Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Man oh man...I've sat down several times to catch up with my blog and I've failed.  Miserably.

I hope you can forgive me while I literally write my days away this week.  I am hoping to knock out the past month in as few words and posts as I can.  Let me tell you, that will not be easy, as so much has happened.

Mike, Addison, and I went to Arizona last week.  We headed out on Monday afternoon after I got a much needed haircut.  We left the land of cold rainy clouds and found the bright blue sunshining 90 degree weather sky!  Miss Addison took her first flight and was perfect!  We ate right before and first thing when we got on the plane.  She slept like a log and we had to poke at her to wake her for her next feeding.  Something about the loud noises the plane makes lulled her right to sleep.  She was sweet and everyone stopped to say "aw" and ask how old (or young) she was.  We were very proud parents, as always.  ha!
{Right before boarding}
{While we sat for FOREVER waiting for two maintenance issues}
{First flight at 5 weeks 4 days!}
{How she spent most of the flight...notice the hand...too sweet!}
Baby Girl, 
Your Daddy is a pilot...it's only fitting you went on your first flight early on.  This will be the first of many and we cannot wait to take you to see the world on several flight in your future.  Your Daddy works very hard for us and looks very handsome in his pilot 'get up.'

We tried to divide up our time as best we could with lil bit in tow.  First stop was dinner at Four Peaks...a pretty monumental place for us.  A great brewery where we had an engagement dinner and ate while I was pregnant when we were saying good-bye to AZ for awhile.  Now, Addison first time with Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary (pic to come) and Uncle Matt.
{Uncle Matt (Mike's best man and best friend) who said he doesn't hold babies who can't control their head...we let him hold you while you slep!}

{And Papa was in Phoenix visiting...it was very late and you were down for the count}

It was a long day and a long night.  However, after that first rough patch with adjusting to a time change, miss Addie was amazing.  Slept in her carseat, as we still sleep with her slightly upright to avoid acid reflux.  She handled everyone holding her and passing her around very well.  Our schedule seemed to go off without a hitch and she just rolled with the flow.  We stayed with Grandma Pat and Grandpa Chris the first three nights and the last night.

Next up was meeting Scarlett, who was born 8 days after Addison.  She's the daughter of Ian, Mike's college friend and groomsman, and Nicole and sister to two year old Rayliana.

{Pretty girls :)}

Sadly, Mike had to leave Wednesday to return to work.  It's funny how used to having him around I am again.  We were 'long distance' for months not that long ago and I've already forgotten that feeling.  His schedule has been beyond awesome this month...leaving us for a mere 12 days!  And what's even better is that doesn't effect his pay b/c he's guaranteed a minimum.  Yay!  We LOVE having Daddy home...and I believe the feeling is mutual.  Anyways...it was great to catch up with Ian and Nicole...Miss Ray has gotten SO big and has a little personality- it's SO fun.  

That night we met up with the Cassidy's and the Oliver's for some pizza and a baby play date.  Of course, I left my camera at the house, so I got a video and will take pics from Nichole and Ashley.  
{Our Little Posse}

So, Harper was born in November and is the big sister figure in our trio...she's in the middle, obviously the oldest, therefore, biggest little girl.  Then on the right is Ophelia, Nichole's little girl, born just 5 days after Addison.  And our little peanut on the left...fast asleep.  These 3 will have many memories together...I am sad I no longer live in AZ mostly b/c of this right here.  Two of my closest friends and their daughters within months (even days) of my daughter.  Ugh...it's heartbreaking really.  

It really felt like home.  When I got off the plane and got in the car I truly felt home.  But then the staying in other people's houses and living out of a suitcase made me realize it, in fact, was not my home any longer.  I am happy to report, come the end of my stay, I was happy to come home.  Although it had A LOT to do with seeing my hubby again :)

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