Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And in FOUR we are 'Full Term'

Where do the days go?  I am not working and my workout schedule is far from routine, so what do I do with my days?  I swear I wake up by 7:30 am 3 days a week to see my niece and nephew off to school.  I've been packing for the hospital and preparing for baby.  Relaxation and putting my feet up are necessities these days...or my belly hurts come 6 pm.  Plus, I know I won't be resting all that often in a few short weeks.  On top of disappearing days, I cannot believe I've reached 36 weeks.  The baby is officially safe for delivery.  Like...he/she may not even need a stay in the NICU.  Crazy stuff.  Excitingly, crazy stuff.  Here we are:

Baby B is doing good.  Moving like crazy.  And I'm still uncomfortable.  We are still measuring small, BUT we are still growing.  In fact, we were up 2 cm from last week. Go us!  However, I have an ultrasound tomorrow.  Please, oh please, don't slip and say any of the following words "he/him, she/her" or I will literally die.  Next week, I see another doctor in the practice.  It's funny b/c I still haven't seen the doctor I was recommended to.  No issue, just funny.  Our weekly update says baby's skin is finally smooth, the liver and kidneys are in working condition, and the circulatory and immune system are good to go.  The lungs are still maturing, but every day they get closer and closer to being ready to live outside the womb.  How crazy to think this little being will be among us soon.  

I have my moments of "freaking out" still.  I think to myself, "oh no...what have we gotten ourselves into?"  Parenthood is nothing easy and it's a life long journey.  But then I think "what would I be doing now if I wasn't pregnant?"  Although, I do believe the past few months would have been 'easier,' I truly wouldn't want it any other way.  I've always wanted to be a mom.  I've dreamed of having a family of my own my whole life.  I'm 27 and now it's all beginning.  It's all grown up there.  Where did those irresponsible college days go?  I do miss those days.  But I think everyone does somewhere inside ;)

Working out was exhausting on Monday, I came home and took a 2 hour nap, which is unheard for me.  So, I decided 3 mellow workouts a week would be fine and today didn't work for me nor will tomorrow.  Maybe just 2 this week :)  We did our "celebration" the day before Valentine's Day in the kitchen.  Mike was home both Sunday and Monday, which was awesome.  And we made red velvet cake...cookies...and pizza...ALL IN A HEART SHAPE!  

It was a fun day with the family.  I am anxious to start our own family traditions.  The best ones are learned from others!  I hope to blog more this week...I have a few noteworthy items to share!

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  1. Your belly looks so big and healthy!!!! Love the heart shaped goodies on, fun stuff. I bet your niece & nephew love having you guys there!!!! Rest up prego. Baby B is going to be here in no time!