Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Do They Have to Grow?

This is what I ask myself daily.  It was just yesterday Mike and I were headed to the hospital.  Belly still intact.  Nerves and fear rising inside every minute we drove closer to Delnor.  And now I sit and type at our desk on a cool, cloudy, rainy, disgusting day in Chicago listening to our baby girl talk up a storm.  She's sitting in her bouncy seat telling stories to her animals.

Man...time flies.  Here the latest and greatest of Miss Addison "I'm growing too fast for my mommy and daddy's liking" Buttenob

{Papa bought Addison this shirt...solely b/c I already had a matching bow and no shirt to go with it.  She loves her big bow...only now this bow isn't too big for her cute lil head!}

{Addison loves her tongue...she licks everything.  I love it.  I caught her in action one afternoon playing with it.  Mimi bought this outfit and I love this too.}

{How I found Addison when I reached my destination (Hobby Lobby) I believe...this face, this period in her life is truly priceless.  She's perfect.}

{Sometime during our day lil Miss does not like her bouncy seats or boppy or laying down b/c she'd rather get up...SIT UP.  I was scrapbooking while she sat in her high chair perfectly content.  Love my little buddy.}

{The poutiest lip I've ever seen!  Her first time at the pool...she wasn't a fan.  Too cold and insecure!}

(Sitting up so big at her Greatgrandma and Greatgrandpa's house..rocking a cute outfit!}

When Addison knows what she wants, she's great at communicating that.  It might take me a few (or more than a few) minutes to figure it out.  BUT, once I get it, she's the happiest camper of all.  For some reason, there are times when I tell her...this, my love, is why you are Addison IRENE! And I laugh.  I know Nana is looking down laughing too.  She's particular at 12 weeks...lordy I fear the years to come.  lol.  Then there are those times when she's sitting in her bouncy seat (like right now) blabbing up a storm or looks at me with this twinkle in her eye and I just know our angel is present.  She knows she's here and she never had the chance to physically meet her.  I love it.

I treasure Addison.  Every minute with her.  I cannot imagine loving anything this much.  It's cra-zay.  Being a Mom rocks.

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  1. Great blog post Heather. She's a doll! And Nana Chalfant is definitely hanging out w/ you guys.