Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday: Things I'm Lovin

All About Aiden...Always

Sweet Home, CHICAGO!!!!  I must admit that we've had Chicago on the brain this week.  Since I couldn't blog without mentioning our HUGE news, the city made the list!  Michael "heard from a little bird" that he's ranked 5th in seniority by birthdate in his ground school.  Which means, that since there are 6 spots open for New York and 6 for Chicago, we will get our pick!  Chicago it is ladies and gentlemen, unless something goes terribly wrong.  Lets hope the birdie he heard from isn't messing up...the poor thing has no idea what's on the line- lol.  We really have no business being in NY, in fact, the thought scares me.  Our little world is coming together.  I feel like everything is falling into place at just the right time.  Although, I know there are some things I'd prefer to have Mike be present at our child's birth (big BIG thing), I know we are blessed with life thus far and gotta stick to it.  We truly do love this city.  I can't wait to explore.  One day, we'll be Chicago Cubs season ticket holders attending every game (probably in the bleachers). 

CrossFit, Inc.  As most, if not all, of you know, I CrossFit.  I have for two and a half years now and don't see quitting or leaving an option.  I will never go to any other workout routine.  And that's an impressive statement.  I workout 3-4 times a week.  I kick my own booty willingly and have gained muscles in places I never thought possible (me? biceps? no!).  I work hard for those muscles and will show them off when I feel the time is right.  I will get a shot of me and my 38 week pregnant belly doing some sort of CF movement.  I love it.  I feel strong.  CF is much like a cult...and everyone who does it will admit that.  The cult-ish atmosphere has probably pushed some people away and that's OK.  We are a tight knit community that truly believes in being fit...not just some fad diet or a boot camp class taken a couple times a week.  We are a team.  We challenge each other, push each other, and want the best for everyone.  A competitive side has come out in that I knew kinda existed, but now it likes to shine.  I like to be the best.  But I am far, far, far from it and congratulate the girls that beat me at any workout or lift.  It's a family.  Many tears have been shed and dried in the gym...over workouts, over life, over an ice cold beer.  It's seriously a lifestyle.  I preach and preach to all our CrossFit, just do it, you'll love it.  One day, we will own our own gym.  Probably out of our garage for free b/c that's what both of us see in our future.  But then we will be able to share the love of fitness with those around us (since the guy down the street is too expensive).  

more to to work!


  1. I want to do cross fit!! maybe I should look it up in KC somewhere??!! thanks for being on top of the thursday things im lovin... atleast one of us is :)

  2. You're getting so good w/ the blogging!! You guys in Chicago will be awesome...your dad & I will have a built in vacation spot for whenever we can't decide where to go! After your wedding we talked about going back since we didn't get to explore as much as we would've liked. Yay!!! Now we get to!