Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Is Two Months?

It's YOU, Miss Addison!

Where has the time gone?  We've been to two states and back.  Met extended family (your Great Grandparents), saw your Aunt Caitlin graduate, felt sunshine on our skin, danced, hugged and kissed.  We have done so much, but I didn't want time to slip between our fingers in the meantime.  At the doctor, you were A. Perfect B. 10 pounds 8 ounces and C. 22 inches long...my how you've grown!  You also got 5 vaccinations...one was given orally, which means you got four shots.  Two in each leg and Mommy left the room.  Addie, I had my ears plugged and was tapping on my fingers to drowned out your scream...it failed, I could still hear you.  Imagine how my tears were falling then...and yours were just horrid.  We wouldn't do this to you if only, at this age, you understood how important these are for your health.

You wear a size 1 diaper.  Size 0-3 month clothes.  We love your bows...and you truly don't seem to mind them.  Well, that is until you pull them over your eyes and are unable to see the world around you!  You smile, coo, and mimic.  We have video of you doing your best to laugh.  If only we could know what was going on in that little head.  You love your swing and bouncy seats.  Momma knows just the right position to put you in to calm you down and put you fast asleep in minutes.  I even showed the "secret position" to a few family members over the weekend.  As always, Auntie Caitlin could knock you right out.  There must be something about her :)

You usually sleep 6-7 hours straight at night.  We need to move you into your cradle permanently...BUT you like sleeping slightly upright, so we have to break that habit first.  I promise we will do this so you can fully enjoy your cradle built by Papa.  We still swaddle you tight...and you still seem to get your hands out!  However, we know you sleep best this way.  (And that was learned the hard way- we are not ready to be unswaddled yet!)  You've attended your first Cubs game...and your Daddy was on cloud 9, my little girl.  I hope our pictures capture the way he was beaming.

{The only smile we caught all day- so unlike you}

{Proof of those terrible shots that made this day phooey!}

{Are you really trying to take my picture right now?}

{SO serious, lil Miss}

{chubby cheeks...and a double chin?!?}

{Yup- sadly, how your day was spent...upset and in pain}
Needless to say, we introduced you to Tylenol today.  Poor girl.  You have been very out of sorts and unlike your 'happy go lucky' self.  Baby Girl, Daddy and I are sorry you hurt so much.  We'd take away all your pain and the fever and even give it to ourselves <3

You are the light of our lives.  You have changed us forever.  We are parents. And wouldn't change it for the world.  Thank you, Addie pants, for being who you already are.  We cannot wait to watch you grow.  I fear the next 10 months will fly just as quickly past us and you will be a year old.  *tear*

Can you stop growing up now?  We love you Princess!


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