Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Amazing Day

Today was nothing out of the ordinary. Woke up- had my coffee and zone bar, went to work out (great release), came home- got ready for work and left the house. Gracie was unbelievably sweet, which is sometimes a rarity. The twin boys at work were in THE best mood...all day- smiling, laughing at everything, and playing by themselves, crawling. They don't have to do to much to put a smile on my face and melt my heart, but some days are fussier than others. The girls at work were good too...not "the best" day since one didn't nap, but definitely one of the better days we have had.

Checked my email on the way home from work (in the car, I know it's bad). Saw an email from 'Joanna' in the inbox and tears filled my eyes. She got the most wonderful news today from her husband's doctor. And since I've read that email, I can't stop thinking about them. It kind of puts your life into perspective when someone else finds out they, in fact, do NOT have a life threatening disease. Not only that, but imagining being the only parent to your children and having to face the questions they will one day ask is sickening. Ugh. Thankfully, she no longer has to think about those terrible things. The news was positive and Joanna and her family can rest at ease.

Guess it just put my life into check once again...I am very blessed and thankful for what I have been given. The wedding planning makes me 'put my life into check' as well. Not everyone finds the right person to spend the rest of their life with. It's SO weird that Mike and I found each other. Our lives have forever changed since our spring break cruise. So random and so amazing. to do more planning I go.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Staying on Top of Things

...Or trying...

I feel like I am not doing all that great of a job at making sure everyone knows what's going on for our wedding. So, I hope to get better at that this week. I'd like to fill out all the info on our knot website. I guess most of it is out of my hands...and it's not all that hard for people to figure out : ) I'm just stressing about the issue a little.

Bridal showers are being planned and they are more difficult than I thought they would be! But we are smart ladies and are figuring it out. I hope those far away can attend a shower or the bachelorette party...I know it's hard b/c of money being short, poor economy, taking off work, paying for flights, and maybe a hotel. I couldn't partake in Maggie's events b/c I couldn't afford it either. It's just the way things are sometimes! I never thought I'd miss a best friend's bridal shower and most certainly never thought I'd miss a bachelorette party. stinks!

Well, I'm exhausted...we were up till 4 am chatting with Nichole last night. That's REAL late for this old lady!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hotel Arragements for 6/19/2010

So, I have talked to a few people who have said they've contacted a couple of hotels (that are not in my room block) and they've been completely booked. Chicago is a HUGE city (I know you all know this, but I tend to easily forget) and, unfortunately, there are other things going on besides our wedding. Ha ha ha. Only kidding. I know there are a couple conventions. SO, if you and your family would like to stay at a hotel in the city and not at the hotel with my room block, then I'd begin the search now : )

Just wanted to let everyone know that. Check the knot website that I put on the Save-the-Dates...I will get the room block info up before the middle of the week.

Hope 2010 is treating everyone well! Cheers!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Yayyy for the first day of 2010 : )

We have 169 days left to go till our Bid Day. Jenny helped me out a bunch over break. First off, we went to a 'paper warehouse' called Palmers. FYI to any bride-to-be: try to find one in your area...or something like it. Everything is at the wholesale price and they were FABULOUS! We know what our favors are going to be and I have a specific idea for invitations, so visitng this place was a dream come true. I am so thankful Jenny took us!

Invitations might be a pain, but I hope they look cute. I am going to order different pieces from stores online...of course, not the same place b/c why would they want to make my life easier and provide everything I want in the correct colors? I am thinking an assembly line of good friends and a couple bottles of wine...some music and some snacks. Who's in? I hope to get these out in a 'timely' manner...since the Save-the-Dates (STDs) were slightly behind my schedule! I also need the # of folks that can attend b/c I am anxious to do table arrangements and order the favors. Once I have that #, I believe things will run more sommthly and time will fly by (not that it already hasn't!). We need to adress centerpiece ideas and will hopefully figure out those after I ordered the parts for the invitations.

Saying 2010...starting all freaks me out. Everytime I say those words my heart beats faster...just breathe, Heather. I am excited...overly excited...out of my mind excited : )

Mike and I had a wonderful Christmas. Next year, I'd love to have ALL our family together. Just don't know if that will happen, but we are going to try. Maybe place tickets for Chritmas gifts...who am I kidding, we'd have to start saving now. We got new luggage, which was MUCH needed, several items off our registry- woo hoo, and a digital photoframe that I cannot wait to 'assemble' when we finally get home. It was a longer break than usual, which was nice. Thanks to Lauren (and Kendra for covering me!) for letting me off work. I treasured the time with my family. We are blessed...and extremely thankful.

We had a low key New Years Eve at home with his parents. It was great spending time with them since we didn't get to spend Christmas with them (which is also his dad's brithday). We popped some champagne and had a smooch. Then went to bed : ) Oh how the times have changed (right, Mag?). We woke up this morning, had a wonderful breakfast with mimosas...side note: we bought 3 bottles of champagne b/c it was on sale and thought maybe we'd get 'crazy' and drink all of them, nope, we were wrong and only drank one! Now his mom is cooking us prime rib, baked tatoes, crab legs, spin dip, veggies, and rolls. Another fabulous dinner and my last 'splurge' for a good while. Back to the zone and CF I go!! I cannot wait to step foot in the gym!!

If money grew on trees we'd be visiting Kansas and Chicago, but it doesn't and we are trying to spend as little money as possible until June 19th. However, we may not be spending much money after that b/c there's a chance we stick around Prescott for awhile. And so there's a chance we will be buying our first home. I have no desire to raise a family in Prescott nor spend too much of my time there, but we have to go where Mike finds a job and what's best for him. I'll take one for the team. Then later down the road, I can be a stay at home mom!

Hope 2009 treated you all well and 2010 brings you the joy and happiness to make you complete! Cheers.