Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

For the weekend we went 'up North' to Kim and Ron's lake house.  They have a house in Elkhorn, Wisconsin on the Lauderdale Lakes.  It's wonderful!  We spent most of the weekend indoors because the weather was crappy.  Lots of rain and storms kept us away from the lake/boat.  At one point, there were 13 people and 2 dogs in this house.  I was told the house was roughly 900 square feet.  It was packed full and made for a good time.  We were never bored!  Gracie did fairly well.  She freaked out when there were 'too many people' for her liking and stayed close to me the whole day.  However, Monday was beautiful.  Sadly, it was our last day there and only had a few hours on the lake.  I did get a few pictures of Miss Addison on her first Memorial Day.

{Pre lake trip in her first swimsuit and shades}
{Not so sure what Mom is doing}
{Momma and Addison}
{First boat ride...she fell asleep the first 30 min or so!}
{Just chillin, blowin bubbles}
{Our first experience with the life vest- poor thing}
{G hanging out...yes, she came too}
{My little sleepin buddy}
{So yummy}


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