Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday: Things I'm Lovin

All About Aiden...Always

My friend Amber made this button and I decided I/we could put it to good use.  I'd like to list the "Things I'm Lovin" every Thursday...therefore, wait for it, wait for it...Thursday's Things I'm Lovin.  ha ha!  Clever- eh?  I might run out of things and if that's the case, then maybe I could go to an every other Thursday kind of deal.  But here we go...for the first time ever!!  Whoo hooo!

  • Coupons!  I have registered myself at and other baby related websites (Huggies and Pampers most importantly) and have become a coupon hoarder.  I am not sure if other people have known about these sites all along and I'm the last to jump on the bandwagon, but I thought it was worth sharing.  I used to trash them or just ignore them altogether b/c what's 25 cents on a tube of toothpaste...but now I love adding up my total savings at a store (whether it be Target, Walgreens, Fry's, or Safeway).  Those 25 cent deals add up!
  • Bio Oil.  So this is for those pregos out there...or maybe for those that have scars and stretch marks in general, but I'm only 26 and really don't want this first baby to "ruin" my tummy.  So I try to be anal about applying bio oil every night.  It's not too nasty- no funky smell, no weird residue, but it is an oil.  It hasn't stained my clothes or anything crazy either.  I usually wait awhile to get dresses though- just so it has time to soak in before my t-shirt does the job for it.

  • Blogging.  I know this seems silly.  Our good friend, Doug, who is actually now a roommate, told me to start blogging about the wedding.  He was probably the only one that checked it (and maybe my dear friend Joanna), but he told me it was boring.  Too wordy, not me, unoriginal, and lacked pizzaz. I didn't post enough pictures and I wasn't good at retelling stories/life events.  I think I've finally got the grasp of it, although it's far from perfected, but I feel friends and family know what's going on with us.  Who knows where this will lead our family, but I love that soon we will have a little bundle of joy to share with everyone.  Granted, I don't want creeps on my blog...especially when we are talking about baby B here, but I feel it's less 'drama' filled, more personal, and unique to oneself.  It kicks facebook out of the water.  That's just my opinion.  
    And much like Amber always loves her little man...I will always love our Gracie Goo: (pic of Gracie's rather new sleeping position...she's pretty much sitting on the wall, but laying down.  Freak!)


    1. yea!! thanks so much for participating!! great job! Im blogging SO much lately but start my new job monday so it will def slow down. I think ill run out of 'things' too but it can be ANYTHING! Ill proabably write about some pretty rando stuff ;)

      dont worry about the stretch marks... im sure you'll be fine. i didn't get any til the week before aiden was born (on my lower back/butt. weird) but they faded away after he was born. I did the lotion/oil thing too but wasn't religious about it. im lazy. ha! AND i suck with coupons, they always expire before i use them. I keep vowing to be better at it!

    2. Umm hello???? I followed your blog religiously. :) Even when it was boring.... LOL!

    3. Yaa I'm following you now! :)

    4. Ah- Sorry Jenny!!! I honestly wasn't sure who read the crap I posted...I knew Joanna did b/c she's the one that got me "started" in the blogging deal to begin with.

      Jenny deserves credit too folks : )