Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Faces of Addison

I know I'd love to tell a long story behind every picture in this post.  I also know that'd take me more time than I have for right now.  Sadly, little Addie is having a hard time falling asleep as I type : (

My Little Addison,
I cannot believe how much you've grown is six quick weeks.  I want to bottle each day up and relive them for forever.  You are truly a blessing in my and Daddy's life.  You are beautiful.  I am proud to be your Mom, as is your Dad to be your father.  Every single picture above warms my heart, brings tears to my eyes, makes me smile from ear to ear, and brings back a memory.  I hope and wish so many things for you...for us.  We love you, little girl.



  1. Oh my goodness! What a doll! I think my favorites are her giant smile and her passed out on the boppy. I'm so glad to hear how well everything is going for you! I think of you guys often.

  2. Aww, so sweet. These pics are all great. She's changing soooo much mama!