Sunday, May 22, 2011

As of Late

Whew! It's a relaxing Sunday morning.  G and I are chilling on our patio.

Why must I be out here you ask?  Oh that's because our old hag of a neighbor wrote a letter to our association about Gracie being outside unattended for hours on end.  Hummm...for the lack of a better word, the woman is an old, bitter, witchly, hag.  Ugh.  Making my life more difficult.  So, yes, Gracie goes outside for hours on end and lays out.  We have always laughed about how our Husky, who is an Arctic breed, enjoys sitting in the sun catching her rays (panting like there's no tomorrow).  She likes the shade too.  I've never been one too overly enjoy the outdoors.  Therefore, no I do not sit outside with my dog no matter the climate/weather.  And you will most certainly never seen me sitting out next to her when it's raining, sleeting, snowing, thunder storming, blizzarding, tornadoing, hailing, or when it's scorching hot (you get the picture).  Nor will you see me next to her when my two month old baby is crying, if I am cleaning the house, showering (b/c we all know I get a small window of opportunity for that these days), or peeing.  This woman is CRA-ZAY!  In order to abide by the association rules, I am doing my duty.
{G causing trouble, being mischievous as I type} 
{Tough to get the old hag's back door with G's face in the's the door on the right}

Pretty threatening, huh?  She told Mike, when he tried to have a few words with this woman, that Gracie stares at her while she's in her yard.  Ha ha ha.  Poor G.

Honestly, I'm just waiting for the witch to come out so I can have a few kind words with her.  (Attempt #2 on our part to resolve the issue.)  Hopefully, we can work something out.  For now, I will plop my bum in the garage sale lawn chairs I picked up (3 for $10...oh yeah!) and eat, nurse, and blog my heart out with my pup.  Take that, old hag!

I also got a job!  Whoa!  I will be the lead teacher in the four year old classroom at Primrose starting at the beginning of June. and out.  Yes, I have to go back to work.  Yes, a tiny part of me wants to go back to work.  It's not really going back though...blah.  It's a brand new school (fun), the first one in Illinois (fun), and I will finally be a classroom teacher (double fun).  I am worried, nervous, sad, and even depressed.  I love my stay-at-home lifestyle.  I absolutely LOVE staying at home with Addison...especially Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday when Michael is home too.  I LOVE when our family is all together.  So, I will treasure this last week and I will learn to cherish the few times we get that with the new schedule.  Thank the Lord above Daddy gets to stay home with Ads.  It's almost like he's the stay-at-home Dad.  I am excited for them.  And jealous.  Leaving her gives me anxiety.

{Her smile lights up the world}

{Pretty girl}
 {My Mother's Day delight}
{Sleeping in her cradle (typical), unswaddled (rarely happens)}
{Pink tutu and big flower headband...110% girl}
{Yes, they're a tad boy-ish, but w/ruffle socks and a skirt, I think we can pull 'em off}
{I swear, if those cheeks get any bigger, Ads, you aren't ever going to lift your head!}
{Treasuring these moments...she's even smiling!}
{Sick! I'm gone for five days and this is what I sweep up after my return}
{2nd and 3rd Band-Aids of her life...stinkin shots!}
{Little cheeser}
{LOVE the huge open-mouth grin}
{such a happy baby}
{yes, baby girl, he does}
{our new binky and a new dress- sleepy girl}
{ha ha ha- she has a tuft of super long hairs, here's proof}

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