Monday, August 8, 2011

The Crib

We put little miss in her crib Papa built her last night.  She does great going to sleep.  We try our hardest to use no crutches when we put her in bed.  More often than not, we lay her down sleepy and she falls asleep on her own.  There are times when she loses her binky and we have to stick it back in her mouth, but usually we know when she's tired so she crashes.  Yay for a good baby!

{this isn't her last night, but she's in her crib nonetheless}

So, we laid her in the crib.  She looked so tiny there.  I cried.  I only nurse her once a day and she is no longer in our room, next to our bed where she's been her whole four months of life.  She's too big for her cradle.  Ugh.  *tears*  Time is flying...

She fell right asleep.  I watched her from an angle so she couldn't see me.  Precious.

At 12:30 am, we heard a terrible, heart sinking, blood curdling scream on the monitor.  We both jump up, quickly get our barrings that the noise was Addison in shear into her room to see both legs stuck in the spindles of the crib.  Seriously?  Poor baby girl.

We aborted the crib idea and figure we will wait until we purchase a bumper.  No, we still do not have bedding for Addie.  I am sorry, Lou Lou.  But we moved into our house after she was born and she's been in our room, so there was no need to spend money on decorating when we just bought a house and are getting our life put together.  Now there is a reason and we will be making our purchase soon.

Just for the record (as I'm sure this will change in the years to come b/c it has changed from years past)...the doctors, researchers, and everyone in between tell you to not use bumpers b/c of SIDS.  I agree.  SIDS does occur when there are loose blankets and such in the crib.  Another reason we haven't been more active in finding crib bedding.  But a bumper is now necessary to keep my rolly polly baby safe and not scared for her life in her crib.

No worries, Papa.  We still love your crib and will use it until she climbs out.  However, it was a very scary moment for us!

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