Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 for 3

We like church.  It has been a good thing in our life.  I am hoping to 'get connected' as they say, but it takes a lot of courage to walk up to a row of women at a table and speak up.  Weird that that just came out of my mouth.  I'm not one to be shy...or to not speak up.  In fact, it's my mouth that has gotten Mike and I where we are today.  Never giving up.  So, I do not know why this is so hard for me.  Maybe b/c they last time I went consecutively I was in middle school.  Eons ago.

I know that fact really doesn't matter. I almost feel like since I'm not 100% comfortable in this church yet that I'm not comfortable going up to a complete stranger standing in a group saying, "Hi.  My name is Heather.  I need friends."  Maybe it's because you really aren't supposed to use these groups to meet friends.  lol.  I'd be caught red handed.  Ha!  Laughing in my chair right now. was a little rough with little bit.  She was place you really shouldn't be squeaky.  It's ok though...the lady in the front of me was cleaning out her email inbox...with the sound ON.  Geesh!  And one weekend, I saw a teenage boy with his iPod earphone in his ear hidden from his parents.  He fiddled with the thing the entire time...prob scared out of his mind he'd get caught :)  *sigh* to be young (and stupid again)!!  We had to leave a little early.  Of course, that's when the message was coming to an end and all making sense.  Arg!  It's cool b/c I can re-watch it online!  Yay for technology!!

I love having her with me.  I love how every single person who sees us stops to talk to her and she gives them a huge smile.  I love that everyone tells me she's pretty.  She is.  And she's all mine!  I like our Sunday routine.  I think we'll stick to it.


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