Sunday, August 14, 2011

Church Goers

Addie has been my little church going buddy.  Since the thought of putting her in the nursery gives me anxiety, I keep her with me.  She goes to the main service with everyone else :)

And she's the best little peanut ever.  Last week, we went with Mimi and Martin and met The Evans family there.  Today we went alone.  It was great.  We are two for two, let's see how well we do from here on out.  There are a few women's groups.  Bad thing is that most are from 9-11 am.  Well, sadly that won't fit into my weekly schedule.  Working Mommy.  Sucks.  Anyways.  There's one night group from 7-9 pm on Thursdays.  It doesn't start till October.  We will see.  I cherish my evenings with my little girl.  Especially by the time Thursday rolls around.

In a few more months, Addison will be old enough to attend other play groups and things.  At six months babies can do so much more.  I don't really know anywhere else to go.  The Y and Gymboree have classes.  I know there are lots of working moms out what do they do?  This isn't a pitty party for me...I just need friends.  I've over this solo stuff :)

I think this church.  The music is loud at times and I worry about her little ears.  She has fallen asleep both times for most of the main message.  It's nice b/c then I get to fully pay attention.  It's modern.  It's HUGE.  I understand what they are talking about.  It's casual.  There's a Sat night service and a 9 am and an 11 am service Sunday.  We've gone at 11 both times b/c little miss has been eating breakfast around 9 am..lazy butt!

Here's to more Sunday Fundays- just Addie and I <3

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