Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 Months Mo

Miss Morgan Ann, you are now THREE months old!


Guess Who's TWO?!?!?

Addison Irene!!!  Mommy cannot believe you are TWO years old.

You have grown SO much and have a wonderful personality of your own.  I love watching you learn, change, and grow every single day.  It has been an interesting ride the past few months.  You have done considerably well with all the change and I hope the next few months don't create any negative attitudes.

Your little sister, Morgan, was born in December.  Addie, you love her more than I can express.  You still get jealous from time to time, but you are very curious about what she is doing most of your days.  I absolutely cannot wait until you can play together.  Lately, you have been teaching Morgan to talk just like Mommy and Daddy do.  When you wake up in the morning your first request is frequently, "I see Morgan."  Her name is now Morgie to you.  And you do pronounce the 'r.'  When she is on the floor, you are right there next to her talking to her.  When she's in the bumbo you love sitting right there next to her.  It's awesome when you two watch Baby Einstein reminds me of when you were just a little baby girl.

Mommy has been home since December.  I was supposed to go back to work in February, but Daddy got a new job.  So, now we both work for CrossFit.  Daddy is the pilot and Mommy gets to work from home.  We are moving to San Diego within the next month (this has been pushed back several times, which is stressful, but we are eventually going to leave South Elgin).  It breaks my heart b/c I know this move is going to be hard on you.  I hope we get to San Diego, move into a house as quickly as possible, and begin to meet new friends for you.  I want to enroll you in a preschool where you can meet friends and socialize.  I think that has been the hardest part of us being home for three and a half months.  However, this has been my dream and I do love being with you all.the.time.  I will not lie though, it's tough and it has been a change for all of us.  Daddy is also home more than he has ever been before.  We are really getting quality family time and I cringe at the thought of it being any different.  That's because your Mommy is selfish :)

Those are the two biggest changes for you lately.  You are a little spit fire.  You have an attitude about you...but I love it.  You are most certainly two (even as I type this you are on the floor throwing a fit about wanting the pine cones outside...the same ones you didn't want two minutes ago).  You were a size 4 diaper, but we are experimenting with potty training.  You can go all morning with no accidents. However, you would rather not worry about pulling down your panties.  We spend most of our mornings without clothes on your bottom half :)

Your birthday party was Minnie Mouse themed.  And since it's also St. Patrick's Day, we just had a small family celebration.  With all of the madness around the move, I thought this was best and low stress for you and Mommy!
{Minnie suckers}
{Mommy's first try with fondant and Auntie Kim's icing}
{trying to show Mommy '2'}
{goofy birthday girl}
{the table}
{your bestie, Valerie}
{showing us '2' again}
{singing happy birthday}
{Nate and Valerie}
{We Love You Baby Girl}
{giving hugs after opening presents}
{SO sweet}
{Great Grandpa got kisses too!}
{even Uncle Tom got a hug}
{an Elmo potty book! yay!}
{hugs for Nate}
{hugs for Dee}
{and Uncle Scott too!}

It was a mellow low key day.  You took a late nap, so it was an early evening party.  Auntie Kim made corned beef with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage.  We had quite the feast.  Your cake was red velvet and super yummy!  You loved it :)

At your two year checkup you weighed 24 pounds.  You are still in the 10th percentile...our little midget!  You got a shot in your leg, but didn't even flench.  Yay Addie Lou!  You still eat like a bird, but when you are really hungry, you eat great.  You like broccoli still...however, it's clearly not the best.  You like hotdogs and mac n'cheese like most kids.  You are enjoying pizza more often- thankfully.  You seem to be drinking more milk and still love your apple juice.  It's so cute to hear you ask for it.  Now, you love orange juice and "orange" which is Orange Crush.  Anything in the can, is the best.

At this point in your life, you love being outside.  For your birthday we bought you golf clubs, a bat, and a glove with a ball.  All are PINK of course!  You speak very clearly for someone your age.  You already use verbs in your sentences, which is ahead of most two-year-olds.  Addie, you're one smart cookie.  You pick up and repeat everything.  I called Daddy a 'dummy' and sure enough you repeated it.  Thankfully, you haven't remembered that word.  You are constantly learning.  You love the big slide at the park, but are leery when walking across the bridge b/c it suddenly moves on you.  It's cute to watch you explore.  Addie, you have begun inventive play and imagining things.  Pretend play happens at the kitchen, in the park, and when playing with your babies.  You LOVE your babies.

We usually go for pizza on Thursdays with the family.  Last week, you sat on these bleacher seats and told me what number was on each seat.  You can count to 10 and say your ABC's.  Not always in order.  I feel like you are missing out on singing songs...all of your friends at school are singing, but we will work on that little girl.  Colors and shapes tend to be difficult, but we practice all the time.  Daddy thinks you are going to be a lefty.  The other day he was drawing with you and you preferred your left hand to your right.  He has pictures for documentation :)  You so love doing art.  Mimi bought you some coloring books, crayons, and paint.  It's a fun activity to do together.

You are an amazing little girl.  You are such a joy in our life...we are SO lucky to be your Mommy and Daddy.  We know you will go far in life baby girl :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Phone Photo Purge (PPP)

{the poster at school letting all the families know the info on our baby girl #2!}

As I was clearing out some of the 300+ pictures on my phone, I stopped and realized that some of them were not put into the computer.  SO SAD!  But I guess I kept the 'important' ones.  Still...heartbreaking really.  So here is the past couple of months in iPhone photos.  Enjoy :)

{just born, so tiny}
{tears in my eyes as I was doing laundry...when did Addison get so big?}
{leaving the hospital}
{rocking out}
{many faces of Morgan}
{Addie on the left, Morgie on the right}
{Morgan on the left, Addie on the right}
{Addie on the left, Morgan on the right}
{sleepy smiles}
{she got a banana out of the toy machine. so proud}
{big sister. helper.}
{bubble in our bath}
{hugs for G}
{zebra hoodie, little girl, pigtails}
{first bath together!}
{Addie insisted on putting her arm around Morgan, then was talking to her, and giving her kisses}
{hi pretty}
{told you, always smiling}
{2 weeks till she's 2 :( tears}
{G is either protecting, or smothering}
{we eat snow for snacks up North!}