, if there's such a thing, kicked the Zone out the window and I eat what I want.  However, I am proud to say this is all in moderation.  Since I have the Zone background, I try to play catch up and give my body what it needs (usually protein since meat sounds sickening) and not what I want : )  Oh the fabulous life of eating while prego.  (sense any sarcasm?)

We might be having a delayed monsoon season.  There have been several storms rolling through Prescott the past few days.  Full on thunder, lightening, random downpours...and black clouds.  I love it.  It makes me feel lazy.  Wish I could cuddle up with a good book all day kind of lazy.  If the pics I took with my iPhone ever came out as cool as they seem..I'd share a pic with you.  Maybe one day.

I am TERRIBLY homesick!!  I need to see my family.  I want to be closer to home SO bad.  Then I could just go out for a visit and maybe not even have to worry about a flight or taking off too much work.  Ugh.  On the other hand, I am VERY thankful I get to go home for a week in November.  The weekend after my birthday, for an early baby shower, to see family, over Thanksgiving...AND hubby might be able to meet me there.  So exciting!  I am also very thankful that Michael knows I am a family girl and understands I am homesick to the max.  Such a lucky girl.  

I've got SO much more to say...probably should have written over the weekend, but I will be good for the rest of the week no doubt.  Gotta get going with my day though...later gators.


  1. Oooh, you do look a little more prego!!! You're still super, super fit and thin but definitely got the baby bump going. Too, too cute!

  2. I see it, I see it!!!! Hi Baby B!

    Heather, everyone used to tell me that too - and it actually made me mad. After all, I'm not LYING, there really is a baby in there! But, once you pop (like you know I did with Henry) people will just start saying, "Wow, you are really showing now. Huh." And that's when you can give them the evil eye and...

    Okay, that's not going in a good direction. Clearly I'm not over some issues. You look GREAT! :)

  3. i see it heath!! peanut is making his/her appearance known!! ha. love it!

  4. Aw- I love all 3 of you :) Thanks for the positive vibes. And more importantly, THANKS FOR SEEING MY BUMP!!! Yayyyy!

    Jo- it'll happen to me, I will glare, and then I will call you a wine about it...lol

    Life IS good!