Monday, June 13, 2011


I can't help but be...our little girl is growing up!  She sits minute after minute cooing, trying to eat her hands, and not wanting to lay down or be 'babied.'  Ah!  She's TWELVE weeks.  I've decided to do my posts on her true month birthday (so the 17th), but there's SO much to update on.  I feel like she is completely over the newborn stuff.  She cuddles, but only when she's tired.  She loves to be held, but only when she's in a sitting up position.  Her GreatGrandma Terry calls her 'nosey' because she is constantly looking around trying to see what everyone is doing.

I found out my start day at work..June 27th.  Whew!  That gives me a little bit more time with Michael and Addison.  I almost feel like there's a new wave of hormones going on.  I find myself with many more extreme highs and extreme lows.  I don't think I need medication b/c there's A LOT of stuff changing in my life still.  I am still lonely on my long weekends.  While I cherish my alone time with Addison...we get kind of stir crazy.  Time for Mommy to meet some friends.  So, off to church we go.  I just don't know what Miss Addie will do...I will report next Sunday :)

She can't really be out in the sun yet (no sunscreen till they're 6 months...something I did not know before summer started!!), so that scratches out the pool or being outside for extended periods of time.  We take walks.  But I feel terrible leaving her literally baking in her car seat while I futz around.  It's sad b/c she loves the outdoors.  Once the sun goes down there's a tiny window of opportunity to get outside before the mosquitos take over and enjoy us as their daily feast.  YUCK!  I loathe mosquitos and miss having the freedom to be outside without slapping your bare skin every couple of minutes and wearing bug spray.  Addison can wear that, but it's best when it's deet free, which in turn makes it useless...another thing I learned post purchase.  At least OFF! has made kinds that are less oily and stinky- for that I am grateful.  I currently use OFF! Smooth and Dry:  smells good and is powdery
Johnson S C Inc SM/DRY Insect Repellent 22154
I still miss Arizona and reminisce about my days there.  These thoughts will be blogged about a lot I fear, for they cross my mind frequently.  The perfect weather (yes, even at 100+ degrees) and most of all my friends!  Ugh.  I miss knowing my way around, which I just started to achieve our last year there.  Doesn't life always work out that way?  I couldn't wait to move here and I know this is going to be a great place to raise our family, but AZ will not be far from our hearts...EVER.  And I could most certainly see ourselves having a house there in addition to what we have here.  Too bad we can't buy now...the AZ market is perfect for that.  I dream of my future as a stay-at-home mom running off to Arizona while Mike's at work...spending winters there (obviously!).  A young snow bird, if you will.  Grand Canyon State, The Buttenob's miss you!
{A cloudy day in the land of sunshine}
{Hot air balloons frequent the skyline *sigh*}

So, I'm sentimental about a lot of things.  Arizona, my baby no longer being a newborn, going back to work, missing friends, and missing my husband.  Sometimes that's just the way things are...nonetheless, I love my life and still know this is exactly where we are supposed to be.  It just isn't always "perfect" and "glorious," yet it still is in it's own little way!  


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