Sunday, August 28, 2011

4 for 4

Go us!  What's cool is that their series on parables was 8 services long and I saw half :)

I won't be there next weekend b/c hopefully I am in AZ.  So...we've got 2 weeks until we return.

Today's service was awesome.  Addie started to fuss, but she was tired.  And I braved through her little wimpers until she fell asleep.  I honestly think she's growing out of the 'I want to be held/rocked/bounced/patted to sleep' phase.  Sad!  She'd rather be stretched out in her comfy bed.  I was also informed there's a specific section for those of us who decide to bring their children into the 'big service.'  Lol.  The man meant well, surly, but I get the hint.  I enjoy sitting up higher on the 2nd level.  I can see everything.  I don't have to dodge between people's heads...nobody sits too close ;)  BUT I guess there's a section in the wayyyy back on the main floor where they've taken out seats for strollers and car seats.  Very accommodating, very cool...but I'm comfortable where I am.  In two weeks, I will brave The Kid Section :)

Here's the parable of today's service:  The Parable of the Rich Fool.  It was all about greed.  The pastor asked us to go home and make this list (so here it is):

How Rich Am I?
At the very least I have a roof over my head, heat in the winter, ac in the summer, I have food to fill my belly, I have water...I am very rich.

I have a perfect mate in my husband with a fulfilling marriage.  I have Addison...I am a mother.  I have several family members who love our family.  I have an abundance of LOVE.  I am very rich.

I have work.  I have a rewarding job.  I have a paycheck.  I have an education.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree.  I have my diploma from a four year college.  I am very rich.

I have a mother and father.  I have grandparents and even great grandparents still living.  I have sisters who I can call my best friends.  I know my family.  I am very rich.

I have sight and the ability to hear.  I can walk.  I can run.  I have good health.  I am very rich.

I believe in God.  I have a faith.  Although I am currently building my relationship with Him and discovering new things daily, I am very rich.

I have an education.  I have a college degree.  I have my diploma, framed.  I am an educator.  I am very rich.

I have morals and values.  I am happy to be who I am.  I have confidence (for the most part).  I am very rich.

I love life.  I believe in quality over quantity.  I am very rich.

So...with that list as complete as this moment will let it be, I have a lot to rejoice and lift up to Him.  I am very very very rich!

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