Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Correction: Full Term

Here we are

@ 37 weeks!!

Minus the kicks to my parts down South, the fact I can't breathe, and it feels like the baby's head is resting on my bikini line/pubic bone (mostly on the left side), I feel great.  Baby B is still super active.  Well, I had a freak out last week b/c his/her activity was down for a little less than 24 hours.  I was minutes away from calling the doctor, but thought I'd give it one more try.  I ate a cupcake and the kid went nuts.  All it wanted was some sugar ; )  And not just any cupake- Funfetti with Rainbow Chip frosting.  Yeah baby!  That's my kind of kid in  I am savoring every minute of these terrible eating habits though.  I know going back to the zone and my original lifestyle may be tougher than it was in the very beginning, but working out and having my routine (yup, I just typed my  Whoops.  I mean our routine.) will be glorious.  The evening hours are the toughest of the day.  No matter if I put my feet up all day, I'm pretty much done by 8 pm.  Wonder if that's gonna be the trend in a few weeks.  Maybe baby b is dropping subliminal hints.  

Nobody believes me when I say I'm 9 months pregnant.  They always have to ask when the due date is...hello folks, I know I've been carrying this baby for 37 weeks, my math is not off, and although they say humans carry their baby 9 months, it's actually 10.  So, please don't look at my like I'm lying and trying to make myself look good.  I've put in my time and I'm just as uncomfortable as any other pregnant woman.  Believe me.  I love the second, third, and fourth glances...between my belly and looking at me like I have a cyclops eyeball in the middle of my forehead.  It makes us laugh...right baby b?  

I haven't worked out this week.  Last week I believe it was once.  I did air squats and I'm not sure if that's what made my nerves kick it into high pain gear or what, but the mere thought of going back freaks me out.  I will adventure out this week though.  Fresh air and some movement helps my sanity.  

Oh, so the weekly email updates I get told me I am now considered FULL-TERM.  My doc's appt is Thursday and I'm curious to see if we're dilated or not.  Although that doesn't mean anything really.  Especially since Mike's "on days" are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Yipes!  As we get closer I find myself in fear of going into labor at night when Mike is in a different city.  There's no possible way for him to get to me (unless he teleports) b/c flights stop past the red-eye...usually 10 pm.  Ugh!  Let's pray that if I do go into labor at night, it's in the wee morning hours.  That way he can get on that first flight out and make it in plenty of time!!  In my perfect world : )

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