Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh Em Gee, You Are Three (Months)

Addison, you continue to grow and develop at a ridiculous rate!  Please, slow down...just a tad for Mommy and Daddy.  I feel like each day that passes is one less day that you are a baby.  I know it's a little early for 'toddler' talk, but I know those days are going to be here before we know it.  You are the World's Best Baby.  I'd say you are roughly 12 pounds of nothin but love.  You eyes are still very blue and this makes your Daddy very happy.  You were a size 1-2 diaper.  I have started to notice that diapers are 'weird.'  The Pampers 1-2 diapers seem much bigger and thiner than the Huggies 1-2s.  And a size 2 isn't much different.  I don't know if we will make it through all our 1-2, as we have roughly 300 left, before I put you into 2s.  Daddy and I have not bought a single package of diapers yet.  Thanks to a friend of mine who started buying diapers early :)

You are as active as you can be.  Maybe interactive is a better word.  You make eye contact almost always, you smile, coo, and are finally starting to laugh a little.  When you are really happy/excited your eyes squint with your smile much like Mommy and Auntie Emily.  I love that about you.  Most people say you look like Daddy and a select few say me.  Although, Auntie Kim says when you smile you look most like me and I have to agree.

Two days ago I caught you playing.  Well, Mommy was playing too, but just so happened to have my camera in my hand.  It's hard to keep that thing away from you for too long :)  You just draw in the loves you and for the most part you love it, which makes me happy.

 You are simply a joy to be around.  You don't show signs of stranger danger or separation anxiety yet.  Let's hope when Mommy has to start work (in just one week- boo!) you will not give me a hard time!  Everyone just adores you and watches your every move.  Your grandparents sure miss you and constantly ask for pictures and plan trips to see you.  It's wonderful.  I do wish we lived closer.  Maybe one day.

 Last night you slept 9 hours!  This has only happened one other night and I did the exact same thing...woke up every few hours after 4 am to check on you!  Mommy was up at 6 and then at 7:30.  Silly Mommy.  You sleep all swaddle in the cradle Papa made for you.  It's perfect.  I don't know if I will ever let you sleep outside of our bedroom :)  I like having you close by.  Daddy and I even break the rules and let you climb into bed with us after your 7 am feeding (usually).  You always fall back asleep and there's nothing sweeter than your heavy breathing on our skin.  We treasure those moments with you, as we know we have to stop before it becomes a habit.

You make the world a better place by just being YOU!  I love having you here with me when Daddy is out of town.  You continue to make us love being parents and create such joy in our life!  We love you Addie!


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  1. she is seriously the most precious thing i've ever seen!!! Can't believe how fast time goes... but there are FUN times ahead! enjoy!