Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cubbies Game #2

Yeah, she's a lucky girl.  She's 13 weeks old tomorrow and has attended two Cubs games.  Last night was game #2.  Cubs vs. Brewers  In extra innings, Cubs win!  Of course, we got a lot of pictures to document this fun family outing.  What's even cooler is we got to sit close to the field.  While we were at Nate's baseball game, we met a dad who's son also plays on the team, Ed French.  Supposedly the guy is a multimillionaire.  He asked what our baby's name was, we told him Addison, and explained our reasoning being we are huge Cubs fans.  Ed tells us he is a season ticket holder and claims to have been once in four years!  What a stupid guy :)  He then goes on to say that he'd love to give us his seats for a game or two..or whatever.  Mike sends him an email and the next day he responds with the free days for June.  I guess there are lots of other lucky families that get to benefit from this guy's lack of attendance at Cub's games.  June 14th happened to be the first day the tickets were available and we jumped at the occasion.  Off we went.

What else is cool is that our friends from Prescott just so happened to be in a neighboring town (St. Charles) for a work conference.  We had mentioned taking their 16 month old little boy to his first Cub's game.  And it turns out June 14th worked best for them as well.

All the stars alined and here we were:


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