Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Audios 2010!  You were the most amazing year of my life thus far.

Upon my solo return trip to The Woodlands from the airport, I was thinking.  I frequently find myself thinking, reflecting, and pondering after hubby leaves me.  Usually there are tears shed- lots of them.  But this time just felt different.  I felt more in control of our situation.  However, nothing has changed.  Strange.  He's out of training.  We know the days he is off for January.  I got to be with him for 63 hours.  I woke up with him next to me three whole mornings in a row.  It was amazing.  I do not know how I'd function without him in my life.  Thank you, MJB, for taking your days off and spending them with me.  Love, your wifey.

Sure, I could dwell on the fact that he didn't get to be with me on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Oh and he's m.i.a. for New Years Eve.  All for the first time in four years (I think?!?). But I've discovered that gets me nowhere.  It's the last day of a whole year.  You can't help but reflect back on what has happened.  And look to the future.

NYE 2009

As I look forward to 2011, I dream of holding our first born in my arms.  Sharing one of the most amazing moments in our life...right up there next to the day we said "I Do."  I imagine us being settled in our home in Chicago.  Slowly but surly putting all of the pieces of our life together like a puzzle.  I envision a challenging year for our relationship in the best way possible.  Him with a new career, rarely at home leaving us with even a smaller amount of time together as two, three, or four depending :)  2011 is a new beginning.  I'm a pro at new beginnings now...I would just like to be slightly more prepared for those coming this year!  We will get there.  This night is the end to a great monumental year.  Makes it hard to say good-bye, but now we get anniversaries and babies!!

Cheers to you with my glass of sparkling grape juice.  See ya next year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whoa Really?!?!?

I am 29 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  This means I am in my 30th week of pregnancy.  40-30=10 I'm good at math, right? But the answer...that 1 and that 0 means I have 10, TEN, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, two hands, both feet left of pregnancy.  Whoa, really?!?!

Where did time go?  Somewhere between the flabby, awkward, slow moving, miserable first trimester and the tummy showing, belly button popping, uncomfortable sleeping, hard to breathe third trimester time flew by.

Wanna know what else is totally freaking me out right now?  That in those 10 short weeks, I hope I am packed, moved, and semi settled in a new home in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL.  Yes, I will pack a 3 bedroom home solo (with the help of any and all friends, of course), hubby will make the 1,745 mile track from Prescott Valley, AZ to South Elgin, IL in two days with our Gracie, we will find a new home- an important home, where we will first start our family, bring our first baby into, live for at least two years, and grow as husband and wife in the same city again, all before Baby B decides to make his/her grand entrance.  We will also attend a labor & delivery crash course and a breast feeding class, as well as, set up the nursery and prepare ourselves for parenthood!!!!  Think we can do it??  Sure! Of course we can.  There are thousands of little things I know exist between point A and B, but believe it or not, this determined momma-to-be will have her cake and eat it too!  Well, if it's all up to me :)  (which it's not!)

So, at 29 weeks our little bean is three pounds...holy moly!  And 17 ish inches long.  Very active little mister or misses in there!  The baby's skin is smoothing out and the baby is gaining the kind of fat that's used for energy...makes sense, huh?  I am being told to start counting kicks, but haven't sat down to do it just yet.  I will let you know the update once we do it.

Best news:  hubby is here with me.  And he's snoozing with my sister, Emily's, 8 week old puppy, Noelle.  *love*

And here's my belly in a shirt...until I get a better pic :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Twas the Day After Christmas

And all through the room
The only critter moving,
was in my womb!

Baby B is still on the move- a lot at random times and I love it.  He/She made an appearance on Christmas Day and my mom, Martin, Caitlin, Emily, and Hannah all got to see the movement.  A few brave souls felt them too.  We spent yesterday at my mom's house.  Folks were moving slower this year than pervious years and I didn't get over there till 9 am!  Props to Scooby for sleeping in and having to be woke up :)  We had our traditional Hostess doughnuts and put in an egg bake (recipe honors of my sister-in-law, Kim) after we opened gifts.  It was another great day for this duo.  My mom shipped us an external hard drive (much needed to back up the Mac w/baby on the way) and an incase computer sleeve for easier traveling with my trusty steed.  Along with those major necessities we got several other much needed gifts that will be easy to transport back to AZ.

I think everyone was happy with their gifts and even though that's not what this season is all about- it's an added bonus.  We lazied around, ate our egg bake, and in the early evening hours went to see Little Fockers.  Not to shoot anyone's dream down about going to see it, I wouldn't pay $7 for a ticket.  Wait till it's out at Redbox or Netflix.  It's one of those movies that just gets old (Gaylord vs. his father-in-law, THE WHOLE TIME) and they showed ALL the funny parts (to me) in the previews.  I hate that so much!  We ate munchies for dinner (my mom makes some of the world's best dips) and I called it an early night.

Little B, my darling, you are making mommy really tired lately.  I am back to sleeping 9+ hours a night and needing a nap sometime throughout the day.  Either that or I go to bed early and the cycle just starts over.  Exhausting!  lol.  I have a friend who announced her pregnancy roughly a month before I found out I too was expecting.  I sent her a facebook msg and got some sweet advice from her regarding the early awkward stuff.  Anyways...she's always been the girl one step ahead of me.  Whatever she feels, posts about, or tells me...I feel shortly after.  And her x number of weeks ahead of me always seems like forever away, but then I find myself in her shoes rather quickly.  It's crazy.  Her recent post was about her baby girl dropping down super low, hard core contractions, and maybe an early arrival.  Holy smokes!  I am SO not ready for that yet, Baby B.  Although I do know we will make it through just fine if that's the path you choose to take...BUT...Daddy, we gotta get some stuff figured out/ready (ie. where are we going to live?)!!!  Ah!!!!

Living the dream at home...good food, better company, and all around comfortableness.  I'm lovin it!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Baby B and I are in the great state of Texas with my family :)  And Daddy is in Chicago :,(

Houston is warm and rainy.  We woke up this morning (we as in baby and I) at 8 am.  I headed downstairs and, in the process, the rest of the fam awoke.  I trucked out for some doughnuts -this prego has to eat immediately upon waking up out of slumber- with my sister Caitlin.  Then we opened gifts.  Lots of love this year (not like there isn't every year, but just sayin).  I got a Tiffany necklace that matches my hoop earrings I got for my birthday.  First pair of nice hoops and my first Tiffany necklace, I do believe.  A Scentsy and some yummy wax bricks to make my house smell so amazing.  A pre-made Honeymoon scrapbook from Hallmark and 2 BlueRays (Boone Dock Saints and The Notebook).  My big ticket item was a Canon Rebel T1i!!  I am so very excited for this, as having #1 means lots of pics to come :)  And not just any pictures, but good pictures.  I love my lil Canon friend.  He has taken many photo memories for me in the past, but it's time this momma-to-be graduates!  Yay!  Currently we are still in the learning phase, but come March I should be ready. lol.

Dad made a fabulous dinner:  ham, scalloped potatoes, corn on the cob, caesar salad, and warm dinner rolls with lots o' butter.  The four of us girlies did the take down, clear, and clean of everything in record time.  We rushed off to a Christmas Eve service at church while the weather had different plans and a huge downpour swept through The Woodlands.  It was a great evening to cuddle up with Dad's dog, Sophie.  And we called it a night.  A wonderful night at that.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Big Two-Eight

Officially one number larger than how old I marks week TWENTY-EIGHT!!  I've been blogging a lot about baby recently, so I am not sure if this post will be all that long or informative.  I did realize that one of the sites that tells you what fruit or veggie your baby is goes in months...not weeks.  So I may have that whole thing royally messed up.  We shall see.  I like the weekly updates better, it fits my personality.  Also, this is my first pregnancy and I'd like to compare when we decide we are ready for #2 ( the way, Ashley, I had a dream last night that you told me you were pregnant with #2!!).  There are several other reasons, one being that I just want to.  The. End.  Lol.

I found zoom on my phone this morning on accident! So exciting!
Just to keep things the same, I thought I'd post the above pic too!

I am a little bummed that I don't have any real camera pictures b/c all of these will print grainy, but you live and you learn.  I will take as many as I can now...and hopefully get the angle down right.  It'd be nice to get full body shots, but since we live alone these days, there aren't many folk that can help us out in that area :)  Next time!  

So, Baby B is 2.5 pounds and roughly 16 inches head to foot.  The baby has started regular sleep patterns including REM, which means the little bean is dreaming.  Maybe that's why my dreams and been a little nutty these past few days.  One web site says the baby is moving closer to the exit- meaning the head is down much lower than ever before.  When I asked the doctor, he explained that's hard to judge b/c of other factors (ie. how much amniotic fluid there is, the placement of the placenta, how big baby is, how you are carrying).  Interesting that SO much goes into the creation of this little being.  All the articles tell me to find a child birthing class..wahh...I don't want to do this alone.  MJB, get your buns home!  One site says Baby B is the size of a head of cauliflower and the other still says an eggplant.  However, the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book says that I am starting my 7 month of pregnancy for all you monthly people out there.  What you really need to know is that now doctors do not go by months...strictly weeks.  And that's b/c there are 40 weeks of pregnancy, which equals 10 months.  Instead of confusing the public they decided to just squeeze 40 weeks into 9 months and make every pregnant woman confused :)  Lol.  It has boggled my mind the whole entire pregnancy.  So, please refrain from asking me how many months along I am.  Ha!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Smooth Sailing

Today was our monthly doctor visit.  Baby B looks perfect (again).  It's strange b/c the appointment lasts about 30 minutes from when I walk into the door to when I walk out.  Yeah, that's nice b/c waiting around for forever sucks.  BUT how do they really know Baby B is ok?  They trust and follow what I say, but what if I miss something?  Ah!  And they can't see the they say everything looks great...from the outside.  

Doc says my belly is fine...on the smaller side b/c I have a long torso.  He says that I carry well and my body is taking to the baby.  Baby B fits nicely in there.  His guesstimate was that at 35 weeks I will wake up one morning and look like I swallowed two basketballs.  Literally, word for word what he said.  Can't wait to see those pics :)  

Heart rate was music to my ears (again).  He didn't tell me what it was at, but it's safe to say around the 144 mark.  He measured my uterus...does 27 inches sound right?  I have no clue what he said now...although I knew around 11 this morning.  The movement is wonderful (and constant).  He said in a few weeks he'll be able to feel the placement of the baby (head, shoulders, knees, and toes), but that now the baby is still too little through the skin.  Plus, it's early and really doesn't matter.  The baby will move and move again and again and again.  Although, I believe the head is down. I also believe that there is something on my bottom left side and another something on the top right on my abdomen.  The baby tends to 'kick' and I feel it in those two spots simultaneously.  It's crazy!  However, whatever is on my right side HURTS.  

I'm clear to keep working out until I feel incapable or in pain.  The doctor told me to keep doin' whatever I've been doin'.  He also said that he wishes everyone had a pregnancy as smooth and beautiful as mine.  *aw* Baby B did you hear that?  We're doing a good job :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Miss You

Man, does the holiday spirit make me miss my man.  I keep the radio set on the Christmas station and every time I hear 'Let It Snow' I smile and think of him in Chicago.  I want to be there *so* insanely bad.  I want to know, to feel, how bad he's freezing instead of just hearing it on the phone.  I want to register for a Lamaze class with him, in Chicago.  Every time the baby kicks, I want him to be able to feel it.  I want to not stress about what's going to happen come February and be able to just enjoy the last trimester of my pregnancy.  'Tis the season for 'I wants' I guess, but these are different wants to me.  I'm just a first time prego over this long distance deal :)  Hopefully, whoever dealt me these cards realizes that I deserve a much better hand- stat!

Sundays have turned into my sappy days.  And I am alright with that.  It's the end of the weekend.  Back to work and the 'real' life on Monday.  Plus, they were always days and especially evenings I got to hang out with Michael.  It's tough.  The good thing is that come Monday morning, I always feel better.

HAPPY 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful husband!!  Can't believe how much has happened/how far we have come in just six months.  It's surreal.  I'd still relive our wedding day every weekend if I could.  Most amazing day of my life.  I love you!

I thought this cartoon was funny. Mike is not insensitive/inconsiderate by any means.  However, I'm emotional and sappy, so it works.  Ha!
Seriously though, hun, "All I Want For Christmas, Is YOU!!!!"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was nothing short of amazing.  M was in town, at HOME for the first time in 8 weeks.  He got to see our G, sleep in our bed, and do our normal things.  It was truly wonderful.  Friday we spent the day in Phoenix with his parents.  We took a nap and watched Elf...literally just relaxed.  Then we planned a dinner out at Four Peaks Brewery.  This is the same place we planned our engagement dinner- it's very yummy.  Bar atmosphere, loads of beer, and great bar food.  So this was a congratulations dinner for Michael on his new job, for us on the baby, and a good-bye Arizona dinner all in one!  Sad thing is...I didn't get a single picture :(  Super sad face!

Saturday we spent the day just being us.  It was great.  We ran errands, ate every meal together, and went to a movie, which we never do.  Of course, Chicago was having a terrible winter storm on Sunday.  We got up at 4:30 am to drive M back down to Phoenix to catch a flight.  His flight was 3 hours delayed and the only flight that American flew out that day.  But he got a seat- whew!  And was able to get a little settled, unpacked, repacked and reporting to Dallas on Monday.  This is the beginning of his crazy traveling lifestyle...wah, yay. and blah all at the same time :)
I love this 2010 ornament- given to us from my Grandma Knowles {Thanks again!}.

Fun news:  Michael did his first airline landing today!  How exciting!!  Again, I am SO proud of him.  He has really done a lot and been through a lot these past 8+ weeks.  He deserves this.  We love our pilot!

I got to crafting last week...I made my first hair bow.  And IF we have a little girl in this belly, it will be her first hair bow as well.  I plan on attaching it to her hat when she leaves/is in the hospital.  Super fun!  I didn't purchase too many excess materials b/c there's a 50% chance I don't make very many bows within the next year.
It's pretty cute if I don't say so myself :)

I've started panicking about the unknown (again).  I am a planner.  I want my baby's room to be ready for the arrival.  I want to live in the same city as my husband.  I want to be at least semi settled into our new home when I go into labor.  BUT I have NO IDEA if any of the above will be happening.  As I grow closer and closer to January and the beginning of 2011, I start to get anxiety.  I would have never thought this would be happening to me.  An unplanned room, an unplanned move, an unplanned labor/birth, an unknown gender, our first child (all is unknown there!), get the picture.

Tomorrow is my glucose test.  FREAKY!  Who in their right mind would make a pregnant woman fast?  Even for 12 hours?  This is insanity.  I wake up starving every day.  But when 8 am rolls around I will be chugging a sugar syrup, waiting for an hour, getting my blood drawn, and then eating breakfast.  Who does that?  Geesh!

Also, I read a little more on baby B this week.  As of right now, the way the lungs are working, he or she could be born and would have a much, much, much higher survival rate.  That helps me sleep at night.  Oh!  Speaking of...EVERY dream I had last night was vivid.  And about labor/delivery.  They say in the books I've read that dreams get more vivid and easier to remember the next day.  Although I cannot remember what I wanted to tell Michael 30 seconds ago, I can remember my dreams.  In my dreams, there isn't a boy or girl more often.  I have a dream about a boy and I have a dream about a girl.  Kinda strange.  I've had heartburn every day this week.  I get it after I eat random stuff...normal stuff...even when I haven't eaten, but it's time to eat.  Ugh!  Hoping this is just a weekly phase...and not for the next 13 weeks!  The baby is also moving A LOT lately.  I wanted to make note of this b/c it's not just when I'm resting or's anytime, anywhere!

Sorry for the wordy post..I will be better next week :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Welcome to the THIRD and FINAL Tirmester!

It feels amazing just to say that :)  I am 2/3 of the way there.  Yes, the remaining third might leave me more uncomfortable than I have ever been before, it's the LAST third in our trio!  It's INSANE how time has flown.  I feel like it was just yesterday I was stuck in the miserable first trimester begging for time to move faster.  Now here we are!

All 27 weeks of us :)

It's also INSANE to think that in 13 weeks we will have a baby.  I will be a mom and Mike will be a dad.  What?  Wait a second...when did this all happen?  lol!  JK!  We are as excited as ever, BUT it is pretty crazy.  My dad keeps saying, "I can't believe my baby is having a baby."  And that makes it hit home even more.  Well, Papa B, looks like we are growing up these days.  Be a parents for time:  3...2...1...GO!  (For those of you who don't know, that's how we start almost every single workout.)  

So baby this week is officially measured from crown to feet...roughly 15 inches and weighing in over two whole pounds.  2.2-2.3 on average.  Good thing all this weight I'm gaining isn't just me!  I guess Baby B's lungs are the organ going through the most development these days.  As they learn to "breathe," the nostrils are opening this week to help start the whole process.  Of course, there isn't air in the womb, so he/she is 'breathing' amniotic fluid.  It's crazy to think about all the babies that are born at this stage (or earlier or a tad later).  The medical field has come SO far...I couldn't be more thankful being a mom-to-be.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wish a premature birth on anyone, but it is more safe these days for both mom and baby.  Doctors can do some pretty miraculous things.  It also takes faith and a strong little peanut.  Let's hope Baby B waits to make an appearance till Daddy can be here...or me there.  Keep praying someone rents our home!!!!  Ah!  Speaking of, I cannot wait to know if it's a boy or a girl.  It's SO SO SO SO SO exciting to think that in 13 weeks (give or take a few) I will be holding my little bundle of joy in my arms.  And I will know what gender my child is!  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our lil' Eggplant

Well to start off my weekly bump update, I wanted to share a quote I found last night as I was 'surfing the net.'

A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.
-Author Unknown

How perfect is that for me right now?  I am, as a matter of fact, not alone :)  There is just nobody here physically.  Although Baby B has done a fabulous job letting me know he/she is there.  Plenty of kicks...all day and all night.  I am sure that was b/c I wasn't sleeping well...and maybe I was keeping the baby up.  Sorry Baby B!  Please, don't get me back.  I promise to be better about my sleep stat.  ha!

In the beginning, I wanted to measure my 'waist' for each month.  I haven't written a thing down though.  Partly b/c I'm confused at what my waist was before I got pregnant.  And quite frankly, it makes me frustrated.  Maybe it's for the better.  Well, anyways.  I will state it now:  at my actual waist line I currently measure 31".  I am pretty sure in my wedding dress I was 25"...or maybe 28".  I looked in my wedding file...nothing was written down on my copies at my fittings.  Bummer.  

Baby B and I are still going strong!  I am loving my strong and, dare I say it?, pretty!  I have always disliked my hands...especially my nails.  So this is a major change to me.  I don't like being pasty white though and there's nothin' I can do about it.  
26 weeks 

At this point, Baby B is an eggplant, measuring at 2 pounds, 13.8-14.2 inches head to foot and 9.2 inches head to rump (or so the websites say).  The baby can now see what is going on in the uterus, as the eyes are opening this week.  The retina has had time to develop.  The iris still has no pigment, so the baby has no eye color, but will in a month or two.  With increased brain activity, the baby will start to respond to noises and movements outside the womb.  He/She is preparing the immune system, therefore, taking all of my antibodies.  

There's a small chance that we get to see Daddy this weekend.  Hopefully, he gets to come home between his down time, however, it may be only a few days long and he still has to drive from Dallas to Chicago (boo!).  BUT he might get to sleep in his own bed and see Gracie!  Those are the 2 things that make me happiest when thinking he might be HERE.  If he does come, I will put a flashlight on my belly to see if the baby reacts.  

This past Saturday I spent the day changing out Doug's old room into a baby heaven!  Here are some pics of Gracie helping me:
The comfiest spot is right in the middle of all the baby clothes.

I think she was a tad jealous- so I bought her some toys on Sunday!

Gracie is beyond high maintenance.  She's downright spoiled.  And she's the only one I give my attention to right now.  I do believe, she's quite content with having it all...all the time anyways.  She took one of the baby's stuffed animals as her own, throwing it up in the air and shaking it in her teeth.  I had to hide it at the top of the closet b/c she was staring it down once I took it away.  She also got ahold of a towel and a set of 6 pairs of socks...little brat.  She sniffed every little thing.  I am sure her nose was tired!  I wonder how she is going to take our little addition :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two Weeks Late!

My trip to Texas (11/19-11/28) was fabulous!  My mom picked me up at the airport Friday afternoon and we ran to the mall, did some shopping and grabbed lunch.  She bought me a couple 'maternity' outfits for my birthday.  It was so nice to spend time with my momma.  Plus, the weather was beautiful.  That night my Grandma Knowles, Grandma Peggy, and Aunt Cindy arrived from Rolla.  We ate dinner upon their arrival and chatted at the table for quite some time.  Just tons of stories and, of course, baby talk.  Everyone thinks I am having a girl, but my Grandma Peggy.  We shall see who's correct come March :)

Saturday (November 20, 2011) I woke up and hung out with my Daddy.  He showed me his work thus far on the baby crib, which I followed throughout my 10 days there.  It's going to be the most beautiful crib ever!  And then I headed over to my mom's house for my early baby shower!!  It was SO SO SO SO fun!  My mom hosted a wonderful shower.  My sisters, grandmas, and aunt helped, which was all special to me.  It stinks, but we rarely see our extended family.  We just got lots of quality time together throughout the weekend.  My mom invited her friends at work, who were a great group of ladies.  Some I have met before and others were new faces.  I had a handful of friends (Jenny, Stefanie, Kiri, Annie, Megan, and Alyssa).  And did we ever get showered!  I couldn't believe the gifts, love, cards, and support we got from all those ladies.  The food was simple and yummy. Chicken salad sandwiches, ham sandwiches, veggie tray, fruit tray, my mom's amazing spinach-artichoke dip, potato chips, and Funfetti cupcakes with Rainbow Chip icing (my favorite).  My mom even had Diet Dr. Pepper for me :)  Only thing that sucked...I didn't get many pics, but my family did- whew!  
My sisters and I at the shower!

After the shower, we went to a Christmas carnival type thing.  It was pretty cool...especialy if you have kids.  They brought in SNOW, not the fake stuff, the real stuff.  Of course, I took a pic:
I won't give you the complete play-by-play of the whole 10 days.  On Tuesday, my hubby passed his oral examination (after kicking booty on his written exam on Monday) and jumped on a flight to see ME :)  It was also the night that we planned on celebrating mine and Jenny's birthday!  Hannah made the homemade chocolate chip cookies I was hoping to surprise Mike with and we hung up a 'congratulations' sign.  I am SO proud of him, yet again.  We went to Papasitos (yummy Mexican) and celebrated.  Wednesday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom and Martin (Michael was able to stay for this meal).  Thursday I unfortunately had to take Michael back to the airport for his flight to Dallas.  His simulator class started on Friday.  Boo.  It was too nice waking up next to him for two mornings in a row.  I could definitely get used to that again!  It was real tough saying good-bye, as always.  But I know for a fact this distance stuff is making me stronger.  This is SO how it was supposed to be.  Ya know?  Before he left for training in Dallas, I'd be a train wreck if he wasn't in bed with me for a night...terrified out of my mind of anything, everything.  I was guaranteed a miserable night's sleep if he wasn't with me.  I've said good-bye to him 3 times since then and even though the tears come on hard, I know I will make it through.  This could also be b/c I know there's an end in sight...and it really isn't too far away! Yayyyyy!  

Thursday, actual Thanksgiving Day, was spent with my dad and sisters.  Strange b/c it was just the five of us...and it hasn't been that way for a long, long, long time.  It was fun!  I enjoyed the time with each of my family members SO much.  Sophie, my dad's dog, was just such a cuddle bug:

My dad out in the rain frying the turkey- poor guy!

Our dinner table with Scooby..nice n' simple- scrumptious!

ANDDD I got my first ride in my Dad's Ferrari :)

Obviously it was hard to leave.  This was hard for me to swallow though b/c when I've been with Mike, we've been excited to get back into our routine, to see our Gracie.  But this time, I returned solo. Of course I was still excited to see G..and she really was SO sweet when I arrived.  It's just hard to come back to a place where I'm SO lonely!  Have I said that enough?  Lol...I feel like it's all I talk about.  It does cross my mind a lot..and it is how I currently live my life.  Anyways...I am back in my groove and time seems to be flying.

Did you know I have exactly ONE HUNDRED days of my pregnancy left?!?!?!?!
Here's to a countdown I can work with.  I remember the "100 days until our wedding" and how that time flew by.  Baby B, you will be here before we know it :0)