Friday, October 22, 2010

*SO* in LOVE

Wanna see something perfect?  I know you do, so here:

So, we got some pretty good face shots like the one above.  The caption should read, "Hello.  I'm a ____.  I see you."  Literally the baby is looking straight at us!  There are several pictures, I could really post them all.  There's even one of the baby's mouth open wide.  It kinda freaks me out.  It looks like the baby is screaming, but nothing can be heard.  We got some great arm pics too.  The tech did avoid the leg region since we do not want to know the sex.  It was funny.  They did all the measurements and everything looks fine.  No clef pallet, nor clef lip- check, check.  The heart was above the kidneys- check.  There's skin on the outside of the spine- check.  Nice cervix- check.  Nice placement of the placenta- check.  Everything seems right on target for a March 15th baby!  

Today also marked the first day I had unbutton the top button of my jeans!  A little tear may be shed.  Good-bye designer jeans.  See you in about 8 months (the maternity ones don't count).  My doctor also told me that he won't let me go past March 22nd.  Whew!  We had another great visit with him.  He's just right for us.  He's even from Arlington Heights, which, for those of you who don't know, is where Mike was born.  Therefore, in the same general area we will be moving to in May.  He knows the little situation we have on our hands about Mike being in Chicago...he will most likely have his cell # to call him when he needs to get on the next flight home, he'll do anything in his power to make sure he's present for me!  Yayy!  Go team Mommy!

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  1. AHHHHH!!!! Love, love, love the ultrasound pics. What a little angel! Love the one sucking the thumb!!!!