Wednesday, October 20, 2010

19 on the 19th

A bump pic from the side.

And one kinda angled of the front.

19 weeks and SHOWING folks :-)  Baby B is now the size of a large mango.  Roughly 6.5 inches and 8.5 ounces!  Neurons are now connected between the brain and the muscles, so baby is more in control of movement.  Also, the cartilage running throughout the body is now turning into bone.  The 'nasty' white stuff that covers the baby's body is now in place.  We sometimes see that at birth.  It's a covering that helps protect the baby's skin...imagine a 9 month long bath- sick!  So it keeps our baby from being a prune and hurting when it comes out.  Lol.  I hate that feeling :)  Ok- I just read from my book, word for word, "A mango dipped in greasy cheese, actually."  Yum- doesn't that make you want to vomit?  We surely can't wait to get you out and see you for ourselves...hummm...I wonder what you are?  We head to the doctor this week.  Thursday for a checkup and Friday for an ultrasound.  The ultrasound isn't with the lady we like since we had to move it for Mike, but oh well.  Any ultrasound is better than none.  Grandma Pat is coming and I think Lauren and Doug are too.  We will see.  I am SO excited.  Although, it's tough b/c this is the appointment we'd find out the sex.  Just don't show us the region between the legs ma'am!  Lol.  

I am pretty sure I felt the baby moving!!  It might be too early and it could have just been gas bubbles or what have you.  On Saturday night when we were out with 'Daddy,' baby B either did or did not like the live band playing at one of the bars.  He/She was going nuts...literally every few minutes it felt like summersaults were being preformed in my belly.  I told Michael I was either feeling the baby, or we might have to go home soon b/c my stomach is not happy.  I'm sure the music mixed with caffeine had the baby all out of sorts.  I promised I wouldn't ever do that again!  However, it was cool.  I've never felt that much movement in there.  And never for that long of a period of time.  It always seems like short spurts...again not sure if it's just gas.  Who knows.  I am SO ready to feel baby B and have Daddy feel him/her too.  

Speaking of...Daddy leaves Sunday.  Boo.  However, I'm feeling much better about the whole scenario.  Last week, I cried every single day...a few outbursts here and there daily.  This week, I cried once...on Monday, to him.  I guess that helped.  Good news:  our flight benefits start as soon as Mike begins ground school!  Yayyy!  Watch out to those far away...I will be on a plane as much as I can until baby B's arrival :-)  Whoop Whoop!  If only I could make it to KU's Homecoming this weekend.  Our schedule just didn't work for me.  Darn.  I've got some trips in mind Chicago, Texas, and Kansas.  Then once M is done with training he might have some time off...the unknown of that time sucks.  On the positive side, he gets to come see me on his days off.  So we will learn to look forward to our time together.  It's not going to be like it was that last year of every two months or so.  This could be once a week kind of a deal.  Every other week, for sure.  Once we know his schedule a month in advance, we can plan these out...and maybe even plan baby B's induction so Daddy can be present.  Life is going to work out for me.  Whew!

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