Friday, February 4, 2011

A Tad Behind

It's the story of my life these days!  Man, a week has gone by and SO much has happened.  Let's start off with our 34 week picture:
{34 weeks 3 days}
We are working on the growing factor.  The doctors called two Wednesdays ago and told us the baby looked good on the ultrasound.  Whew!  Good news for us.  Let's is about 5 pounds and 20 inches at max.  There's a chance the baby doesn't grow much longer, but of course he/she will gain weight.  They say roughly a half pound a week.  So mommy and baby b are workin on packing on the pounds.  LESS THAN TWO MONTHS TO GO!!  Holy moly!  I am still feeling good.  Of course, the last couple weeks was tough on us.  Not sleeping too well, on top of already being utterly exhausted, packing, loading a truck, and cleaning our house took about all we had left in us.  I feel like an overstuffed balloon.  Kind of like I could pop at any minute.  However, we all hope I make it to the beginning of March.  So, listen up baby b, we've got AT LEAST 24 days to go :)  I think we can do that.  But I do also believe we will pop early b/c I was an early baby...if that really has anything to do with it.  I just have a little feeling.   We're not sleeping too well...I wake up lots of times a night, I toss and turn, I have to go potty, and I can never sleep in.  Somedays I am wide awake at 4:30-5 am.  Blah!  They say the baby is learning a sleep schedule and I can't help but be fearful that my waking up is going to let the baby think it's OK to be up as well.  Ha ha.  We shall see.  I just read the baby urinates a pint a day this far along in a do they know these things?  That's a lot of pee!  

So what else? I packed up our 3 bedroom rental house solo and scrubbed the thing for 3 days, so we could get our deposit back :)
{G's royally confused about me covering the couches so Matt could take them to their new home}

{My only pic of the dog's butt in the passenger's window! It was a long, tough day- the camera was the last thing on my mind}
After our final walk through at the house, I headed down to Phoenix for my dear friend Nichole's baby shower (a week ago tomorrow).  I spent my last weekend with my girlfriends in Phoenix and headed out to Scottsdale to work for a few days before my official AZ departure.  Of course, Nichole and I hit up Babies R'Us and got a spectacular pedicure together before a big hug good-bye.  It's weird that I moved- wait, what?  I did what?  (Talking to myself, I say, "Yes, moved.  As in past tense.)  It was fun and intense the last few days with the kids...'round the clock is difficult.  But I enjoyed my time with them.  Lauren took me and the girls to dinner at AZ 88, which is also where we went the night of my bachelorette party.  Memories were had there...and it was my last night working with them for almost 4 years.  Insane!  They'll never be forgotten and will always be missed.  <3  

{I said good-bye to my four nanny kids...but not before snapping shots acting silly with my Hunter}

I boarded an American Airlines flight to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport the day after the blizzard of 2011.  Heading one way to my new first class :)  Upon my arrival, I found snow- TONS of it.  Now it surly feels like winter!
{One of the several snow plows at ORD...check out the size of that thing.  They dump the snow into a huge stove that melts it immediately...interesting system kids}

And here I sit...on my sister-in-law's couch vegging it out.  We are in the process of becoming home owners.  Purchasing a townhouse.  So, we are shacking it up with family until then.  I am so very grateful for wonderful family.  I'd be so lonely and homeless without them.  (I mean I'm sure we would have found a place if we didn't have family, but still...we are in a much better position right now.)  Mike's at work.  Gracie is snoozing in the front room...and me?  Well, I'm minutes away from calling it a night (yes, it's 8 pm).  And baby b is resting after some pretty intense activity a short while ago.  We are good.  


  1. Your belly looks SO much bigger than the last pic! I love it!!!!!! Keep me posted how things go w/ the townhouse. So, so, so excited for you guys!!!! I love decorating my place. It's been almost a year and I have to remind myself every day I don't need to buy everything at once. ;(

  2. When you said you felt like a balloon, the first time I read it I thought it said I feel like I could POOP at any moment... and I was thinking first of all that's gross, and second of all, it must be some weird pregnancy thing which wouldn't surprise me if while pregnant women spontaneously pooped.. just because of all the other strange things that happen:) But then I realized it said POP...whew. Glad you are all safe and sound a moved and probably a lot less stressed! Love you!