Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Days Later

Holy smokes!  Where did time go?

Well, Michael and I did not get to celebrate our actual anniversary day together.  Boo!  Not only that, but it was also Father's Day.  Sad day for Mr. Buttenob.

{his 'DAD' frame}
{his coffee mug}
{the night we went to dinner}
{having a person take pictures isn't always the best angle ;)}
{we treated ourselves well at dinner}
{top tier of our wedding cake one year later}

When he got home on Monday, I had his Father's Day gift ready.  Of course, both had Addison's face all over them.  We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday night with a nice, quiet dinner out.  I hate that we went w/out Addison, but then again, it was for us to remember that special day we said our vows and married each other.  It was a great night and Miss Addison stayed with her Auntie Kim...and of course, was a perfect angel.

Last week I didn't spend my time on the computer.  It was my last week without work.  *tear*  Being on my computer blogging and facebooking was truly the least of my worries.  So for one whole week I didn't.  Yes, I checked/updated Facebook from my phone but nothing major.

AND, randomly, we got the weekend together.  THIS. NEVER. HAPPENS.  I truly cherished every minute.  It's been months since we've been able to share this time together.  We just did things like we normally would...and we did it all together.  Lucky for him he had a double header on Sunday with his super serious baseball team.  Of course, I forgot my camera :(

{slowly waking up}
{here I am Mommy}
{my girl and I...very little resemblance at 14 weeks}
{blurry pic, but Ads is all dolled up in her pink Cubs t from Aunt Melissa}
{another Aunt Melissa Daddy's baseball game}
{yes, they're looking at two different tvs, both on baseball games}
{this is how he spends his time given to him by his best friend Matt!}
{this smile makes everything worth it}
{literally how she wakes up}

We just enjoyed this time.  I think we both realized how much we like each other's company.  Yes, it's nice when he goes off to work- for like an hour, then I want him home.  A fairly uneventful weekend.  We got to go to bed and wake up together, as well as, cook and eat meals together.  It's nice having that feeling again...and it's hard to not get attached to it :)

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