Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Go Cubs, Go!

On a whim, Michael and I decided to take Addison to her first Cubs game.

Yes, we were told by our pediatrician to not take her anywhere.  (Well, as you know, she's been on a plane- whoops, ran errands with me- whoops, and has been to dinner several times with our family- whoops.)  Looks like we have a hard time obeying.  And hopefully, Miss Addison doesn't learn from our actions :)  It was a BEA-U-TI-FUL day here in Chicago.  We have learned that those are few and far between these days and in this state (tears, we miss Arizona).  The Cubs were in town, they aren't doing too hot this year, we checked StubHub randomly and found $12 tickets = SOLD.  We got the oil changed in the Accura, bought Addie a new, bigger, Cubs onesie, worked out, made an 'Addison's First Cubs Game' sign, and we were off.

We drove, which never happens.  Parked for free about a mile from the stadium.  (We now know how to do a Cubs game with a child in tow.)  It was truly the most perfect scenario.

The best part...this:

These pictures may mean more to my hubby than her first steps...her very first Chicago Cubs game.

This is monumental.  There are tons of people we know that have not ever attended an MLB game...and even more that have never attended a Cubs game.  It's all about the experience...and, of course, a love for the Chicago Cubs.  Our daughter will have both the love of baseball and the love of the Cubs instilled in her.  We shall see how she turns out :)  (No pressure, Ads!)

Sadly, we were not on TV.  Third times not a charm in our case.  However, you can see us in the crowd...our neon yellow poster does shine...the announcers are just stupid.  And since this is my blog...I'd like to have a few words with them.  We were one of maybe six signs out there and we weren't on TV once.  Come on, dude, my baby is eight weeks, old.  AND she had a big, white bow :)

I am a little biased, but I believe if I saw an itty, bitty, baby I'd show him/her on TV.  lol.  No matter what the announcers did or did not do, we had a wonderful time.  Addison, you were perfect (typical). Everyone said "oh" and "ah" as we walked through the stadium...your Daddy held you...he was beyond proud.  You are without a doubt the most beautiful baby I've ever seen...and I've seen really beautiful babies in my day.  You were awake for an inning or two, slept a few innings, and woke up for the last few.  You ate as we left...Mommy knows how to multitask!  

We hope you enjoyed this day as much as we did.  We hope to be able to take you to several games as you grow up!

A day that goes down in history, no doubt!



  1. omg OBSESSED with these pictures!! What an amazing experience for your little family...

    she IS the most beautiful baby ever!!! I wish i could meet her :(

    keep the posts and pics coming!!

  2. Amber- we hope to be in Lawrence for Homecoming this year. I believe it's the last weekend in September. Will you be around? I haven't met your little man and I'd love to hang out and chat!!

    Thank you- we are a little biased, but think she's beautiful too!! lol.