Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That's doctor's lingo for 33 weeks and one day!  Sorry about the missed post yesterday.  It was a long day to say the least.  BUT...the great news is that our truck in loaded and currently making its way across the United States.  As I type, my whole world is cruising across New Mexico.  It was a tough day- a few set backs left my hubby leaving much later than he wanted.  Obviously that stresses me out.  I will say that we make a great team.  Although, I wish he would have asked for more help (the process would have gone a lot quicker).  We worked in tandem.  It was strange how I'd say something and it'd click for Mike or vice versa.  Monday night was a different story.  I was tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated.  Once Mike saw the truck and the stuff he had to load, he realized there was no way it was all going to fit.  So I spent an hour of my Tuesday morning in the Penske office getting the 22 foot truck and trading in my 16 foot truck.  Good thing we did- we might have fit all our stuff into the 16 foot truck, but it would have been way more stress.  The 22 footer was packed.  Then we had a bump with our washer.  Just an FYI to anyone planning on moving their front loading washer- the barrel has to be bolted.  You can order these ahead of time, or you may already have them unknowingly like me.  And they somehow go into the back of the washer.  Usually, you have someone come out to do this, but of course, not within 24 hours :)  Whoops!  Hubby did his best and I believe our washer will be fine.  We will see.

I cried when the truck drove off.  Hard.  I'm E-MO-TION-AL.  I wanted to be in the truck SO bad.  I never thought I'd say that.  I truly never thought I'd want to drive halfway across the U.S. again (KS to AZ was good for me), but I was sad I wasn't a part of this journey.  I am worried about Mike.  I know he's being safe, but there are too many things out of our control out there in this world.  I worry about G.  She gets anxiety in the car, but Mike says she's being a champ.  Poor baby girl didn't eat yesterday though...I know it's b/c she is royally confused.  Her little world is being rocked.  And I wanted to be there for her.  She was extremely sweet yesterday.  It was like she knew.  She laid by the front door watching us come in and out 15,000 times.  She'd roll over on her back wanting some attention and affection in a belly rub.  I just need to remember those moments when she's being a little brat!  The next couple of years are going to be hard on her- a new place, a new baby, and no backyard.  But I know she'll grow with us and learn to cope...just like mommy and daddy will :)  G, not that you will ever read this, but mommy loves you very, very, very much!

Now on to our little bean.  Wow- 33 weeks.  My ultrasound on Monday was cool in a different way.  This was more of an appointment for medical reasons than it was for enjoyment.  And I totally got that feeling.  The screen was in a tough spot for me to see anything and the ultrasound tech didn't do much to show me what's going on.  The cool part was seeing how much bigger the lil 'thing' is.  I did see the baby's perfect and tiny.  The mouth was moving in the sucking motions.  His/her hands were up over the head.  Baby is head down.  The spine goes up the left side of my belly and the feet go out toward my right side.  Which makes sense why I am ALWAYS being kicked on that side!  I saw all kinds of bones, as that's what she needed to measure.  And I believe I saw that the baby was 4 pounds 7 ounces currently.  Well, that's their guess.  Right on target.  The website says the baby is the size of a honeydew and could grow up to an inch this week.  Man, I better be eating a lot for this lil guy/girl.  The brain development is in high mode, so my prenatal DHA will be taken these last few weeks- no doubt!  I am starting to be able to tell what part the movement is coming from...I thought the baby was head down before I heard from the tech.  And the booty is always sticking out in some way or another.  It's funny.  I have those nerve pains in my right leg.  Pretty much on a daily basis.  I still sleep fairly well with my pillows stuffed around my sides.  lol.  I am sure it's a sight to see.  I eat and I eat and I eat.  Especially since I've been given the green light to gain weight.  However, I am not taking that overboard and trying to be obese! 

Life is truly changing.  We are really moving.  Chicago will be my new home.  What?!?!?!  Lol!
(sorry- pics to come later this evening)

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  1. So, so, so exciting. I hope you have lots of helpers to unload. Hang in there as Mike & Gracie make the trip. I'm pretty sure your Nana is watching over them and wouldn't let anything happen. :)